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An Update on Marketplace Integrity

Feb 6, 2012

by Kruti Patel Goyal handmade and vintage goods

It’s been a while since our last update, and the Marketplace Integrity and Trust & Safety teams (known internally as MITS) have been hard at work on the initiatives we outlined in June. As a reminder, the goals of the MITS teams are to ensure that all of the shops and items listed on Etsy meet our policies and to ensure that buyers and sellers treat one another with respect. I wanted to take a couple moments to fill you in on our progress and let you know how you can continue to help.

First things first, we’ve hired six new people who have already made a tremendous impact. Our incredible engineers have built new tools that enable us to review accounts in question four times faster than before. We’ve continued to invest in technology to automatically identify questionable accounts more quickly and accurately than ever. We are also proactively sweeping the marketplace alongside our members.

We’re really proud of the results we’ve achieved over the last six months. We are identifying two-and-a-half times more questionable accounts through our automated systems, and our team is now reviewing seven times more accounts overall each week. Most importantly, we’re reviewing those accounts and responding to your emails more quickly than ever, with most replies within 24 hours. Some of you have mentioned in the Forums that you’re seeing the impact of these efforts in terms of faster replies to your emails and suspicious shops being reviewed more quickly. Thanks for noticing. We’re grateful to those of you who help us out. Impressively, we have almost 1,300 members from around the world who report shops and listings every week.

If you’re wondering how you can help, it’s easy! First, read through our DOs & DON’Ts. If you see listings that don’t appear to be complying with our rules, just click on the “Report this item to Etsy” link at the bottom of every listing page. This isn’t about being a tattletale, its about maintaining Etsy as the place you know and love.

So what happens when you report an item? Our specially trained team reviews shops and listings and evaluates them based on a detailed set of guidelines. As you might imagine, we can’t go into much detail about this process because we don’t want to give those who are intentionally breaking Etsy’s rules an easier way to get around them. However, our process may include contacting sellers to understand who is involved in their shop and how their items are produced, from raw materials to finished products. Keep in mind that things aren’t always as they appear, which is why every case is reviewed thoroughly so that every member is treated fairly and consistently. Please don’t be discouraged if something you report is not removed from the site or if we contact you to learn more about your shop and products.

Maintaining our standards of handmade and vintage quality is what makes Etsy such an inspiring marketplace. We really appreciate your help to keep it that way!

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