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Sharing and Selling

Apr 12, 2012

by natalieschwartz handmade and vintage goods

As a seller on Etsy, we know you spend a lot of time figuring out how to bring more people to your shop. Whether it be through a blog, word of mouth, social media or paid advertising, you’re trying to get found by potential buyers. In fact, getting found is such a big deal that we dedicated this year’s entire Etsy Success Symposium to it! (Check out the videos if you missed it.)

Social networks have become an important way to be found by shoppers. Chances are your Shop Stats show that social networks are key in driving traffic to your shop. Though we can’t speak for any one shop in particular, we can say that on the whole, Etsy shops receive nearly as much traffic from social sharing sites as they do from search engines like Google. The visitors who land on Etsy from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest spend millions of dollars per month on Etsy. We’re grateful for all the sharing happening on these sites, as it introduces new people to Etsy shops every day.

We are also mindful of the way Etsy shops are represented on these sites. When an Etsy item is shared externally, we want it to be clear that the item comes from an individual shop, and is available for purchase. At Etsy, we are committed to helping sellers gain exposure and drive sales (Etsy is a marketplace after all!).

Today we’re happy to let you know we’re bringing yet another social sharing site into the mix: Polyvore, the web’s largest fashion community site. Polyvore members can now clip Etsy items using Polyvore’s browser-based Clipper.

On Polyvore, users create sets of product images to express their style. Here’s an example of a set. You can roll over the items within a set to find links back to their original listing pages, along with prices.

Etsy items had been blocked from sharing on Polyvore for some time, until today. We revisited the state of attribution and linking on Polyvore, and have been working with Polyvore to ensure Etsy items are represented effectively. Etsy items shared on Polyvore will now be displayed with a link to the item listing page, along with the shop name and price. All Etsy items shared on Polyvore will become “shoppable products,” with a buy button linking to the listing page. This is good news for Etsy sellers, particularly sellers of wearable goods.

We believe the marketplace gets stronger as links to item listing pages proliferate. And we know that items are listed on Etsy in order to be sold. So we are working with the owners of popular sites around the web to ensure Etsy items are represented effectively, in a way that drives sales for their creators and collectors. For tips on protecting your copyright while optimizing your shop for sharing, see this help article.