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A Multitude of Opportunities With Wholesale

May 1, 2012

by cwilly3 handmade and vintage goods

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Dev Tandon, the latest addition to the Etsy team, and a bona fide wholesale guru. You might already be familiar with Dev, as he is the founder of Trunkt, the popular Etsy API app that has been facilitating wholesale transactions for 7 years. Dev came up with the idea for Trunkt after running a retail boutique with his wife in New York City, and yearning to source even more items from Etsy sellers.

We know many of you are already wholesaling or are actively working towards it. Advice about wholesaling has circulated through the Forums, blog posts, email newsletters, online workshops, and Teams, since the very beginning of the site. In interviews for the Featured Seller and Quit Your Day Job series, sentiments like Christine’s from failjewelry abound: “I am really excited every time a store owner finds me through Etsy and enjoys my pieces enough to contact me about working on a wholesale basis.”

We hear you, and we’re thrilled to begin charting this path together. Our ambition with bringing Dev and Trunkt on board is to make it even easier for Etsy sellers to connect with buyers such as decorators and boutiques. The world cannot get enough of the unique creations and collections on Etsy, and we intend to give sellers the tools they need to bring their business to the next level.

So what happens next? We are not planning any immediate changes to either or Etsy. Dev’s first task is determining how we can best serve the wholesaling needs of our community. In doing so, we hope to give sellers even more opportunities to succeed.

Are you a seller who wholesales or aspires to? Join the conversation with Dev in this forum thread.