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Join the Party: Etsy Craft Party 2013

May 6, 2013

by Julie Schneider handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Craft Party is a one-day celebration of meeting and making. Around the world, we come together to share creative skills with our neighbors. You can organize a Craft Party, or join one in your area. All you need are good friends, craft supplies, and fun!

This year’s theme is Craft for Community. How could you use your craft know-how to make your hometown even better? We encourage you to think about what you love most about your city, what creative skills you have to share, and how you could bring this all together in a fun party that supports your community. Your Craft Party could feature:

  • Skill-share: Swapping your creative skills with another.
  • Craftivism: Using crafts as a means for positive action, or activism.
  • Collaboration: Making a difference by joining forces with a local organization (your town’s community garden, park, farm, hospital, school, arts center, bike shop, thrift store, day care center, senior center, soup kitchen, farmer’s market, or other nonprofit/community group).

How do I get started? First, pick your spirit animal. If you are the leader of the pack, you could be a great Craft Party organizer. More of a party animal? Sign up for a party in your area and show up ready to craft on June 20.

To join a Craft Party, all you have to do is find a party in your area and RSVP via the party’s Eventbrite page.

To organize a Craft Party:
1. Complete the organizer application form.
2. We’ll grant you access to your Craft Party Eventbrite page.
3. Plan your party and invite friends!

Take note! Craft Parties with 25 or more RSVPs on Eventbrite will receive a free box of craft supplies from Spoonflower and Etsy sellers (while supplies last). The deadline to RSVP is May 30, 2013. We set this RSVP deadline so we can get the box of supplies shipped to the party organizer(s) in time. However, we encourage you to continue promoting and garnering RSVPs right up to the day of your Craft Party.

We will also provide every Craft Party organizer with a free, downloadable Craft Party Kit. The Kit will contain: how-to project instructions and templates, party decor ideas, and other tips for hosting your own party – plus some extra delightful surprises.

 We encourage you to make your party your own and have fun with it! Here are a few project ideas:

  • Make Adopt Me vests for an animal shelter
  • Host a creative workshop at the local library to share skills and knowledge with your community
  • Get your hands dirty with a garden-related project to support a community garden
  • Work with a local bike shop to make bike tube pouches, reduce waste, and promote biking
  • Paint a mural to brighten a communal space
  • Work with a thrift shop to source materials for an upcycled project (like these denim pillows)
  • Make toys for a kids center (like these wooden blocks)
  • Make birthday cards for the More Birthdays campaign
  • Make pillowcases to donate to a local shelter, hospital, or home as part of the One Million Pillowcase Challenge
  • Knit tiny hats for preemies at a children’s hospital
  • Make scarves or mittens for a homeless shelter
  • Make decorations for a senior center party
  • Get together at a park or beach or hiking trail to help with a hands-on outdoors project
  • Bring creativity to an unexpected spot, drawing inspiration from The Laundromat Project
  • Work with a local non-profit to add value to your community

Let’s celebrate Craft Party together. Share photos of your Craft Party, from prep time to party time, on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #craftparty. We may even include them in a recap blog post or on Facebook!

Join the global celebration on June 20!

What are you planning for Etsy Craft Party 2013? Let us know in the comments below.


  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie said 7 years ago

    So excited! Can't wait!

  • LuckyPenny86

    Lori Fisher from GartersByLori said 7 years ago

    Too bad these things are always on a weekday. Not so good for people that work a 9-to-5.

  • dahliasoleil

    Paulette from dahliasoleil said 7 years ago

    Great idea.Will check to see if a team in my area is hosting one.

  • babybaharcollection

    Hande from babybaharcollection said 7 years ago

    If anyone is Orange County looking for one, here is the one I am hosting :)

  • ColombianJezebel

    ColombianJezebel from JezebelsCreations said 7 years ago

    Cant remember the last time i was honestly this excited!

  • JLynnSupplies

    Brad from CasualInvertebrates said 7 years ago

    the find a party link does not work.

  • ismoyo

    ismoyo from ismoyo said 7 years ago

    The 'find a party' link goes to an error page..

  • julieincharge

    Julie Schneider from julieincharge said 7 years ago

    Sorry for that glitch! The link works now: Happy Craft Party to all!

  • chicagolandia

    Ann from chicagolandia said 7 years ago

    This is such a great idea - have to see if a party is being hosted in my area!

  • marialuciazapataara1

    maria lucia zapata arango said 7 years ago

    hola señores etsy.incquiero saber si mi compra de wel 21 de abril ya fue enviada pedido ·87122850

  • birdhousedesigns

    KC Bird from BirdhouseDesigns said 7 years ago

    Tampa Bay has a HUGE party planned with food trucks, local breweries, over 20 local etsy vendors, large demo stations and creative spaces to encourage people to try new things and communicate with new artists! All in the heart of the city at the communities shuffleboard courts, the largest and oldest shuffleboard court in the world!!

  • alexingebritson

    Alex Ingebritson from HowClefer said 7 years ago

    Such a great idea! :D

  • densil

    Melina Lindsey from FurBrainPetProducts said 7 years ago

    Nothing in Chicago? How is this possible?

  • orloSubito

    Sandra Toro from orloSubito said 7 years ago

    can I use the image in my event on Facebook?

  • 8point8

    8point8 from ThinkEco2 said 7 years ago

    This looks like a lot of fun. We help charities in San Diego. This is a great idea, thank you!

  • studioexsto

    Studio Exsto from bespokemagazine said 7 years ago

    OOOhhh might have to plan something here in Townsville Australia!

  • MomsantiquesNthings

    Janine from MomsantiquesNthings said 7 years ago

    Don''t see any in NY near the Fingerlakes, south of Rochester area in the link. Would really like to attend one sometime!

  • SolDelSur

    Soledad Proaño from SolDelSur said 7 years ago

    Brooklyn already sold out?! :(

  • SolDelSur

    Soledad Proaño from SolDelSur said 7 years ago

    Nevermind, there are two in Brooklyn and the second one is not sold out. A glitch? I hope there's only one in each city!

  • stephybot

    Stephanie Rushing from Bowbotics said 7 years ago

    I signed up to see if I could host on in St. Louis! Hopefully it gets approved, I know many crafty ladies who would love to be a part of something so great.

  • brandiespacone

    Brandie Spacone from myartdelice said 7 years ago

    Sounds great !!! I would love to participate

  • bumblys

    Rennie from BumblysSoapworks said 7 years ago

    I signed up to host for Crafty Akron Coalition!

  • Nemki

    Nemki from nemki said 7 years ago

    I think this idea is amazing. I've always loved the thought of art making our hometowns more inspiring, beautiful and cheerful.

  • vincentwu8866

    Vincent Wu from YourLifeStyle said 7 years ago

    I would love to participate

  • esszee

    Sharon Zeisel from esszee said 7 years ago


  • tabithaorander

    TABITHA from GritsSouthernStyle said 7 years ago


  • BleuCricket

    Karina Balda from NovaMar said 7 years ago

    Is there ever going to be one in Miami? Has anyone ever traveled to go to any of these events?

  • PurpleDaizieDestash

    Rena from PurpleDaizieDestash said 7 years ago

    So awesome! :)

  • WavicleWays

    WavicleWays said 7 years ago

    Would it be possible to plan a virtual party for a Team that is more spread out? Or would that have to be done unoffically by the Team?

  • Brownlunchbag

    Angel and Mike from ReveilleReveille said 7 years ago

    Is it a free event? Or do we have to pay to participate?

  • GlindaBunny

    Rachel Faul from GlindaBunny said 7 years ago

    I'll be hosting one at the Transistor in Orem, UT. I'll put up more information once my application is approved. This one will be free - people can choose to donate a couple dollars to offset the materials I'll be providing if they really want to, but it's certainly not required... and nobody is allowed to donate more than $5. We'll be doing at least four projects (more if enough people are interested). :)

  • NikkoNeko

    Julie Bonasera from NikkoNeko said 7 years ago

    I will host the Northern Idaho party again this year, (awaiting my application approval) I would like to include community non profits as well, I am thinking a destash swap meet with some make and takes. Maybe open house style (afternoon and evening hours) so more people can participate. please message me with ideas, a helper would be great!

  • xiannashop

    Xianna Soto from xiannashop said 7 years ago

    I'd love to have something like this in Madrid! <3

  • CraftAvenuePH

    CraftAvenuePH from CraftAvenuePH said 7 years ago

    sfo is already sold out. so sad :(

  • sarahcharlton1967

    Sarah Charlton from HeARTily said 7 years ago

    Oh, 20th June is my partners birthday! Wonder if he'd like to go to an Etsy party? :)

  • crazylou

    PaperLou said 7 years ago

    Hi! i sent through an application form to host a craft party in Melbourne, Australia last week and I have yet to hear back.... we've already got a room booked and people at the ready just need the eventbrite access to start sharing! Any ideas on how much longer? cheers

  • sugarcookie

    Missy Kulik from sugarcookie said 7 years ago

    We are hosting one in Athens, GA again this year! Ours will be on the 19th, as there is a big music festival that kicks off on the scheduled day. Is there a way on making the Eventbrite page reflect our change?

  • wolfelinda1

    Linda Wolfe from CraftsbyNinnie said 7 years ago

    I am new to etsy and learning the ins and outs, this sounds like a great idea and fun, I too will check in my area for this, Happy selling everyone and Fun!

  • SHM2013

    Silvia from MarinaBosettiDesigns said 7 years ago

    We can't wait until June 20th!!! Very intrigued indeed!

  • LisaBirchArt

    Lisa Birch from BirchHandmade said 7 years ago

    I'm hosting one in Cornwall in merry old England if anyone wants to join me!? xx

  • Thebaroqueprincess

    Lisa Neuberger from Thebaroqueprincess said 7 years ago

    I just love a craft party!! Shopping ,CREATING, Blogging,sharing and selling and buying......FUN!!

  • handloomin

    Manju G from JaipurHandloom said 7 years ago

    really exciting. i wish I could have seen it before.

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