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Etsy Gift Cards Are Going Global

Nov 26, 2013

by Brittany Mennuti handmade and vintage goods

Update: Etsy Gift Cards are now available for purchase in Canadian dollars! Now both buyers and sellers in Canada can purchase gift cards in their local currency, just in time for the holiday season. Sellers in Canada who have enabled Direct Checkout will be able to automatically accept them in their shops. Simply go to to give the ones you love the gift of the entire Etsy marketplace this holiday season.

The original post below was published on October 8, 2013.

Last October, we announced the launch of Etsy Gift Cards in the US. In the first two months after launch, shoppers purchased 40,000 gift cards to share with friends and family, and nearly a year later, we’ve issued more than $4 million in gift cards to spend on Etsy.

Today, just in time for the holidays, we’re launching Etsy Gift Cards in two new currencies: GBP and EUR, making the coming gift-giving season brighter for both buyers and sellers!

What’s New?

In addition to being available in US dollars, Etsy Gift Cards are now available for purchase in British pounds and in euros. Buyers in select countries across Europe, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK, can now purchase Etsy Gift Cards. Sellers who use Direct Checkout will also automatically be able to accept Etsy Gift Cards — no matter the currency — in their shops.

Purchasing a Gift Card

If you’re a buyer in any of these new countries, there are now even more opportunities for you to share the experience of shopping on Etsy with the ones you love. Send Etsy Gift Cards at to your friends and family in your local currency, via email (with a choice of fun designs!) or by printing them out to include in one-of-a-kind holiday cards.

If you’re a lucky gift card recipient, you can use your gift card to purchase from any shop that accepts Etsy Gift Cards, regardless of location. The ability to accept Etsy Gift Cards is now available to over 90% of shops, and any shops that accept them will have a green Gift Card icon above the “Add to Cart” button on their listings. You can also use the “Accepts Etsy Gift Cards” filter in the left navigation when searching for items you love.

Accepting Gift Cards in Your Shop

If you’re a seller who uses Direct Checkout, a host of exciting benefits await you as you prep for the holiday rush:

Greater Buyer Purchasing Power: Since launching this feature last October, US shoppers have purchased over $4 million in Etsy Gift Cards! And with the holidays fast-approaching, we’ll be ready to watch the December gift card sales snowball (buyers purchased $1 million in gift cards in December 2012 alone).

New Buyer Reach: 25% of all gift card purchasers thus far have been completely new to Etsy. Etsy Gift Cards help expand the ever-growing buyer community and get more eager eyes on your handcrafted and hand-picked items.

A Boost in Sales: Buyers with an Etsy gift card spend 24% more on average than their gift card value when using the gift card to pay for an order.

What’s Next?

Expanding Etsy Gift Cards to our international community will continue to be a priority for us. We are committed to adding even more currencies for gift cards, and are actively working on Canada as our next step.

As we roll Gift Cards out to members in these 18 new countries throughout the day, head on over to this forum thread to share your feedback. Learn more about Etsy Gift Cards on our help page.