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Calling Translators From Around the World

Aug 2, 2012

by AndrewMPeterson handmade and vintage goods

How magical is it when someone from the other side of the world contacts you about your art through Etsy? Or when you discover that one-of-a-kind vintage handbag from an independent collector in Tokyo? These are the constant reminders of Etsy’s global footprint and the innate desire we all have to connect and exchange our creativity and craft. But, while there are Etsians all over the world, one of the limiting factors to being part of the Etsy community has historically been language. That’s all about to change!

Last fall we launched Etsy in German, and in January, we launched in French. We’re thrilled that the German- and French-speaking worlds now have access to Etsy. After expanding to those first two languages in-house, we noticed something awesome happening. Some of you took the matter into your own hands and started translating parts of the site, DIY-style. For example, the Etsy Italia team set up an entire process on their own, translating the Etsy FAQs so that the Italian-speaking community can learn more about how to sell on Etsy.

Etsy Italia DIYing translation.

We were so inspired to see this happening that we decided to build tools to enable you, our community, to do it even more efficiently and effectively. Currently, we have a team of Italian and Spanish speakers from all over the world working with our tools to craft the Etsy marketplace for their communities. We’re excited to now extend these tools to the rest of our community as well.

Have you always dreamed of Etsy in your native language? Are you interested in collaborating with others in your community? If so, please contact us and we’ll get crafting (and translating)!