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Introducing a New Mobile App Just for Sellers

Apr 24, 2014

by Brittany Williams handmade and vintage goods

A critical part of the work at Etsy is building tools to help sellers grow their Etsy shops and ensure their Etsy businesses fit seamlessly into their lives. And of all the tools we’ve built for sellers over the past two years, nothing has been gaining importance as rapidly as mobile tools. A majority of Etsy sellers — from Australia to the US — are using smartphones and tablets to help manage their shops, which is a staggering figure considering that at the beginning of last year, only a quarter of our site traffic came from mobile. We’re thrilled to release the most substantial mobile tool to date for sellers: Sell on Etsy, a sellers-only Etsy iPhone app!

A typical day in the life of an Etsy seller is, quite frankly, atypical. They’re multitasking at home, out and about in their community, teaching in a classroom, running brick-and-mortar shops, packing up their latest kiln-fired bowl, woodworking and sculpting in their workshops, picking up the kids up from school, and fulfilling orders in the evening. Regardless of their daily routine, most sellers are away from their computers for a significant part of the day, so traditional desktop tools fall short of meeting their needs. Sellers rely heavily on smartphones and tablets to keep tabs on sales, respond to customer requests, and stay connected to their Etsy shops.

Mobile tools are especially important for Etsy sellers with alternative work spaces, like Joel from DockArtisan. He spends his days in an outdoors woodshop in the California forest re-purposing wood from the local Sierra Nevada mountains.  He told us that when he first opened his shop, “I never imagined doing all the things I do from my phone, including managing our Etsy shop.” Now that he’s working in nature, outside the confines of a traditional office, Joel uses Etsy’s mobile tools to be able to keep up with his convos and track the details of his sold orders, which just happen to be iPhone docks!


Until Sell on Etsy, the Etsy app combined shopping and selling experiences. Seller tools were only one component of a much larger experience. We built Sell on Etsy to provide sellers with a higher quality experience that’s straightforward to use and tailored just to them. We’ll continue to improve mobile tools for sellers and to ensure they work seamlessly with the rest of

We’re so excited to launch this new app that is packed full of goodies for sellers all over the world. Sell on Etsy is designed for the iPhone but also works on iPad. It’s available in English, French, German, Dutch, and Italian and includes all the tools currently available in the shopping app in an improved design, along with new features like the Shop Activity Feed. Here are the highlights:

  • Shop Activity Feed: Keep tabs on purchases, reviews, favorites, and more;
  • Order Management: Manage your open orders and revisit completed ones;
  • Listing Manager: Create, edit, and publish listings directly from your phone;
  • Convos: Read and write convos and use snippets to save and reuse messages;
  • Shop Stats: Access your views, favorites, orders, and revenue history;
  • Notifications: Receive an alert when you get a sale or convo.

Many Etsy sellers are already using mobile to manage their shops. Shannon and Clinton relied on their iPhones and the Etsy app to get their business up and running when they first opened SpeakeasyLamps in New Orleans last year — taking pictures and managing orders. “Shooting on our phone and building a cheap light box was really our only option starting out. Having clean, consistent pictures helped us build our brand and audience, and therefore sales.” They’re not the only ones using the iPhone on a daily basis: thousands of sellers create new listings on the Etsy app every day! While Shannon and Clinton have used the revenue from their Etsy sales to save up and purchase a nice camera, they recognize that having been able to use their iPhones to get their shop started made it all possible.


Clinton from SpekeasyLamps using his iPhone to take product photos and create listings.

Sell on Etsy marks a big step towards making sure the mobile experience for Etsy sellers is first-class. Later this year, we’ll launch Sell on Etsy for Android (join this group for updates), plus more mobile tools to help sellers manage their shops from any device. Download Sell on Etsy in the App Store, read our FAQs for more information on the seller app’s key features, and join the launch day discussion here. We’d love your ongoing feedback as you download and use Sell on Etsy to manage your shop, so join the new Sell on Etsy Feedback Team to share your thoughts with Admin.


Note: Seller features will only be supported in the shopping app for a limited time. More here.