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Etsy’s Handmade Portraits Nominated for a Webby Award

Apr 11, 2013

by Tara Young

Etsy’s Handmade Portraits, our signature video series, has been nominated for a prestigious Webby Award! We’re clearly not the only ones enthralled by the question, “What makes the creative mind tick?” With these short documentaries, we uncover the story behind the maker and introduce viewers to creative people both within and beyond Etsy’s community. Starting in 2008, this series was the pioneer of “maker videos” — introducing artists and craftspeople from around the world, exploring their spaces, and investigating how they make, what they make, and why it matters. We’ve featured an illustrator from London, a mask maker from Latvia, a sword maker from Japan, as well as numerous other captivating creatives, from far and wide.

Please help us win a People’s Choice Award by voting for Handmade Portraits, and voting often. Help us continue to educate and inspire by telling the stories of Etsy’s incredible community. Thank you!


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