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Let’s Talk About Feedback

Apr 22, 2013

by Heather Burkman handmade and vintage goods

Update 4/29: The seller survey is now closed, thanks so much to everyone who participated!

Feedback, our review system for buyers and sellers, has been a part of Etsy from the beginning. Since then, we’ve grown as a marketplace, online shopping has evolved, and both sellers and shoppers have new needs and expectations around reviews. As one of the most highly-requested updates by sellers, Feedback is now on deck as a feature we’re ready and eager to improve.

Feedback touches everyone in Etsy’s community — it currently covers item and seller reviews, helping shoppers make buying decisions, and in turn allows sellers to rate buyers. It’s also the gateway into our dispute and resolution system, when disagreements arise. We know how important Feedback is, especially to shop owners, so we want to involve you in the process — from sharing our plans to collecting your ideas and opinions.

Before asking for your feedback, we’ll share the goals for the updated system:

  • To develop a method that promotes honesty and discourages unfair use.
  • To create a smarter system, that enables better communication and makes it easier to resolve buyer-seller issues.
  • To improve the shopping experience with more helpful product and seller reviews.

We’ve already begun work internally, with the teams who work on Feedback-related questions and cases. We want to hear from you too — what do you like and dislike about the current system? Where would you like to see improvement?

We created this short survey for sellers to gather your feedback, and we encourage you to participate through Sunday, April 28:

Seller Survey: Etsy’s Feedback System (now closed)*

So, what next? We’ll review your responses and reach out to buyers to get their perspective, making sure the project’s direction meets the greater needs of the community. As you can imagine, updating Feedback is a large undertaking and will take some time to develop and carry out a new plan. We can say that we want to include existing feedback scores in the upgrade, so sellers’ hard-earned reputations won’t be lost.

Please take the time to contribute to this important community project by filling out the survey, which again will be open until the end of the day, 4/28. Thanks in advance for your participation, and we’ll continue to update you about Feedback as it progresses!

*You must be signed in as a seller to access this survey, which should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  Please fill out the survey in one session, as you won’t be able to save and continue later.