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Save Time With Listing Variations

Oct 15, 2012

by Brittany Williams handmade and vintage goods

On Etsy, finding the perfect item that’s just for you can be a tangible reality. Many sellers offer customization options on such lovely wares as stamped jewelry or hand-carved bowls. And while this type of transaction can be touchingly personal, it can also get awfully convoluted, sometimes relying on multiple back-and-forth convos in order to establish the necessary details. In an effort to make sure sellers get the information they need and help interactions between buyers and sellers go off without a hitch, we’re excited to roll out Listing Variations to sellers starting today.

Variations will be available to all Etsy sellers and can be chosen during the listing process. Sellers can add up to two properties for each listing, selecting from suggested properties like “size” and “color,” or entering custom ones that are relevant to their item. Before a buyer can check out, they’ll be required to select an option for each listed property, like size and color on the listing below. Sellers can view buyer’s selections in their transaction emails, Sold Orders and Receipts.  Here’s an example of how variations appear on the listing page:

Size and color variations on an EtsyStore item

Listing Variations will enable sellers to highlight available options and gather requisite details from buyers at the time of purchase, ensuring prompt fulfillment and shipment of orders. This should also reduce the time our sellers spend on administrative tasks, like convos with buyers, and help them focus more energy on creating items and designing new products. As the holidays rapidly approach, we know this is their top priority!

We’ll be ramping up Listing Variations to all sellers over the next few days, so don’t worry if you don’t yet see the ability to add variations when editing your listings.  It should be up and running on your listing pages shortly. Join us in this forum thread with your comments and questions. We wish you happy listing!