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Etsy and Kiva: Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

Aug 7, 2013

by Katie Hunt-Morr handmade and vintage goods

Katie Hunt-Morr manages our Values & Impact team, charged with making Etsy better for the world, and making the world more like Etsy. She works on improving the company’s ecological footprint, increasing our community engagement in innovative ways, and ensuring Etsy’s company values are a part of everything we do.

Bob Harris, like millions of others, had lent money to several people through He knew about his borrowers from Kiva’s site, and understood the way in which his loans were affecting their lives. But Bob decided to do something few of us lenders have even considered — he went on a global trek to visit his borrowers.

Hearing about Bob’s journey inspired me to reinvigorate my Kiva account and got me thinking: it was great that my rolling $500 loan was helping a few dozen people, but Etsy has the potential to reach tens of millions of community members — exponential impact through exponential reach.

If you haven’t heard of Kiva, they are a non-profit that connects people who need small loans with ordinary folks who want to make a personal impact through lending. These loans help to end poverty by enabling entrepreneurs worldwide to start or grow their own businesses. It’s microfinancing through a safe, easy-to-use mechanism. Microfinancing is the granddaddy of crowd-funding and has proven to be an incredible connector between people around the world.

Kiva’s new project, Kiva Zip, differs from traditional microfinancing in that it facilitates direct, borrower-to-lender transactions. It’s still important that lenders are vetted, though instead of this happening through a bank, it is done by a Trustee — a member of the community who signs up to be a vouchsafe for borrowers. The Trustee isn’t on the hook financially, but their reputation depends on their lenders repaying their loans.

A community-based system that facilitates entrepreneurship? Clearly an ideal fit for Etsy. We know that small loans can make a big difference when it comes to Etsy sellers and Teams growing their businesses, and we also wanted to facilitate members of our community helping other artisans in the world.

All members of the Etsy community can contribute to the Etsy + Kiva partnership. Here’s how:

Etsy sellers can get a Kiva Zip loan. Loans are 0% interest and can be used to purchase supplies, new equipment, training, or even Search Ads. First-time borrowers can apply for loans in any amount under $1500. You pay loans back over time, as the investment you make in your business reaps returns.

Furthermore, everyone in the Etsy community can become a lender on Kiva. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, Etsy employee, or even getting a loan yourself, you can make a loan for as little as $25 to an artisan in need of support. Let’s be clear, this is not a donation. Statistically, you’ll be repaid almost 99% of the money you lend out (pretty impressive for two strangers exchanging money over the Internet from across the world). Bob Harris compared the interest rate he was getting from his bank (.039%) to keeping his money in a Kiva account, perpetually loaning it out. In one case he would make 39 cents for every hundred dollars invested, on Kiva he’d lose a dollar for every hundred dollars, but change hundreds of peoples’ lives. He decided it was worth the $1.39.

We felt it was high time to integrate our community with Kiva’s. Kiva is working with their artisan borrowers around the world to help them open shops on Etsy. Etsy Teams are becoming Trustees to help vouch for Kiva borrowers in their communities. Already, the Etsy Little Rock team has shown us the power of the program.

We’d love for you to participate! Give a loan. Get a loan. Become a Trustee. Grow your business. Change lives.


  • prunellasoap

    Janell Anderson from prunellasoap said 6 years ago

    What a fantastic partnership! It's awesome to see how microfinancing can make such a huge difference for small business owners

  • beachbabyblues

    Susan Wagner from beachbabyblues said 6 years ago

    WoW ! Thank you for the article . This is such a wonderful thing !

  • LatressOnTheMenjay

    Amber Nichole from LatressOnTheMenjay said 6 years ago

    Etsy Little Rock is super excited! This is amazing!!!!

  • sherrytruitt

    sherry truitt from sherrytruitt said 6 years ago

    I've been a KIVA lender for 4 years. It's amazing what a difference a small contribution can make. Almost every loan I've given has been repaid so that I am able to lend again. A drop in the bucket of change has a ripple effect.

  • MsFoodie

    MsFoodie from MsFoodie said 6 years ago

    That is AWESOME!!!!!!! I have been giving to Kiva for 7 plus years now and 10% profit of all my Etsy Stores fund new loans for Kiva! I'm so happy to be Part of Kiva and Etsy! oxoxoxox We are changing the world one sale and one $25 loan a day :) a week a month whatever we can do to better someone else Pay it Forward Namaste~ I see the light in you!!!!!!!!

  • HeatherHolidays

    Heather from HeatherHolidays said 6 years ago

    I love Kiva so much! I always fund loans with them and I am so glad Etsy and Kiva Partnered!!!!!!!!!

  • HappyCatShops

    Happy Cat from HappyCatShops said 6 years ago

    I am on an Etsy lending team and those are really fun I have been lending on this team for about 5 years. We have been repaid all our loans back then just keep relending when our Kiva account hits $25 or we add a little to the pot to make a new loan faster. I love reading the story's and wish it was that easy to make loans in the states.

  • HeatherLaneCosmetics

    Heather Lane from HeatherLaneCosmetics said 6 years ago

    Kiva is my "give 10% back" of choice. Great Job Etsy!!!!! I love this partnership! I love like minded people joining forces to change the world for the better! ..... (¯`v´¯)♥ .......•.¸.•´ ....¸.•´ ... ( ☻/ /▌♥♥ / \ ♥♥

  • nottoto

    Jewelry Supplies from nottoto said 6 years ago

    This is wonderful news! :) I love KIVA and have funded 34 loans so far, and it is amazing how much the recipients accomplish with these funds. I'm delighted to hear that Etsy and KIVA will be working together! :)

  • Bethany1955

    Bettie from CollectiveGathering said 6 years ago

    If I could afford a loan, I wouldn't need one.

  • SusanFaye

    Susan Faye from SusanFayePetProjects said 6 years ago

    Such a creative way to support creative human beings. Kiva + Etsy sounds like a win-win partnership to me!

  • OnTheFrontLine

    Kate Windsor from BettieKawaii said 6 years ago

    This is amazing. Im so glad this has come into being, it will do so much good! So many people will better their lives with this!

  • simplysuzula

    Susan from SimplySuzula said 6 years ago

    I have been a KIVA lender for several years and love that the Etsy community is getting more involved. All of my loans have been repaid in a timely manner, allowing me to keep giving and giving...

  • sandyjean03

    Sandy Trainor from Mollyrags said 6 years ago

    This sounds amazing! I look forward to trying all of this out,

  • connermccloud

    Wilhelmina Davis from SoapAndBodyHaven said 6 years ago

    This is wonderful thing!

  • SilverSmack

    Jean from SilverSmack said 6 years ago

    What a great way to make an impact!

  • behressentials

    behressentials from behressentials said 6 years ago

    Kiva and Etsy working together is amazing to I've been with both for about 6 years (separately)...this has got to have a big impact on both...very exciting!!!

  • TheHickoryTree

    Linda from TheHickoryTree said 6 years ago

    Wonderful website for thriving business owners. I hope more Etsyians take advantage of this opportunity to lend money as well as brrow money to jump start their business.

  • swarovskilighting

    Swarovski Sun from handmademetalworks said 6 years ago

    Etsy + Kiva, Good Luck.

  • foxpots

    Carole Fox from foxpots said 6 years ago

    I had never heard of KIVA prior to this article. Thank you!

  • ArlingtonStSRQ

    Sarah Nolt from MoiPochette said 6 years ago

    Fantastic! I was wondering when "the twain would meet".

  • zafuchi

    Sarah Zafuist from ZafuChi said 6 years ago

  • jemmahelliker

    Jemma Helliker from SquidgeandBean said 6 years ago

    Fantastic opportunity and a little spooky as I have spent the last week writing a business plan for a new business direction! Can't wait to look into this further.

  • limitz

    Limor Haim-Matityahoo from Limitz said 6 years ago

    Love the involvmemt Etsy is showing in reaching out and helping the community! makes me proud to be part if this:-)

  • ruthhinkle

    Ruth Hinkle from WandsforAllAges said 6 years ago

    Love it! I'm a huge Kiva fan.

  • PennyBirchWilliams

    Penny Birch-Williams from PennyBirchWilliams said 6 years ago

    Joining forces with Kiva sounds like an excellent idea that could benefit many small businesses here on etsy, as well as provide a wonderful avenue to contribute to opportunities for others in need. I'll be looking into it. I hope it's a win-win for everyone!

  • Potliwrap

    Potliwrap from Potliwrap said 6 years ago

    SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! I have been a member of Kiva and have invested whenever I made some profits by selling my jewelries. I am very very happy that etsy is helping Kiva now!! Thank you, Etsy!!!

  • Potliwrap

    Potliwrap from Potliwrap said 6 years ago

    SUPER EXCITED BY THIS NEW ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!! I have been a member of Kiva and have invested whenever I made some profits by selling handmade jewelries. Thank you, Etsy!!!!

  • BramalfieBeadsetc

    Ailsa Cordner from BramalfieBeadsetc said 6 years ago

    I've not heard of Kiva before but will be finding out more - sounds like a great collaboration!!!

  • Olympiced

    Ed Chandler from EdChandlerEnterprise said 6 years ago

    I've been a supporter or KIVA for years! I've contributed to over 225 loans so far! Mostly to women in Peru! KIVA is awesome and proves that micro-financing does work!

  • 21four07

    21four07 from 21four07 said 6 years ago

    Way to go Etsy! We've had a Kiva lending team for several years now. It's amazing how so little can do so much!!!

  • DeNovoStyle

    DeNovoStyle from DeNovoStyle said 6 years ago

    I love Kiva, been a member for several years too. It's amazing. Just love the feeling of helping.

  • kathiroussel

    kathi roussel from kathiroussel said 6 years ago

    Viva Kiva!

  • Divineangelshop

    Connie from DivineAngelShop said 6 years ago

    Wow never heard of it. I'm heading to to check it out!

  • traciking

    Harriet from SecondImpulse said 6 years ago

    My goodness, this is so great. I am also heading over there to see what this is all about.

  • Dinabijushop

    Natalya and Dmitry Kotenko from Dinabijushop said 6 years ago

    Awesome idea! And Kiva can really help those who really need it!

  • mandasmittens

    Amanda N from MandasMittens said 6 years ago

    What a great way to pay it forward! Thanes for the reminder about how we each can do a little to effect great change!

  • dianjane

    Dian Jane from dianjanesoaps said 6 years ago

    This is one of the most exciting and innovative ideas Etsy has had! I commend you and wish for the success that Kiva has shown itself to be!

  • MiniContour

    Thersa C from MiniContour said 6 years ago

    I've been trying to get a loan though them for months.

  • MiniContour

    Thersa C from MiniContour said 6 years ago

    They haven't been accepting borrower applications for a while, I have been trying.

  • bailoubay

    Donna from BailouBay said 6 years ago

    This is why I love ETSY............

  • BryallisonBoutique

    Lorena M from MinnieMouseTutus said 6 years ago

    Sound like a great idea, and a lifesaver for a few Etsy entrepreneurs.

  • ziriascreations

    Ciria Rodriguez Ruiz from ZiriasCreations said 6 years ago

    This is a great idea, I hope it works !

  • claudiahensel

    Claudia E. Hensel from EleanorsVintage said 6 years ago

    Kiva is a wonderful way to get involved and help change people's lives - with very little investment, really - and I have been working to spread the word for years. Etsy getting involved could have a huge impact; I am excited!

  • wgjones

    Wendy Jones from UniqueEmbCreations said 6 years ago

    Sounds like a great idea

  • lunaessence

    lunaessence from LunaEssence said 6 years ago

    Wow !

  • SimpleThymePrims

    ronda Tedder from simplethymeprims said 6 years ago

    How wonderful! Cant wait to learn more!

  • SilkBowTies

    Dan Lee from VaVaNeckwear said 6 years ago

    Would be great if the Kiva Zip loan program was available to all Etsy sellers, not just those in the US or Kenya. And would also be great if Etsy made it clear that one has to be in the US or Kenya to be eligible for a loan. :(

  • byHeide

    Heide von Bartha Cantillo from byHeide said 6 years ago

    I have known about Kiva for many years and am ashamed to say I always wanted to but never did offer up any loans :-( But etsy changed all this today, the alliance of 2 of my favorite entities of all times is just unbeatable! Congraftulations and COUNT ME IN!

  • AllThingsHerbal

    Christine Kennedy from AllThingsHerbal said 6 years ago

    I love Kiva. I love hunting through the kiva loans for artists and have been thrilled to be able to support Soap makers and other small business owners! So happy to hear that Etsy and Kiva are working together!

  • KruelIntentions

    Karina from KRUELINTENTIONS said 6 years ago

    Woooohoooo!! Sounds Fantastic!

  • KruelIntentions

    Karina from KRUELINTENTIONS said 6 years ago

    Woohoooo! Sounds fantastic !

  • zen08girl

    zen08girl from zen08girl said 6 years ago

    This is a wonderful union for two amazing home grown companies..Cheers for making this a better community of sharing & trading

  • JustineJewellery

    Justine Chabińska from JustineWorld said 6 years ago

    Thank you for the article . This is such a wonderful thing !

  • fieldtrip

    Amy from fieldtrip said 6 years ago

    I can't tell you how excited I am about this Katie! I'm already an avid loan giver on their site and am looking forward to seeing the success stories that will come out of this new partnership!


    erika from lancerika said 6 years ago

    So glad to hear about etsy and Kiva together! Great news! loVe how these small loans really helps people from poor nations to succeed... active member of both kiva and etsy since 2007♥

  • vinylclockwork

    Scott from vinylclockwork said 6 years ago

    Keep up the good work Etsy

  • byDelirium

    Angela from DeliriumAccessories said 6 years ago

    Awsome thank you so much!!!!

  • rambleswithreese

    Reese from ReeseCarrozzini said 6 years ago

    This is a great idea Etsy and I look forward to reading more about this development with Kiva.

  • jessicarosehandknits

    Linda Whaley from jessicarosehandknits said 6 years ago

    I am from the UK and have not heard of Kiva. Such a great idea!

  • abigailpine

    Abigail from JewelleryByShalotte said 6 years ago

    But what's the use of sending emails about it to UK sellers, when they can't use it? We are in the UK, and can't get an overdraft from our bank to expand our business; would love to have something like this to help us but there is nothing!!

  • abigailpine

    Abigail from JewelleryByShalotte said 6 years ago

    It's brilliant, but just available for the US!!!

  • fabioladacosta

    Fabi C from LovGeo said 6 years ago

    Thank you for the article! But I noticed that the "Kiva" zip loan program is only available for artisans that live in the US or Kenya.

  • bananabanner

    Caitlin from BananaBanner said 6 years ago

    I'm really excited to see where this goes, I think a lot of people's lives will benefit from this. Woohoo Etsy & Kiva!

  • sancynam

    Nancy C. Sampson from TheNancydrawsShop said 6 years ago

    This is great news! I have been a Kiva loaner for a couple of years now and it feels great to help other independent business owners around the world. Will there be a way to link our Etsy accounts with our Kiva accounts?

  • CabochonCorner

    Emily H from CabochonCorner said 6 years ago

    Love this!

  • sbath4070

    Shirley Bath from BathhouseEmporium said 6 years ago

    I really don't need a loan, just some SALES!!!

  • TerraTreasures

    Cynthia Fardan from TerraTreasures said 6 years ago

    Great idea of Kiva and Etsy teaming together. I have looked at Kiva and I know how it can help others. If you want to know more about Kiva, go to the website at

  • phjglynn


    Looking toward to using this very valuable tool. So many opportunities to entertain with the proper backing and loans. Great marriage Kiva & Etsy!

  • Niftic

    Niftic from NifticVintage said 6 years ago

    Pretty wonderful and absolutely inspiring! Rock on Etsy! I'm so proud to be part of this community!

  • janenederosier

    Janene DeRosier from doodlesbabylicious said 6 years ago

    Wow I love this, looking forward to using this tool

  • SilkBowTies

    Dan Lee from VaVaNeckwear said 6 years ago

    So, Etsy Admin, is there any plans to roll this out to those of us not in the US who'd be interested in borrowing? And in the future, please use language more carefully - you state 'Etsy sellers can get a Kiva Zip Loan'. Well, some can, but your statement implies that all sellers can. My time is precious & it was wasted by your lack of clarity.

  • realfaery

    realfaery from realfaery said 6 years ago

    I am really glad to see how crafters and artists are happy to help other crafters and artists. Through different Etsy teams I heard about many touching stories and difficulties some Etsy fellow members encountered in life. And it was touching to see how other team members stood up to help them in those times. So, KIVA sounds really interesting, and really hope many crafters and artists can benefit out of it and go for sustainability. Congrats for the cooperation with Etsy.

  • LadyInPurple

    Jennifer Tyson from LadyInPurpleBoutique said 6 years ago

    Wow that's amazing! I have never heard of Kiva before this article.

  • sharonkeck1

    Sharon Cuevas from SCCandlesandSoaps said 6 years ago

    I had never heard of Kiva before, but from all the comments it sounds like a good program. I will open an account with a portion of sales. I am happy to help others and I will probably need it myself at some points too.

  • kitty525

    Toni Miller from BengalBijoux said 6 years ago

    FANTASTIC!!!!! I've been a KIVA supporter for 4 years.

  • trish3693

    Trish Steele from SleepingJoeyDesigns said 6 years ago

    Wonderful! Wonderful collaberation! Good job Etsy!

  • Moondogjewelry

    Tony from RocknBracelets said 6 years ago

    I may become a lender for Kiva and have a new job title with it, while helping others in the process! Sounds fun! I like to help others, although i am always pulling my close relatives and family members out of a rut. I try to help my mother mostly who is disabled and lives alone on a fixed income that is next to nothing a month. She would be homeless if not for my help and other family when they can.

  • BlueMorphoApothecary

    Brandie Maraziti from MyBlueMorpho said 6 years ago

    I truly encourage anyone that is thinking about the Kiva Zip program to do it! I was lucky enough to be able to a part of the launch here in Little Rock and I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to expand my product line -- something that I could not have done without my lenders! If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact me -- I would be happy to help!

  • seafairiesjewelbox

    Marion from seafairiesjewelbox said 6 years ago

    I have been lending through Kiva for years and LOVE that Etsy has this new partnership! yay! That such a small amount of money can make a huge difference in someone's life--and that they can get it in a professional manner--is wonderful, and something we can all understand as Etsy sellers.

  • wendysuniquecreation

    Wendy from wendysuniquecreation said 6 years ago

    How do I apply for a loan? And how quickly are they expecting it to be paid back? Thanks.

  • Blytheclectic

    Melinda Blythe from Blytheclectic said 6 years ago

    I'd never heard of Kiva, or this partnership before. Thank you for this article! This may be just what I need to pull myself up onto the next rung!

  • retroeuropa

    Andrea from BodaDesignMarbella said 6 years ago

    This is a wonderful example that gives two parties the opportunity to see themselves as important pieces in the world puzzle.

  • mygoddess

    indre from HelloMyGoddess said 6 years ago

    WOWWWW! Super idea! Thank you, etsy, for another great project! I never had heard of Kiva, maybe it's because I live in Europe, but always found the idea of micro-lending super fascinating.

  • lisamckenney

    Lisa McKenney from LoveSquaredDesigns said 6 years ago

    I love this and would love to be a part of making a difference in the life of another artist!

  • walter2806

    Diana Gonzalez from LarimarDianaXclusive said 6 years ago

    www!! extraordinary article.

  • Ollieandalice

    Ollie Alice from OllieandAliceStore said 6 years ago

    ...move over banks...what a connection for people to become better at what they do, Thank you Etsy and Kiva, you ROCK!

  • pierinocasale

    pierino casale from MuluIMEBET said 6 years ago


  • michele325

    Michele from MichelesAManoDesigns said 6 years ago

    Not familiar with Kiva - but sure what to find out more now!!!!

  • GeorgieGirlLLC

    D George from GeorgieGirlLLC said 6 years ago

    I have heard of Kiva, but I really think I need to go at it with my own money in baby steps. If I don't make any sells, how do I pay the money back. This is a great post and Thanks for sharing!

  • GreatVintageDeals

    Gloria Vasquez from GreatVintageDeals said 6 years ago

    I had not heard of Kiva and upon researching I found this interesting article Is Kiva Misleading the Public?

  • bneilson64

    Kathy Neilson from Designerpurseskathy said 6 years ago

    What a wonderful system you have. I am impressed. I am just starting and have a lot to learn Thank you for the info.

  • modifiedears

    modifiedears from ModifiedEars said 6 years ago

    Kiva is wonderful. I have made over 110 loans so far since I began using Kiva in 2012.

  • KaiyasCloset

    Jessica Meyer from KaiyasRoom said 6 years ago

    Wow, how great! It sometimes takes money to make money. :) I just may have to look into this further...

  • 8point8

    8point8 from ThinkEco2 said 6 years ago

    This is really inspiring.

  • DriftingWhispers

    Chelsea from DriftingWhispers said 6 years ago

    Sounds wonderful! Checking it out. Thanks

  • tripathismriti

    Smriti from DesiFabrics said 6 years ago

    Congratulations Etsy on this new initiative! More countries should be included in this list :)

  • IndigoCanyon

    Elizabeth from LadyLizziesWhimsy said 6 years ago

    Wow!! This is amazing!

  • paulafrance

    Paula France from FranceFinds said 6 years ago

    This is wonderful to find people helping people all over the world!

  • twopeasinapod119

    Kitty Hu and Brenda from CrystalGirlz said 6 years ago

    Sounds cool :)

  • sarawestgate

    Sara Werner from sewcreates said 6 years ago

    Wow! Great article and concept!

  • fabiusmaximus

    fabiusmaximus from fabiusmaximus said 6 years ago

    This is just fabulous news. I found out about Kiva about a year ago and thought then that it was a perfect match for etsy. Since then I've been reinvesting part of my etsy profits to provide Kiva loans. I always try to support individuals who have crafting businesses - tailors, jewelers etc. It's great to feel that I am supporting these people in just a small way.

  • AboutZoe

    B Humphries from AboutZoe said 6 years ago

    Love this! I would like to hear from Etsy participants in the Kansas City metro area. I think this would make a good news story and would like to suggest it to some of my colleagues. And... would like to consider joining a team of lenders in kc. Thanks!

  • sheriscrystals

    Sheri Thompson from sheriscrystals said 6 years ago

    A wonderful concept and an extraordinary alternative to the institutional big box banks who are restricted by a million regulations and lack any sort of entrepreneurial spirit! Great article :-)

  • differentouch

    Papia Haque from Differentouch said 6 years ago

    This is great information. Thanks.

  • coryinflection

    Cory Inflection said 6 years ago

    I never knew that Etsy teamed up with Kiva! Such a great idea on your company's part.

  • tomsgrossmami

    Tom's Grossmami from tomsgrossmami said 6 years ago

    Love it!

  • happyrainbowhannah

    Happy Hannah from PeaceLoveRainbowness said 6 years ago

    This is awesome. I didn't know this existed and I already donated 25% to kiva.

  • rarebeasts

    Brian McNamara from rarebeasts said 6 years ago

    Awesome idea.

  • dianeborgmann

    Diane from BorgmannsCreations said 6 years ago

    Never heard of Kiva before. Sounds like a winner.

  • catherinemaria

    Catherine Maria Charalambous from BouncyTree said 6 years ago

    So great to hear that things like this are set in place. Well done on such a unique way to bring the loans to the people.

  • kimsmiley

    Kim Smiley from SapphoByKimSmiley said 6 years ago

    I love the innovation of the evolution: that what started as a cause to directly empower entrepreneurs in the third world has come full circle, empowering many of the people who undoubtedly made the first Kiva loans possible. I believe global entrepreneurship through small loans - especially in the first world - will be the next big thing in the social enterprise realm. Congratulations to Etsy and Kiva for being ahead of the curve.

  • DreadyPrincessDesign

    Jackie Fisher from DreadyPrincessDesign said 6 years ago

    I just spent the last hour looking at the Kiva site. Every seller should check this out!

  • karenleanneking

    Karen from KLKingDesigns said 6 years ago

    I'm always a bit suspicious, until a thorough investigation. Could be great, but seems like a lottery to win a loan.

  • cathEM

    Catherine from CreativeMindfulness said 6 years ago

    This is what I am learning to love about Etsy. As a new shop owner, and previously just a casual purchaser, I am slowly realising just how broad an impact this organisation of artisan's is. It is just wonderful. Thank you to everyone involved for your thought, dedication and creativeness.

  • Laneysmith3

    Laney Smith from LaneysLastStop said 6 years ago

    Oh my gosh. Could this really be true? I could get a loan to stock inventory and get numerous things in my store that I truly desire? AND be able to pay it back without having a zillion times interest payment to go with that? How in the world? Yes, I am running to go look into it right now

  • TrulyJulie

    Julie Flueck from MallardPointVintage said 6 years ago

    Super! Kiva and Etsy together~ what a great team!! :)

  • bebhi

    bebhinn Ryan from GudrunsHoard said 6 years ago

    I got real excited until I found out on Kiva's page that due to the fact I DON'T live in the US or Kenya, I can't get a loan. Please, Please, Please could you guys be more clear in future? I haven't had a chance to make much or list much due to the fact that I'm juggling paying off Credit Card on top of trying to sell things on etsy. I got my hopes up thinking I could get this loan and get my shop sorted *sigh*

  • magicofjade

    Megan Daigle from WyldAndFree said 6 years ago

    I'm so glad I took the time to read this. Kiva sounds like a really wonderful program, and the kind we should have more of.

  • KSdesign2

    Kathy Strickland from KSdesign2 said 6 years ago

    I learned about Kiva on the Oprah show, several years ago. I could only loan $100, but it went on to help four different people. They repaid the money and I ended up just donating the full amount to Kiva. It is a great opportunity to help people who can do SO MUCH with SO little.

  • rosebarden1

    Rose Marie Barden from JewelsintheMaking said 6 years ago

    If Oprah got a hold of this information, then it would be something that I would be interested in.

  • rosebarden1

    Rose Marie Barden from JewelsintheMaking said 6 years ago

    I wish there was someone who would just pay my student off, and I could pay them without interest, the interest is a cancer!

  • Happiknits

    Becca from Happiknits said 6 years ago

    Just watch Premal, cofounder of Kiva on Project Runway :) Such an inspiring program! I think it gives reward to the lender as well, knowing that they are helping someone with an idea, a passion, the chance at success.

  • evstein

    Evelyn Stein from PreciousbyESD said 6 years ago

    Kiva is a great idea. I'd love to help out a fellow entrepreneur someday. I was hoping to get a Kiva loan to help start my business but I'm in Canada, which is not on the list.

  • CutenCraftyDesigns

    Jackie from CutenCraftyDesigns said 6 years ago

    I'm amazed that there are still kind people in the world willing to help others in need. This sounds like a very promising future for a lot of us who can't afford to buy supplies to continue doing what we love. Thank you so much for this. I wish this partnership continued success.

  • simonesolomon1

    Simone Solomon from SimoneCeramics said 6 years ago

    What a great thing!!! This is so wonderful !

  • wickedcoat

    Caroline O from WickedEthel said 6 years ago

    I've contributed Kiva loans for many years. I recently joined the TeamCanada on Kiva. It's very satisfying to be able to give a hand up instead of a handout. Happy to hear Etsy is now a part of this great enterprise.

  • black130

    Robyn Hood Black from artsyletters said 6 years ago

    Fantastic partnership. Hope it blesses many.

  • 100paintednecklaces

    Shannon Brinkmeyer Johnson from 100PaintedNecklaces said 6 years ago

    I have been encouraging local artists for about 4 years now. I have thought of my free services as a sort of local effort much the same as micro financing. I have even offered to give $100.00 start up to a local artist if she expanded her line of bracelets to a higher end product. She hasn't taken me up on it yet. I am excited to see if she will!

  • NoRaHzArT

    NoRaHzArT from NoRaHzArT said 6 years ago

    Great idea!.

  • elizabethforster

    elle and belle Forster from elleandbellejewelry said 6 years ago

    Wonderful system, great partnership.

  • karlalagonsalves

    Karlala gonsalves from KarlisasCloset said 6 years ago

    I love this what an awesome idea

  • MyrtlesBoutique

    Hilary from MyrtlesBoutique said 6 years ago

    What a wonderful idea! This is such a fantastic way to grow the etsy community and enable entrepreneurs to present their talents. I am all for Kiva and I will become a lender. This is going to be an amazing adventure!

  • DezineKonnections

    Tola Laseinde from DetolaAndGeek said 6 years ago

    Hi Katie I have always wanted to contribute socially to society. Been looking for ways of giving back. And this one is right up my street. I've heard and know of KIVA but never knew they were in partnership with Etsy. wonderful to stumble across this article. Once I start racking up sales (which is pretty slow ever since I opened) I most definitely will become a loan lender. I can't wait to start giving back part of my profits. :-)

  • KristisCreationsEtc

    kristi liles said 6 years ago

    This is awesome. I make jewelry, but would like to be able to do other things. I'm going to look into this! Thsnks Etsy!!

  • jenniferyoungers

    Benna Lit from BenzVintage said 6 years ago

    People helping people....ya gotta love it if it can heal the world.

  • EstateAurora

    AuroraHorton from EstateofAuroraHorton said 6 years ago

    I think its wonderful that they have the opportunity to grow like this!

  • FieldsOfVintage

    Fields Of Vintage from FieldsOfVintage said 6 years ago

    What a awesome post! It's amazing how micro financing can help small business owners. Thanks for this post

  • LatressOnTheMenjay

    Amber Nichole from LatressOnTheMenjay said 6 years ago

    Team Etsy Little Rock was privileged to be a part of the Kiva Zip launch in March of 2013 as a trustee to a local Etsy artist and has been honored to be a part of Kiva-Etsy’s amazing new collaboration – helping empower local, handmade artisans one Kiva Zip loan at a time. Our second endorsement, Lulu & Livvy, has just five days left to raise the remaining 58% of their Kiva Zip loan. Please consider sharing this opportunity with your friends/followers.

  • MimosaElements

    MimosaElements from MimosaElements said 6 years ago

    This is awesome!

  • MimosaElements

    MimosaElements from MimosaElements said 6 years ago

    This is awesome! Great news!

  • thesaltybeatnik

    Brittany Sherwood from TheSaltyBeatnik said 5 years ago

    This is wonderful.

  • LatressOnTheMenjay

    Amber Nichole from LatressOnTheMenjay said 5 years ago

    She only has 12 days left - let’s help Team Etsy Little Rock member, Brandy McNair of Bella Vita Jewelry, reach her second Kiva Zip fundraising goal by lending (not donating – in fact, she’s already paid us back the first loan amount we lent her; let’s help her take her local Etsy handmade small business to the next level – one Kiva Zip loan at a time!) even as little as $5 and please consider re-posting. Via this link,, your loan will be matched by a generous donor for a small time. See and share this post on Instagram at

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