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Etsy Statistics: April 2013 Weather Report

May 15, 2013

by Michelle Traub handmade and vintage goods

While the soil continues to hold winter’s chill, those emerging vibrant buds are a reassuring sight indeed. Fresh growth is nothing new to the Etsy community, but a 60.1% increase in April 2013 from April 2012’s total of dollars of goods sold still feels just as delightful as late-afternoon sunshine. (At the same time, items sold were up 70.5% year over year.)

The stats:

  • $101.8 million of goods (after refunds and cancellations) were sold by our community in April, 0.1% higher than March’s $101.7 million
  • That represents 5,050,180* items sold for the month, 1.5% lower than March
  • 2,830,804 items were listed in the month, 3.5% lower than March’s 2,932,874
  • 972,224 new members joined the Etsy community in the month, down 64,128 or 6.2%, from March
  • 1.49 billion page views were recorded on the site in April

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Etsy community in April 2013!

Curious about how other months compare? Check out our past Weather Reports for more statistics.

*Ed. Note: We discovered an error in how this statistic had been calculated, and have since corrected the figures to be more accurate.


  • livjewellery

    Jennifer from livjewellery said 8 years ago

    Thanks for this! I had a strong April and it looks like May will beat it. Happy to be a part of this growing community.

  • sarantos

    sarantos from SARANTOS said 8 years ago

    Thanks! My Aprils were pretty much the same both years.

  • Stephaniemakesall

    Steph from OneStitchDesigns said 8 years ago

    wow! keep up the good work etsy sellers!

  • Stephaniemakesall

    Steph from OneStitchDesigns said 8 years ago

    oh cool, I just checked my stats, a 75% increase over last year for april :)

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie said 8 years ago

    Wonderful! So happy to be part of this community!

  • worksofwhimsy

    worksofwhimsy from worksofwhimsy said 8 years ago

    Question: Does the items sold number reflect refunds and cancellations as well?

  • longlynette

    Lynette Long from YarnedTogether said 8 years ago

    1.49 billion page! Thanks for this as it's nice to be able to see site-wide stats. :)

  • MorningStarGoods

    Brandi Hutcheson from MorningStarGoods said 8 years ago

    This is exciting news! I had an excellent April, and it's good to see that it was across the board.

  • feathers2gether

    cindy rogers from feathers2gether said 8 years ago

    Fantastic! I'm very proud to be a part of this great community!

  • VeronicaRStudio

    Veronica from VeronicaRussekJoyas said 8 years ago

    I'm happy Etsy keeps growing... Yay!!! But a more detailed report would be great too... How many of these new members are sellers versus buyers only, for instance?

  • VeronicaRStudio

    Veronica from VeronicaRussekJoyas said 8 years ago

    BTW, my april this year was about 50% higher than april 2012. :)

  • SoapForYourSoul

    Emily from SoapForYourSoul said 8 years ago

    April was great- May is even better!

  • Megan1331

    Megan Vass from NorthShoreTreasury said 8 years ago

    This is good to see- thanks for sharing! My April was pretty decent, but so far May has been my best month ever- so I can't wait to see May's weather report!

  • mtraub

    Michelle Traub from mtraub said 8 years ago

    @Veronica: Totally hear you on your enthusiasm for data! We're pretty proud that as a company we share this much with our community, as that's certainly not industry norm. However, I do want to be honest and say that this is the extent of the statistics we'll be releasing.

  • ledonracing

    Nathan O'Dell from LedonGifts said 8 years ago

    I expected to be very quiet at this time of year, but the sales keep on coming, looking forward to fathers day now. Thanks etsy :)

  • TheInspiredTrader

    Deb from TheInspiredTrader said 8 years ago

    Interesting - fewer sales than March - but at a higher individual sale price. With the same number of sales (exactly) between April 2012 and 2013, my shop showed a 12% increase total dollar volume. Reflecting that shift. May 2012 and 2013 are SLOW - Ruby Lane continues to outrank Etsy in vintage and antique visibility in Google. Perhaps if Etsy focused on some promotion in that area it would help!

  • crochetgal

    crochetgal from crochetgal said 8 years ago

    Wow! Etsy is growing by leaps and bounds!

  • beachseacrafts

    Marilyn from beachseacrafts said 8 years ago

    Good month. Way to go Etsy. and HI theinspiredtrader..nice to see u.

  • LythaStudios

    Erin from LythaStudios said 8 years ago

    Awesome news!

  • filecutter

    Joyce and Tony from filecutter said 8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing

  • HardCandyGems

    Sara from HardCandyGems said 8 years ago

    That's huge! Congrats everyone..

  • loosepetals

    Karen Young from loosepetals said 8 years ago

    April was good this year, May even better! Now it's after tax time.

  • chilisugar

    Aja from chilisugarcookie said 8 years ago

    My April was good in this new shop. My main shop, not good at all. I wish we could see more detailed stats, but happy that they share with us at all ^_^

  • sarahmoon503

    Sarah from Birchmoonrocksfibers said 8 years ago

    That is great news! Go Etsy!

  • Thecabbagepatch

    Leeanne from Thecabbagepatch said 8 years ago

    Thanks for providing that information always interesting to read. Hope everyone has a fantastic month in May too.

  • maryrichmonddesign

    Mary Richmond from maryrichmonddesign said 8 years ago

    These numbers boggle my mind but they also help me keep everything in perspective. I've been here since 2006 and boy has Etsy grown!

  • BPvintage

    Cathy Costa from BPvintage said 8 years ago

    what a STRONG April to April ! Congrats Etsy community, we are awesome!

  • thecountryshed

    Sara Bousman from TheCountryShed said 8 years ago

    Wonderful news! I'm am excited to see how my shop will do in May

  • patspottery

    Pat Parker from PatsPottery said 8 years ago

    My April sales were almost 3 times last years:>) Sooo happy♥

  • TheWinterBones

    TheWinterBones from TheWinterBones said 8 years ago

    Feels really good to be back on Etsy, after running my successful business as a graphic & web designer, I re opened & just started selling again on a new account - May has been very good to me!

  • imrosebud

    Rose from RTOriginalDesigns said 8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • glendalee

    glenda puhek from glendalee said 8 years ago

    I realize my shop is a teensy little niche, but my April sales were almost non existant. So far this month—nuthin. Glad others are doing well though.

  • hejjuni

    Juni from HejJuni said 8 years ago

    Always crazy to see reports like this that make me realize how big etsy is. My shop opened in april, and I was surprised at how much growth I experienced as a new shop. Big thanks to the community spirit here. Looking forward to the growth in May and months to come :)

  • rachbing

    Rachel Bingaman from BingArt said 8 years ago

    Good to see and know! Has been a wonderful first year and expecting a major second year on Etsy myself :)

  • AbsolutelyKismet

    AbsolutelyKismet from AbsolutelyKismet said 8 years ago

    Very interesting numbers! It does reflect a bit what my March and April were, so I'll be looking forward to seeing the May stats, too.

  • BlackForestCottage

    Donna and Darrell Knish from BlackForestCottage said 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for this information. I always look forward to this every month.

  • agebo

    Ann Cosgrove from acbcDesign said 8 years ago

    These stats are staggering! Great to see how much etsy in growing!

  • TallGiraffe

    Kim from TallGiraffe said 8 years ago

    Looks like more higher priced items were sold, that's good to see!

  • TreasuredMemoryLane

    Sujata from TreasuredMemoryLane said 8 years ago

    Good to see the progress!

  • OceansideCastle

    Laura from OceansideCastle said 8 years ago

    Truly a global market place! Here's to keeping the sales up this summer.

  • msamandajayne

    Amanda Jayne from MsAmandaJayne said 8 years ago

    I don't know what's selling. I know it's not my shop

  • atLoudDesigns

    Nina Jagne from atLoudDesigns said 8 years ago

    Can not comment from last year as I only started in November. Sales are coming slowly though x x thanks for info.

  • NicolasKnitKnacks

    Nicola and Jessica Belton from CelticKnittingCo said 8 years ago

    Great work etsy seller, keep it up! I'm only getting started but I'm hoping I do well this year!!

  • FischerFineArts

    Mel Fischer from FischerFineArts said 8 years ago

    Rather than a total of page views, I'd like to see more meaningful statistics on visitors. How many uniques, pages per view, etc. Out of the new members, how many are buyers and how many are sellers? It's good, though, to see average price point going up.

  • KaiyasCloset

    Jessica Meyer from KaiyasRoom said 8 years ago

    I just revamped my entire shop thanks to some AMAZING help, so I'm hoping I'll be found more easily on etsy now :) This way I can get in on the sales and progress! Hoping I'll be able to compare this past April to next years April sales!!

  • aressa

    aressa from OriginalBridalHanger said 8 years ago

    Kudos to the sellers on Etsy success and great shopping experience to the buyers on Etsy!

  • themissingpiecepuzzl

    The Missing Piece Puzzle Company from themissingpiecepuzzl said 8 years ago

    I love everything about Etsy! The numbers are astounding....

  • HagAndNagAntiques

    Victoria Wild from HagAndNagAntiques said 8 years ago

    Very interesting stats! Just goes to show that the competition for sales is tough. You have to be on your game, have awesome product photos, market outside of etsy and stay active listing new merchandise.

  • cmu55

    Connie from LittleTurtleHatShop said 8 years ago

    Congratulations everyone!!!

  • Emariecreations

    Samantha from Emariecreations said 8 years ago

    April was great for me!

  • egbertsbeans

    Kris from egbertsbeans said 8 years ago

    Those statistics are exciting and motivating! Thanks!

  • PaintingsOnPalmer

    Barb Tanner from WindingRoadGallery said 8 years ago

    WOW!!! Impressive!

  • VillaCollezione

    Villa Collezione from VillaCollezione said 8 years ago

    congrats all around!

  • EvesLittleEarthlings

    Eve Geisler from EvesLittleEarthlings said 8 years ago

    My April this year was double last year. Congrats to Etsy!

  • jenny1mac

    Jenny McLean from RaspberrydazeBespoke said 8 years ago

    First time I've looked at stats......had no idea there would have been that many page views in one month......astounding!

  • PookieandJack

    Suzanne and Melissa from PookieandJack said 8 years ago

    Congrats to everyone!

  • jpcountrymarket

    jp from jpcountrymarket said 8 years ago

    Thanks for the stats knowing the price points are raising.....that's good news. It is definitely a full time job if you are going to stay on top of your game......but there is nothing more gratifying then to be your own boss. May the sales continue and hoping everyone can benefit. Etsy hugs (( jp ))

  • madefromscratch4u

    Lizzie from madefromscratch4u said 8 years ago

    Thanks for this post! I have more than tripled my views from last April and got lots more favorites and one more order! It is so fun to look back and see how not only Etsy but also our shops have grown! :)

  • mmmoore475

    Melissa Moore from AnimalAddicts said 8 years ago

    That is very exciting to hear. It makes me that much more hopeful being new to etsy and still learning the ins and outs. I can't wait to add to that statistic! Go Etsy.

  • StayArtisan

    J.K. Ramirez from HudsonBlueArtisans said 8 years ago

    Good to hear... April was solid, but May is proving slow.

  • Helenkdesigns

    Helen K from Helenkdesigns said 8 years ago

    It sounds very encouraging, I have totally overhalled my etsy shop a few months ago and I am now looking forward to get more traffic and sales. Is there anywhere Etsy sellers can give me tips or insight on my shop? I have read the seller book and different articles but first hand experience is always helpful too.

  • berosy

    Rosy B from KnitBlossom said 8 years ago

    very encouraging, I was hoping to sell a scarf, but I don't think they're what people are looking for. oh well

  • mervyngale

    mervyn gale said 8 years ago

    Forget the weather and check out the paintings at craftyBRITkit!!

  • BlacksmithCreations

    Steve and Carolyn from BlacksmithCreations said 8 years ago

    Improvements on the site are working and learning more about SEO thru teams sure helped our shoppe. Good April, and May is great (even though we were on a business trip for a week)! Keep up the good work Etsy and we'll all share in the success.

  • cheryllharper

    Cheryll from refinedconcepts said 8 years ago

    Thats great to see the community grow. I have seen an increase in traffic as well this month

  • cynthiagehrie

    Cynthia Gehrie from GehrieBotanica said 8 years ago

    As a botanical artist, I can only say that Etsy is the ONLY major market where every sales gallery contains visual art of either the 2-D or 3-D variety - and often both. This means that fine art is a visual presence in all that happens on Etsy. It is the best way I know to bring Art into the marketplace as a constant reference of quality. It would be impossible to put a price tag on the value this has in bringing Art into individual lives, globally. I am teaching artists in my community from the young ones to the mature ones to join Etsy. It is a way for us to be active visibly in the world.

  • kailapeterson

    Kaila Peterson from KayCrafty said 8 years ago

    This is good to hear, hoping my shop can take off once I get it stocked

  • vinylclockwork

    Scott from vinylclockwork said 8 years ago

    Keep up the Great work Etsy you guys Rock

  • exitera

    Hristo Hvoynev from ExiArtsConceptWorlds said 8 years ago

    Thank you Etsy for giving me this opportunity! My sales have increased with 300% in april than in march! And already my sales have increased 100% against april since beginning of may:)) In other words-1-3-6 sales-for march,april and may. Those are my statistics and I am in Etsy since february. Thanks Etsy! ♥

  • victoriag06

    Victoria FitzGerald from vfitzartist said 8 years ago

    I hope to be part of these sales statistics soon! I will keep working on my art and refining it :)

  • CrystalsDesignMind

    Crystal from IKANDiiAccessories said 8 years ago

    Good source of inspiration.....especially for a newbie like me.

  • baymark

    Mark Gakken from oldmark said 8 years ago

    Great news! It's very exciting to know!

  • EyeCandyQuilting

    Brandi Mayville from EyeCandyQuilts said 8 years ago

    WOW! That's great! Feb / March were busy months for me, April / May were a little slower but things are picking back up for June!! Much better than last year! Great job all!

  • SHM2013

    Silvia from MarinaBosettiDesigns said 8 years ago

    Can't really speak of much of sales but shop stats were significantly higher in April than in May. Any stats on Etsy traffic available anywhere?

  • xutian1

    ya mo from 2013color said 8 years ago

    Awesome news!

  • clearwaterdesigns1

    ClearWater Designs by Kim Shimizu from ClearWaterDesignsbyK said 8 years ago

    Wow! That's great to hear!

  • OverboardStudio

    Baiba Jensen from OverboardStudio said 8 years ago

    Great news. My sales not so good but I love Etsy!!!

  • handloomin

    Manju G from JaipurHandloom said 8 years ago

    Motivational news. still looking for a good business.

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