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Etsy Habla Español

Jan 10, 2013

by ewsews handmade and vintage goods

Permitid que me presente — my  name is Juan Pablo and I joined the International Team just over a month ago as the new engineering manager. Born and raised in Cadiz, a tiny old beautiful city in the south of Spain, I’ve long had a passion for the craft traditions of the Spanish-speaking world, from the woodcuts of Mexico to the painted fans of Spain to jewelry in Peru. I’ve spent my career working to bring the most exciting tools of the Internet to as many countries as possible, managing the international effort at Craigslist recently and Yahoo! Search before that, so it was a natural step when I joined Etsy.

Today I’m happy to announce the launch of Etsy in Spanish! This is a call we had pending for a very long time, given the high number of sellers who opened their shops from Spanish-speaking countries despite having to use our English interface, the steady increase in shipments to Spain and Latin America, and the high interest from the community to have our site translated in Spanish since we announced we were working in more languages back in October.

Releasing Etsy in such a widespread language as Spanish is not just a win for our members who prefer to express themselves in the language of Cervantes. Etsy is a distinctly global marketplace, and these changes benefit us all: no matter where we are, what language we speak, or which currency we use, our buyers will now be able to access more one-of-a-kind goods in Spanish-speaking countries, and our sellers will see an influx in a vibrant community of Spanish-speaking buyers.

Opening Etsy to a new market is not a trivial task. And while I am joining the efforts on the engineering front, the first step along the way was to translate our site. We have taken the most Etsy approach we know: reaching out to our community of members to translate, adapt and help us understand the needs of their regions. A huge thanks goes out to our Spanish Translation team, Etsy Habla Español, who, along with many other Spanish-focused teams, represent our enthusiastic community of Spanish-speaking members. So, if you say tu or vos, ustedes or vosotros, if you roll your r’s when you speak and you consider the ñ one of the most significant characters in your alphabet: take a moment to celebrate Etsy in Spanish.


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