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Update to How Listing Views Are Counted (Part II)

Jul 6, 2011

by efixler

Hello Shop Owners!

In some situations, when a search engine (or a 'bot') visits your listing, we count that visit as a view. We are updating how we count listing views to more effectively filter out views that do not represent a person looking at your listing.

When we release these changes, you will likely see your views increase at a slower rate. This doesn't mean that fewer people are viewing your listing. Since we will be filtering out visits generated by automated agents, the view count will now more accurately reflect the number of shoppers viewing your listing.

We briefly rolled out this change last week, and then rolled back the changes when we encountered some technical issues.

We'll be rolling out the changes again shortly, and welcome questions and discussions in the following thread:


* * * * *

Hello all.

We've released the changes to listings view counting described above. Your listing view counts may be lower, but they will certainly be more accurate in representing actual people looking at your listings.