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More to Discover on Etsy for iPad and Android

Nov 8, 2013

by Jaclyn Fu handmade and vintage goods

This holiday season, more members will visit Etsy from mobile devices than ever before! Mobile visits are nearing half of all traffic to the marketplace, and we’ve been focused on making the shopping experience easier and more engaging for members on every screen size. Today, we’re unveiling our updated Etsy for iPad and Android apps with a beautiful new look and feel.

Made Especially for iPad and Android Tablets

Etsy for iPad and Android tablets

The refreshed design for iPad and Android tablets highlights discovery in the shopping experience, and makes exploring the marketplace easier and more fun. Shoppers can browse through top community picks in a new Trending category, see what tastemakers and friends are favoriting in a sleeker Activity Feed, or get lost perusing categories like Home & Living, Gift Ideas, Jewelry, and more. We’ve moved the navigation bar to the side to put shopping front and center and to make the app easier to use. The tablet experience also features a new Shop Info section where shoppers can learn more about the seller’s story and where their unique items come from.

All-New Etsy for Android

Etsy for Android

Etsy for Android smartphones is also getting a makeover in time for the holidays. Android smartphone users can shop with the same shiny new design as tablets that makes it easy to discover one-of-a-kind treasures from wherever they are. When members upgrade their app, they’ll also notice a new navigation, more robust search options, and different shopping categories.

We want our community to have a great experience on any device size when shopping directly from over 1 million artists, designers and vintage collectors. As we invest more in mobile, we’ve also updated our Privacy Policy to address the type of data we collect and how it’s used on our mobile apps. For sellers, this update will not interrupt or change any existing workflows on mobile.  We’ve been focusing on creating a top notch shopping app, but know that sellers need handy tools on the go as well. We’ll be sharing more on what we have in store for seller tools early next year.

Head over to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to get the latest version. Love the new update? Let us know by rating us! Or share your feedback directly in this forum thread.