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Etsy Releases its 2014 Progress Report

May 27, 2015

by Katie Hunt-Morr handmade and vintage goods

Today we’re releasing Etsy’s 2014 Progress Report, an annual assessment that tracks how we’re doing on the commitments we’ve made to our community: the employees who nurture our marketplace, the creative entrepreneurs and partners that make it run and the planet that sustains us all.

We understand that we’re part of an interdependent ecosystem and we believe we can and should use the power of business to create value for each of these stakeholders. Every day, we work to fulfill this commitment and to realize our mission of reimagining commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world.

Our 2014 report offers a behind-the-scenes look into departments across our company, emphasizing the economic and educational value we create, as well as our efforts to reduce our impact on the world we inhabit.

It also boasts a few firsts. To start, it’s an interactive website — making it easier than ever to explore and share. We’re also launching it in nine languages this year, making our work accessible to an even greater number of our members around the world.

Additional highlights include the heartfelt and considerate approach of our Policy and Marketplace Integrity, Trust and Safety teams that keep our marketplace safe and values-aligned; the educational content from our Seller Development team that reaches hundreds of thousands of sellers worldwide; our holistic approach to employee happiness and company culture and our dedication to measuring and mitigating our use of natural resources.

In the Crafting Connections sections, we pinpoint specific ways that we bring groups of stakeholders together, from Etsy employees meeting sellers in their studios, to sellers connecting with buyers at craft fairs, to our efforts to bring all of the people in our ecosystem closer to the natural environment.

You’ll see the scores and methodology behind our employee Happiness Index, the figures related to our economic impact and educational programs, and in-depth tracking of our ecological footprint. For instance, 92% of Etsy employees feel aligned with our mission and values, 76% of Etsy sellers consider their shops businesses and more than 34,000 pounds of waste were diverted from landfills through our composting and recycling efforts.

We measure our reach and progress in all of these areas so we can understand how best to improve and create lasting value for all of our stakeholders. Beyond stats and figures, this report is the story of Etsy. The accomplishments we share here are a result of years of work and sustained vision.

We hope you enjoy exploring the site and take pride in your contribution to the connected, regenerative and reimagined economy we’re creating together.