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Hello Etsy Conference: Small Business in a Big World

Sep 12, 2012

by Martata handmade and vintage goods

Etsy has become more than a mere marketplace — we are witnessing a revolution in which our community passionately inverts the system to be less about anonymous corporations and more about independent creatives. Last year, we began a new tradition by hosting workshops and lectures on this inspiring subject at the Hello Etsy conference in Berlin, Germany. The turnout was nothing less than extraordinary, a true gathering of ideas on small business and sustainability.

This time around, we’re sparking up the discussion in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, during the internationally-renowned Dutch Design Week. On October 27, we’ll investigate the changing global economy, and will offer valuable insights on how you can not only find financial success, but also reimagine your business as a tool for building a more fulfilling and lasting world.

Join us for talks by such engaging figures as Satish Kumar — former monk and long-term peace and environmental activist; Janine Vangool — publisher/editor/designer of UPPERCASE, the gorgeous quarterly magazine “for the creative and curious”; Piet Hein Eek — esteemed designer whose workshop will graciously host us; Matt Stinchcomb — Etsy’s own VP of Brand & Social Responsibility; and many more. Tickets are now for sale, and we’ll be Livestreaming the event for those who can’t make the journey.

And for those yearning for programming stateside, look forward to Hello Etsy hitting New York City in March 2013!

Will we see you there? Keep up with the anticipation at Hello Etsy on Facebook.


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