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The New Listing Page: Better Shopping, More Personality

Jul 24, 2013

by Jaclyn Fu handmade and vintage goods

Update: The new listing page design is now launched to the entire community. Thanks for all of your feedback so far! We look forward to hearing more of your input in this Forums thread.

Below is the original blog post that was published on July 24.

The listing page, which is an item’s product information page, is often a visitor’s first impression of Etsy. These first impressions matter. Across the site, listing pages garner nearly 15 million total views a day and are the most popular pages on Etsy! Our goal is for every visitor, especially new Etsy visitors, to have a great shopping experience and to understand what makes Etsy so special right off the bat. Introducing the all-new listing page: easier to navigate with more personality.

The changes we made to the listing page reflect what we think is most important about the Etsy experience. The designers, makers and curators behind each item are what make our marketplace so unique. We’re making it clearer that shoppers are buying directly from creative, independent businesses by surfacing shop profiles or “About Pages”, integrating more shop identity and items, and adding a more transparent way to get in touch with the seller for additional questions or custom requests.

To make it easier to get all the details you’ll need to check out quickly, we’ve also moved key information, like where an item is coming from and what materials were used to make it, near the Add to Cart button. Shipping rates, shop policies, and feedback are now also more organized and visible with neat tabs in the description section.

Look for this new shopping experience on August 6, 2013.

For sellers: how does it affect me?

The new listing page uses all of your existing listing page content, so there’s nothing you’ll need to update. For those who want to take full advantage of the features, check out these tips on how to get the most out of the new design.

We’ve spent months testing many iterations of the design and the results confirmed that this new version performs better than the current one. Visitors are more likely to make a purchase, add shops to their Favorites, and browse more listings! Shoppers who start on this new listing page are also less likely to leave immediately and more likely to spend extra time in your shop and discover an item they love.

Sellers can get early access to preview how their listings will look with the new design. Have questions? Learn more about the changes and join the discussion in this forum thread.