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Introducing the Etsy Teams Fellowship Program

Mar 27, 2012

by Cheyne Little handmade and vintage goods

In years past, the Etsy Team Grants were awarded on a monthly basis to provide creative, energetic and dedicated teams with financial assistance. Over time, we’ve watched many teams develop into full-fledged collectives of successful business owners around the world. As they grow, we want to evolve with them and find new ways to support their various needs. Our newly designed Etsy Teams Fellowship Program will do just that.

We designed the Etsy Teams Fellowship Program to provide hands-on support from Etsy staff and experienced community members so teams can cultivate leadership experience and confidently develop projects over time. Each team and project is different and assistance should be as tailored as the beautiful one-of-a-kind items offered on Etsy.

Applications for the program are accepted quarterly to allow a generous period (up to three months) of ongoing communication about each project. Once we review the applications, Etsy staff will help identify how to best support a team and project, if accepted. Perhaps your team can be connected to a helpful resource in your area, or receive coaching to get more member involvement. We can also assist with promoting fundraising efforts, or talk you through the development of a Kickstarter project.

By focusing our efforts and working together, we hope we can get to know teams even better, help them succeed in their group goals, and in turn, help other teams learn from our collective experience.

The new Teams Fellowship Program kicks off this month with the first application deadline of April 8. Applications are reviewed once each quarter so plan ahead! This year’s application deadlines are April 8, June 30, and September 30 — mark your calendars now. Your team may apply once per deadline, though teams are not eligible for more than one fellowship per calendar year.

Each season we review applications and choose to support teams and project plans according to a set of criteria. Here are some of the questions we may ask ourselves when reviewing applications:

  • What is the need? How will this project help these members be successful in their businesses or overarching goals?
  • What is the benefit? Does this project provide something good to the world — whether charitable or bringing people together through creativity? Is there an educational element?
  • Is this an original and eye-catching idea? Will the team have a story to tell to the press?
  • Does the proposed project spread the word about Etsy to a new audience or geographical area?
  • How long has this team been around, how many members does it have and how actively do they participate on Etsy? Are they seriously committed to Etsy and to the project?

To learn more about the program, read the FAQs. If you still have additional questions before you apply, feel free to contact If your team is ready, then the time is now! Fill out the Teams Fellowship application today!


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