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New Delivery Process for Digital Goods on Etsy

Apr 17, 2013

by Jaclyn Fu handmade and vintage goods

Yael Falk opened her Etsy shop, Yoola, in 2008 and began selling intricate crocheted wire jewelry and sculptures. While these items were receiving attention, there was also a growing interest from shoppers to learn the unique technique she used to create the pieces on their own. After much strategizing, Yael began to offer digital tutorials, and it was then that she saw her small business really take off. “The idea that a design I developed on one side of the planet will later be made by someone on the other side profoundly enchanted me.” These tutorials quickly became some of Yael’s most successful items and she found herself sending many messages back and forth, eager to deliver the files as soon as the purchase was completed (which isn’t always possible given the time difference with many of her customers!).

For Yael and other Etsy sellers offering downloadable items, we have good news! Starting today, there’s a more efficient process for selling and buying digital items on Etsy. We’re making improvements to the way sellers can manage and deliver digital items to their buyers. Whether you’re looking for a felt food pattern, festive print-at-home party decorations, a stuffed bunny sewing pattern, or a cactus quilt project, there are over half a million digital items in the marketplace to discover!

What’s New

Previously, sellers emailed the attachment to the buyer after every sale. Now, sellers can upload the file to the listing just once, and that’s it! After the payment successfully processes, the buyer will receive an automatic email notification letting them know the file is ready on the Downloads page.

For sellers, this saves time and reduces confusion about whether your item is a finished good. As a shopper, you can download your purchase directly from your account without waiting for the seller to send it.

Yael, and other sellers, have been testing this new feature for some time, and found it allowed her to spend more time creating while providing swift customer service. “As a seller, my most valuable asset is time because I’m always multitasking. It doesn’t take a lot of time to send one file through email, but it accumulates. After using this new feature, I was able to save valuable time every day because once I uploaded everything, all I see is the completed transaction after the sale.”

Excited about all the time you’re going to save? Start editing your listings! Go to your listings page and select “Digital file” as the item type for each relevant item to start using this new feature. For more information, check out our frequently asked questions or join the discussion in this forum thread.