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Better Shipping Tools to Save You Time

Oct 16, 2013

by Brittany Williams handmade and vintage goods

We’re well into the month of October, and the holidays are creeping up on us. That means Etsy sellers are feeling the heat: more orders to make and process, more convos to answer, more trips to the post office, and less time to manage your shop and listings. One current pain point with shop management is the shipping settings for your listings. We heard your feedback and are excited to announce a suite of shipping improvements in time for the holidays. To help you more easily reflect changes to your shipping cost, location and processing time, we’re launching “linked” Shipping Profiles and an improved Bulk Editor. We’ve also improved the Shipping Upgrades offered in our ongoing prototype team.   

So what’s new?

First, we’re linking Shipping Profiles and listings so that when you change a Shipping Profile, those changes will automatically be reflected in related listings. Once you’ve linked a Shipping Profile to a listing (you’ll have to do this one time), you can then edit that profile in the future, and the shipping settings will automatically change. No more editing shipping on a listing by listing basis! Linking a listing with a Shipping Profile is a one-time process that you can complete either via your listings page or the Listings Manager with our new bulk edit tool (more info on that below). As an example, if you have a Shipping Profile for your T-shirts and need to increase their shipping price by $1.00, you can do it in one fell swoop by visiting the relevant Shipping Profile. It’s that easy. For more information on Shipping Profiles and linking them to your listings, check out our handy FAQs.

Secondly, we’ve built a new Bulk Editor for shipping that will live in the Listings Manager. With this new tool you’ll be able to grab a batch of your listings (try searching keywords like the screenshot above!), and apply necessary shipping changes. Once your listings are linked to the relevant Shipping Profiles, there’s no longer a need to edit shipping on a listing by listing basis (whew!). It’s simple and fast, and will save you time during the holidays.

Third, based on your feedback, we made changes to Shipping Upgrades to tailor them to your business. Still in prototype, Shipping Upgrades allow you to create a set of additional shipping settings that buyers can add to their order at checkout. As prototype membership grew, we heard a couple themes come through loud and clear: you wanted an improved buyer experience in the cart and an improved way to calculate upgrades for buyers. Good news — we made both improvements, so join the prototype today for immediate access.

How will these new features save time?

Our prototype team members have already been loving the tools. Etsy seller Nottoto has over 1500 listings, and told us, “I have a lot of buyers who will be making last minute gifts, as well as those who will need more supplies than usual, so offering expedited shipping will be a great help in these situations. With this new feature, I can add these expedited shipping services, and within minutes, every listing will show these updates.”  In addition, she plans on using the bulk editor to update listing variations and shipping profiles to reflect both customers’ demands and her production capacity.  XOHandworks added, “The next time there’s a postage increase, it will be so much easier (not to mention MUCH faster) to change just my four Shipping Profiles instead of each of my 700+ listings.”  We hope you’ll find similar benefits with your shops!

What’s next?

We’ll continue to refine our shipping tools with feedback from our sellers, but won’t be making any substantial changes until after the new year. To discuss these new shipping features with Admin and fellow sellers, join the conversation in our forum thread.

A special shout-out to the wonderful, vocal sellers in our prototype team who stuck with us and made sure the product we’re launching is helpful, simple, and gets you one step closer to achieving your high-reaching goals. Now get out there and start shipping!