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Home for the Holidays!

Dec 6, 2012

by Morgan Evans handmade and vintage goods

It’s that time of the year when folks travel far and wide to visit loved ones. Home for the Holidays is a program that connects Etsy employees with local sellers at festive meetups in cities all around the world. You may recall last year’s edition that featured events in different corners of the globe, from Macedonia to Minneapolis. This year, our family of Etsy employees grew along with our community. I’m delighted to report that this means we will be hosting meetups in almost twice as many cities this year! Take a look below and RSVP to a Home for the Holidays get-together near you.

Stockholm, Sweden with Mark on December 18 as part of Designmarknad Stockholm, comprised of Etsy sellers.

Hong Kong, China with Premshree on December 20

Lansing, Michigan with Evelyn on December 20

Buffalo, New York with Heather B. on December 21

Nashville, Tennessee with JulieLacy and Martha on December 21

Binghamton, New York with Ashleigh on December 23

Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom with Tim H. on December 23

Baltimore, Maryland with Sara W. and Ami on December 26

Minneapolis, Minnesota with NickeyAmy C.IanMark and Jaime on December 26

Brooklyn, New York with Audrey on December 27

Detroit, Michigan with Vanessa on December 27

Phoenix, Arizona with David on December 27

Cologne, Germany with Christina R. on December 28

Exeter, New Hampshire with Bethany and Morgan on December 28

Austin, Texas with Kim K., Katie Rose and Garann on December 29

Paris, France with Clare on January 2

Tel Aviv, Israel with Fred on January 2

Chicago, Illinois with Sunah on January 3

Singapore, Singapore with Matt on January 4

Kalispell, Montana with Hallie on January 12

Curitiba, Brazil with Any on February 4

Stay tuned to this blog post, as we will be updating the list above with a few more dates and locations as they come. Hope you can make it to one of our parties!


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