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Etsy Wholesale: A New Sales Channel for Growth

Apr 15, 2014

by Camilla Velasquez handmade and vintage goods

We launched Etsy Wholesale into beta last year in order to offer Etsy sellers a new channel to grow their independent, creative businesses. On Etsy Wholesale, sellers connect with qualified independent boutiques both in the US and abroad. Retail buyers looking for unique, hard-to-find products to stock in their stores can place orders year-round through a streamlined ordering process.

Today we’re announcing pricing for Etsy Wholesale when it launches publicly later this summer. When the platform officially comes out of beta, new sellers will pay a one-time joining fee of $100 and Etsy will collect a 3.5% transaction fee for wholesale purchase orders. This is consistent with the transaction fees for, keeping profits in the hands of the designer.

Part of Etsy’s goal is to help sellers grow, and help them reach their vision of success, whatever that may be. For some, success is making enough to cover their bills or for a fun family outing; for others, it’s about fulfilling a creative passion. But for many sellers who have built sustaining, full-time businesses on Etsy, Etsy Wholesale is a way to support their continued growth. What we’ve built is a direct reflection of listening to the needs of our growing community of shop owners ready to take their businesses to the next level, and it complements a traditionally seasonal pen-and-paper practice.

Michele Varian, a retail buyer on Etsy Wholesale and owner of the namesake store in New York City, when asked about what Etsy will add to the wholesale space, responded, “The wholesale industry has not yet caught up with the times, and Etsy Wholesale could act as a catalyst for a digital wholesale experience.”


Boutique interior from Etsy Wholesale buyer Michele Varian.

In addition to facilitating orders between sellers and independent boutiques, our partnerships with large retailers such as Nordstrom, West Elm and Indigo have presented wholesale sellers with new opportunities to scale up and expand their audience. Etsy-sponsored events with tradeshows like Capsule, American Craft Council and the National Stationery Show (coming up in May) have further extended the reach of sellers doing wholesale.

Brad and Emily Weckesser from Richwood Creations in West Virginia make rustic home accessories. In June 2013, they were contacted by Etsy Wholesale to join the Nordstrom partnership. They had only just begun to do wholesale orders, but the attention they received from Etsy Wholesale enabled them to rent a dedicated studio space and scale from a 2-person business to 8 employees.

Brad shared, “Etsy Wholesale has really helped our business grow, and is now the focus of our operations. Based on what we’ve learned in the last year, we have started to design our products to appeal to wholesale buyers and environments over other channels. Running Richwood Creations has allowed me the freedom to create and spend all day doing the things that used to be only hobbies or dreams.”

August will bring a host of new opportunities to Etsy Wholesale sellers, including a launch event catering to the industry’s top lifestyle and home boutiques, new retail partnerships and marketing campaigns that celebrate the inspiring, diverse group of sellers that comprise Etsy Wholesale. These buyer-facing initiatives will give Etsy sellers access to the country’s top boutiques, bringing more value, and more success to our growing independent designer community.

Retail buyers, designers and artists interested in Etsy Wholesale can apply here! Find the latest about Etsy Wholesale on our Wholesale blog and Wholesale Twitter.