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Checking Out on Etsy Gets Even Easier

Feb 5, 2016

by Stephanie Grodin handmade and vintage goods

Our strategic priorities include making Etsy an everyday experience for our users, which starts with making it easy and engaging to use Etsy on mobile devices, and enhancing our local solutions, like payments and shipping, for members around the world.

This week we’re rolling out Express Checkout with Apple Pay on iOS. As more traffic comes from mobile devices, we are always working to make it easier for buyers to checkout on Etsy, especially when inputting personal information on smaller screens can be an exercise in frustration.

2. Payment Method iPad

Express Checkout gives buyers who are ready to purchase the ability to skip the shopping cart and check out in two simple steps. This feature launched last year to signed-in US buyers on desktop and mobile web. Today we are expanding that ability to buyers on the Etsy iOS app with a new addition for Express Checkout: Apple Pay.

Now Express Checkout is even easier — buyers can tap the “Buy it Now” button, select Apple Pay, place their thumb on Touch ID, and be on their way. Buyers who don’t wish to use Apple Pay or who don’t have Touch ID-enabled iOS devices can simply continue to pay with their stored credit card information or PayPal.

1. Listing Page iPad

We also recently announced the expansion of Direct Checkout to 12 new countries, making it easier for buyers to purchase items from sellers around the world. Buyers and sellers love the ease of use of Direct Checkout; buyers can use a credit or debit card, Etsy gift card, Apple Pay and other local payment methods to buy from any seller with Direct Checkout enabled, without leaving the site. With this expansion, we now offer Direct Checkout in 34 countries, including the entire European Union, making it that much easier for shoppers to purchase items from Etsy shops in those countries.

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The Direct Checkout expansion includes these new countries: Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Slovenia.

These new checkout options make shopping on Etsy even easier and we will continually evaluate how we enhance these offerings in the future to support our strategic priorities.

Header image by jojolarue