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A Redesigned Home Screen in iOS and Android Apps

Apr 8, 2015

by Bowen Slate-Greene handmade and vintage goods

This week, we are launching a new design of the home screen in the Etsy app that will be rolling out for both iOS and Android users over the following week. We understand the importance of mobile to our members; as of December 31, 2014, our mobile apps have been downloaded 21.8 million times.

Our goal with the new home screen was to meet the needs of shoppers ranging from those who may be unfamiliar with Etsy to those who are longtime members. We want to help our shoppers use the home screen of the apps to:

  1. Browse and explore the more than 29 million items and broad variety of shops on Etsy.
  2. Easily find items and shops hand-selected by Etsy editors who know the marketplace best.
  3. Understand why items and shops appear and are featured in their feeds.

We have designed the new Etsy app home screen to meet and exceed expectations around each of these goals, and provide an experience that gives mobile shoppers more of what they want from Etsy: unique items and inspiring experiences buying from creative entrepreneurs.

Through the new design, shoppers can now clearly choose how they want to browse and discover the marketplace. Content is organized into three tabs, Recommended, Etsy Picks, and Your Activity, with each tab offering sub-sections that are clearly titled.


The Recommended tab displays items and shops from the marketplace that are tailored to a shopper’s tastes based on what they have recently favorited or viewed.

Etsy Picks

Etsy Picks shows browsable categories that include Art, Home & Living, Jewelry, Vintage, Gift Ideas, Craft Supplies, and more. Below these categories are trending items in sections that include a selection of ‘finds’ hand-picked daily by Etsy editors, a feature never before included in the app. Regular updates will include curated selections of items based on holidays and seasons. 

Your Activity

The Your Activity tab is a feed of items and shops that a user has recently favorited and/or viewed. While the app for Android previously offered a History function, this is a brand new feature in our iOS app that allows shoppers to view their recent activity in one place and easily pick up where they left off browsing.

The new home screen design is the latest of our enhanced mobile offerings. Over the past few months we have launched simple sign-in capabilities through Google+ and Facebook, as well as easier payment options with Google Wallet, and coming soon, Apple Pay. 

Head over to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download latest version of the Etsy shopping app.