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Etsy’s 2015 Progress Report

May 11, 2016

by Devon Leahy handmade and vintage goods

Today we’re releasing Etsy’s 2015 Progress Report, an annual report that shares our progress in the areas of culture, impact and environmental sustainability at Etsy. It highlights the ways in which we’re delivering to our stakeholders in the Etsy community, including the creative entrepreneurs who sell on our platform, thoughtful consumers looking to buy unique goods in our marketplace, retailers and manufacturers who partner with Etsy sellers to help them grow their businesses, and Etsy employees who maintain our platform and nurture our ecosystem.

Our 2015 report delves into the inner-workings of departments across the company, emphasizing the direct value we’re creating in our networks, as well as our efforts to create a lasting, positive impact on the world.

This year, we’ve updated the report’s design and format to make it even easier to explore and share. A few highlights include:

– The latest results from our employee Happiness Index, which found that 90% of respondents strongly believe Etsy is making a positive impact on the world, 88% feel connected to the company and each other, and an overwhelming 94% are proud to work at Etsy.  

– In-depth tracking of our ecological footprint, including more information on how we aim to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2020 and run a carbon neutral marketplace in the years to come.

– A look into our new, global headquarters and our goal to achieve Living Building Challenge (LBC) Materials Petal certification. LBC is the most advanced sustainability certification program for the built environment with a focus on creating healthy, vibrant and beautiful environments and strengthening local communities.

– An update on how Etsy is supporting diversity in our workforce and what the current demographic composition of our employee base looks like.

And much, much more. We measure our reach and progress in all of these areas so we can better understand how we can improve and create lasting value for every member of our community.

We’re excited to share our progress and hope you enjoy exploring the report.

Header image by Gerkinart