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Introducing an About Page for Your Shop

Jun 7, 2012

by natalieschwartz handmade and vintage goods

Whether a maker, collector, or shopper, Etsy members value the people and story behind the product. It’s the reason we started our Handmade Portraits video series and why we feature seller interviews.

In a continued effort to give sellers more opportunities to tell their stories, today we’re launching an About page for shops. The About page is a space where shop owners can display information about their business practices, process and members. For shop owners who choose to fill out the page, it can be accessed on the left sidebar of the shop, by clicking “About” under “Shop Info.”

It’s a place to showcase the people behind your shop, and the roles those people play in your business. You can upload pictures of your process, your studio and yourselves. And, of course, you’ll have plenty of space to tell the world how you got started, what inspires you, and what your shop is all about! We hope you’ll find it a useful way to give shoppers more information about your shop and your process.

We gave a few shops a sneak peak and were blown away with the creativity and awesomeness of the pages they created.

Raphaela, a jewelry seller from the UK, uses her About page to showcase tools, materials, and the process behind the creations in her shop, Tzunuum.

We also love how Ben and Kate, the couple behind The Steel Forkpoetically describe the history of their business and the dance between work and life on their farm in rural Pennsylvania.

Need some advice about what to write? Join the conversation with the Etsy Success Team, check out this helpful post on telling your story, or tune into our Online Labs for live programming.