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Etsy Gift Cards Are Here!

Oct 16, 2012

by Camilla Velasquez handmade and vintage goods

Back in August we announced that we’d be launching Etsy Gift Cards this fall. Well the day is here, and Etsy Gift Cards are available for purchase! We all have those people on our lists who are seemingly impossible to shop for — and this is the perfect alternative to settling for a generic gift card or the ever-impersonal check. This gift lets your friends or family take the reins and find something they really want! We’re excited to buy these for the Etsy-obsessed people in our lives, and even more excited to buy them for friends who don’t shop on Etsy (yet!). We also look forward to using them to promote Etsy through advertising and partnerships and introduce the world to the magical gift adventure that is Etsy.

So how do I get my hands on them?

Gift cards are purchased online at You can choose to email your gift card to a friend for instant gift-giving, or print one out to give in person.

Gift cards can be purchased by anyone in the US by clicking on “Gift Cards” in the header of Etsy or going to Once you’ve completed a purchase, you’ll get a confirmation email. We have four fun designs to chose from. Whether you want to say “Congrats,” “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Fall” or “You Rock,” an Etsy gift card will do the trick and earn you major brownie points. If you’re longing for a more handmade feel, you may want to print out your gift card and put it inside a handmade card or envelope!

How do I redeem an Etsy gift card?

When someone sends you a gift card, you’ll receive an email telling you the good news. From there, you can simply click on the “Redeem Now” button to add the Etsy gift card balance to your account. If you receive a printed card, you can redeem by going to, and typing in your redemption code. Once you’ve redeemed, you’re done! Your balance stays in your Etsy account and you can apply it when you check out. If you’ve forgotten to redeem, and are ready to start buying, you’ll also have a chance to enter the redemption code during checkout.

To help you find shops that accept Etsy gift cards, we’ve created search filters, and added a gift card icon in key places.

  • Use the “Accepts Etsy Gift Cards” filter when searching or browsing for items. You can find this option in the left navigation under the “Show Only” filters while searching for items on Etsy.
  • Look for the gift card icon in the shop’s “Payment Methods” on a listing page next to the credit card logos. This same icon will appear when you add a listing to your cart, again next to the credit card logos.
  • If you have a gift card balance in your account, you’ll also see the gift card icon appear on all listings while searching or browsing. You’ll also see the same icon again on the listing page, right under the “Add to Cart” button.

How do I accept Etsy Gift Cards in my shop?

You will need to have direct checkout enabled in order to accept gift cards. Why? Since Etsy is issuing and managing the gift cards, they rely on our direct checkout feature, and the security and legal protections we provide through our payments system. To offer a gift card that works across multiple shops, there must be a central checkout flow connecting shops to Etsy, and not to individual PayPal accounts. This ensures that gift card holders have all the legal protections required by each state, and that sellers aren’t personally liable.

If you are a seller already enrolled in direct checkout, you’re all set — there’s nothing additional you need to do to accept Etsy Gift Cards in your shop, and you can process or refund these orders like you would any other direct checkout order. You’ll be able to tell if someone is using an Etsy gift card from your emails and receipts.

If you haven’t signed up for direct checkout, we encourage you to do so. It’s the quick and easy way for shoppers to pay for items with their credit card directly through Etsy, and sellers love providing the option to their customers. Here are some stats that show the positive effects of direct checkout thus far:

  • On average, buyers spend almost $3.00 more on items bought through direct checkout compared with other payment methods.
  • Out of all orders processed through direct checkout, over 40% are repeat direct checkout purchasers. This shows us that once you’ve bought something with DC, you can easily buy more of your favorite items in seconds!
  • For shops with direct checkout, we observed that, when the item added to cart could be paid for with a credit card directly on Etsy, shoppers were 16.3% more likely to complete the checkout process and actually buy.

At this time, direct checkout is only available to US-based sellers. We are working on offering direct checkout for international sellers, and you can expect to hear more about this early next year. If you have any further questions about accepting gift cards in your shop, join the conversation in this forum thread.

Gift Card Giveaway

To celebrate this exciting launch, we’re holding an Etsy Gift Card Giveaway! We think all thoughtful gift-givers should be rewarded, so everyone who buys an Etsy gift card between now and November 14 will be entered to win a $250 gift card! We’ll be drawing four winners a week at random and will email the lucky winners by November 20. Buy a gift card now for a chance to treat yourself or use it to get a head-start on your holiday shopping.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, age 18 or older. Entries must be received between 12:01 a.m. ET on 10/16/12 and 11:59:59 p.m. ET on 11/13/12. Weekly Drawings from entries received Tues-Mon. Complete rules and regulations are here.

We hope you join us in our excitement for the gift cards launch and use them to introduce new friends to Etsy!