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About Us: The Etsy Video Team

From humble beginnings of wigs and green screens to professional features on The Atlantic and the LA Times, video at Etsy has evolved right along with the community. In a cozy editing cave, Tara Young, Eric Beug, Jeremiah Glazer, and Beth Levison bring the Etsy marketplace to life, producing stunning mini-documentaries that probe into person, process, and place.

Amity Roach

Tara shoots Rob Ryan in London.

Tara reflects, “We’re looking for real stories — that inspire, that educate, that show you something unexpected.” In casting for these pieces, Tara emphasizes that it’s not just a stellar shop that’s going to catch their eye, but really the engaging narrative that bubbles to the surface. She’s hopeful that the new shop About pages will be a rich resource for the team in mining nuggets of backstory.

Eric Beug

Jeremiah runs sound on the move.

Just like the sellers they profile, these filmmakers are replacing the traditional infrastructure of large crews in favor of expressing their singular voices. Jeremiah muses, “Our producers are one-man bands. They’re getting their camera ready, they’re getting the sound ready, and they’re getting the light ready, all by themselves. We’re keeping a very high level of quality while using methods that are much more modern.”

Made by Joel

Eric captures Joel Henriques's bird mobile as a Mother's Day project.

The members of the Etsy community express their commitment to craft in every kiln batch and flea market hunt, and the video team connects to that passionate spirit by pushing themselves to develop sumptuous vignettes of creativity in their series. Beth adds, “Like any creative process, the product is the result of so much work, ingenuity, thoughtfulness, and synchronicity. When you’re buying an item on Etsy, it’s the culmination of all of that. And what we get to do is pull back the layers and show what lies underneath.”

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