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Take the Lead — Etsy Teams Handbook

Sep 17, 2012

by Morgan Evans handmade and vintage goods

Ever wanted to make a difference in your community but weren’t quite sure where to begin? Well, I’ve got great news. We’ve just put the finishing touches on our first official handbook for leaders of Etsy Teams!

This manual is meant to serve as a guiding light for current or aspiring team captains on Etsy. It’s filled with hands-on tips for running a successful community organization. The content is separated into five chapters with a hearty resources section at the end.

Download the PDF to learn more about the following basic principles:

1. Formulate Team Identity

“The first step is to build up your team’s profile and set the tone for the group. Make sure they align with the team goals while attracting the right applicants.” 

2. Communicate Effectively

“Installing clear and efficient communication structures from day one is invaluable. Creating clear ways to communicate and participate will keep your members informed and interested.”

3. Set Concrete Goals

“Visualize what you want your team to accomplish and then set clear goals to help you all arrive at the finish line together. Be up-front about your objectives and don’t be afraid of failure!”

4. Delegate Tasks

“The power of the team is not simply the sum of each person’s individual skills and efforts but the product, which is multiplied as more engaged members participate and contribute their personal means to the collective end.” 

5. Inspire a Sense of Purpose

“As the captain, one of the most important parts of your job is to maintain longevity of vision. You must remind members where the team is headed and why the need to do their part to achieve overarching goals.” 

The Etsy Teams community is filled with amazing organizations capable of accomplishing anything they put their collective minds to. For some examples, check out the amazing portraits of successful teams spotlighted in our Featured Teams series. The more people take an active role in our community, the bigger and more visible it becomes. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to Take the Lead. The handbook is also available in German and French so spread the word around the world!


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