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Update to Search Ads on Etsy

Oct 1, 2012

by Jaclyn Fu handmade and vintage goods

To some, fall means back to school and sweater weather. At Etsy, this time of year means one thing: the busy holidays are around the corner! We’re tuning the site, improving the performance and looking for ways to make sure the holiday season is a success for the community.

Last year at this time, we launched Search Ads on Etsy in order to give sellers an additional way to promote themselves on search results pages. With a year of Search Ads performance data and feedback to guide us, we’re making a couple of changes in the coming weeks that we think will make setting up and managing Search Ads easier, bring you better results, and enable more people to use Search Ads. Over the past year, Search Ads has generated $12 million in sales and 3.6 million favorites for the 145,000 sellers who have tried them out!

Search Ads is a powerful promotion tool, and if you’re not one of the 145,000 sellers who have tried it out yet, you can learn how to set them up in our nifty product tutorial. Here are the changes that you’ll see over the next few weeks:

1. Newly added holiday keywords. We periodically add and remove keywords from the Search Ads system depending on whether people are searching for them. We’re starting to see a lot of traffic around Halloween and holiday-related searches, so we’ve added some new keywords to the mix. Starting today, if you have holiday inventory in your shop, go to the Search Ads console to start running holiday Search Ads or to add keywords to your existing ads!

2. Flexible timing. Sellers will now also be able to start and end ads at any time without setting a duration or the auto renew feature. You will simply select a weekly budget, which we will stick to, and we’ll keep promoting your items until you come back and turn them off. We will send you a weekly email with performance stats and a reminder that your ads are still running.

3. Support for all English listings. We’ve expanded the number of shops that can use Search Ads, by removing the restriction on the shop’s primary language. Beginning October 9, 2012, all listings written in English (regardless of the seller’s country or primary language) can buy Search Ads. This much-requested improvement makes the Search Ads platform available to thousands more sellers!

4. Real time setup and management. Currently, changes to your ads do not go into effect until the next day. With the holiday rush, every day counts! Also starting next week, setting up and modifying your ads will be almost instantaneous. Once you click “Start Promoting” your ads will be up and running within the hour.

How does this affect current Search Ads?

For sellers who have their Search Ads set to auto-renew, your ads will continue to run until you disable them in the console. For sellers who have ads set to end after a week, ads will still stop on that designated date and you will need to enable them in the console if you choose to run them again. As always, you can stop your Search Ads at any point, and will only be charged for the impressions that were shown.

We’re really excited to offer these improvements and are always looking for new ways to help sellers promote their items. Join the discussion in this forum thread. We hope you’ll try the new Search Ads to kick off the holiday season!