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Introducing Etsy’s New Community Manager in Canada

Feb 8, 2012

by Nada Alic handmade and vintage goods

Hi, everyone! Morgan from Seller Marketing here. It’s my pleasure to announce that we have just hired an awesome new Community Manager for Canada. We are so excited to add a new member to our team and begin building up our Etsy Admin presence up north.  So, without further ado, here she is.

Hello, Etsy! My name is Nada and I’m thrilled to be joining the Etsy team. In my role as Community Manager, I will be representing my home and native land — Canada, and working to develop and empower the already vibrant community of Etsians up here. Although we Canadians are typically considered modest and polite, we have a lot to be proud of! And I’m not just talking about Ryan Gosling (but while we’re on the topic…). It’s our vast diversity and landscapes, government-supported artist grants, and flourishing art communities that are really putting Canada on the map. It’s so exciting to see the wealth of Canadian talent being recognized internationally and I feel honored to be a part of this initiative.

A little bit about me: I’m originally from Toronto and began traveling with non-profit organizations after university. I eventually found myself in San Diego working for an organization called Invisible Children. That experience was my first introduction into the power of community. I worked with students and musicians to help mobilize them to make an impact on a global scale. During that time I also started collecting vintage clothes and selling some on Etsy. This was more of an obsession than a hobby! There are a lot of parallels in those communities and I realized it was because people who work together and love what they do tend to succeed. That’s why I champion collaborative work — I think we all benefit through education and awareness, and that’s what Etsy is all about.

As the Etsy community grows internationally, I’m really excited to hear about the tools and resources that my fellow Canadians need. Canada has its own unique culture that needs to be recognized, and I am here to help make that happen. I will be working on providing resources for sellers, like educational workshops and events — in addition to celebrating all the cool things Canadians are already doing. Stay in the loop with everything Etsy Canada via our new Facebook and Twitter and reach me directly here.


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