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New and Improved Tools for Custom Requests on Etsy

Jun 18, 2013

by Brittany Siegal handmade and vintage goods

On March 15, 2013, Tara Powell and her fiancé, Serge Podrez, decided to quit their day jobs. Five days later they opened DendroCo, an Etsy shop for handmade reclaimed-wood furniture. After only three months, business is booming — but it’s not their established product line that is moving the needle. Instead, Tara and Serge are proud to say that custom requests make up a majority of their business.

Tara and Serge are not alone. Nearly one in five handmade shops on Etsy offer custom items. Etsy has been a key destination for shoppers looking for specially-made goods, from engraved wedding rings to custom couches, and we’re working on tools to make this process easier.

To help us improve the custom orders experience for all our members, more than 5,000 sellers on Etsy have been actively testing enhancements in our prototype team. Thanks to input from all of these sellers, today we are rolling out new and improved tools to request and process custom orders on Etsy.

What’s new?

Sellers can now opt in to prominently display that they accept custom orders on their shop and listing pages, and to receive helpful tools specific to managing custom buyer requests. A pronounced “Request custom order” link lets shoppers less familiar with Etsy know that the seller can make their one-of-a-kind dream items come true. And when shoppers click on that link, a special custom order conversation begins.


A custom order conversation.

What are the benefits?

If you are a seller who already produces custom items, we have a feeling this feature will make your workflow smoother, quicker, and even more engaging. We’ve added a host of helpful tools to move the custom order process along, such as:

  • A timeline of events to help you keep track of how each custom order is progressing, with a separate conversation folder just for custom requests.
  • The ability to create a private listing just for you and the buyer.
  • The ability to create a private listing from an existing listing.

By offering better tools to produce custom items, we aim to foster more of the creative collaboration that makes Etsy a truly meaningful marketplace.

If you are a seller who has yet to offer custom goods, consider adding them to your line of work! Much like it did for these sellers, offering custom items is a great way to showcase your creative talent and create additional revenue. Shoppers on Etsy are eager for unique items, and custom orders allow you to tap into that demand.

If you’d like to join the hundreds of thousands of Etsy sellers offering custom made goods, make sure to enable the “Request custom order” feature in your Shop Settings.

And if you’re a buyer looking for that custom maker who can manifest your whims, check out our Pinterest Boards where we will be posting inspiration with the hashtag, #EtsyCustom.

For more information, be sure to read our FAQs and let us know your thoughts in this forum thread!