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Things for Which We’re Thankful

Nov 23, 2011

by Juliet Gorman handmade and vintage goods

A wholly unscientific index of the things that inspired Etsy staff in 2011.

#1: An Optimistic Pledge
Randy J. Hunt, creative director

I first became aware of the work of David Barringer when I read his long-form rant and criticism of the graphic design world, An American Mutt Barks in the Yard. Just this week I discovered a surprise: his beautifully crafted poster titled My Pledge. Behind the abstract geometric forms and the glittery blocks of bright color that pull me in, there’s something deeper — David’s non-partisan ethical pledge for upcoming elections. My two favorite items: “I shall not blame my neighbors for the misbehavior of politicians. I shall vote my conscience, not my spite, for the good of the country, not the good of its leaders.” Serious things are happening in the world, we care deeply about them, and yet we must never take ourselves too seriously. A promise, some hard work and a smile will get us there. Our pledge. Thanks, David.

#2: Internet Infatuations
Alison Feldmann, blog editor

Is it odd to be thankful for a content platform? Because I have a pretty deep Internet infatuation with virtual pin-board Pinterest. From pizza sleeping bags to pugs in hats and instructions for baking brownies in an egg shell (!), the discoveries I make on Pinterest push my mouse toward endless scroll. And seeing Etsy through the world’s eyes is always illuminating. How else would I have found this woodchuck in a trapper hat or baby head candy dish? It’s crowd-sourcing at its best. Thank you, Internet! You make life more fun.

#3: Small, Beautiful Stories
Beth Levison, supervising video producer

As a filmmaker, I long held the view that the best stuff out there was in the theaters — big movies, big screens, big stories. But what I’ve come to remember working at Etsy is that the age-old adage, “small is beautiful,” applies to the impossible-to-pin-down and often-surprising short format, too. I am thankful for Vimeo — the incomparable platform for young and veteran filmmakers alike — where I discovered the unforgettable love story, Last Minutes With Oden. I am thankful for my daily dose of the Very Short List, whose editors introduced me to Spike Jonze’s animated gem, Mourir Aupres de Toi. And finally, I am thankful for the filmmakers around the world who have lent their passion, talents, and hard work to Each and every one of you have helped make my job the joy, the challenge, and the exciting endeavor that it has been. Thank you!

#4: Distributed Power
Kellan Elliott-McCrea, chief technology officer

I’m grateful to Dennis Ritchie and John McCarthy for their contributions to our field. For the powerful storytelling empowered by ubiquitous radio-enabled video cameras (a.k.a. smartphones) and civilian UAVs.  And for single malt scotch, without which running an e-commerce site during the holidays would not be possible.

#5: Unexpected Collaborations
Vanessa, director of community and education

Combine creative people with tools, and the sprouts will shoot up all over the place. How wonderful to be thankful for something that sprung up unexpectedly. As if just taking the time to utter an idea brings it to life! Such is the case with The Native American Forum: Walking the Red Road, a group who recently won one of Etsy’s Team Spirit Awards. They met on Etsy and started a seed bank for endangered and hard-to-find native plants. This year I heard urban gardeners share tips on using Kickstarter to raise funds, and artisans at a fair coach each other on using a Square device to accept mobile payments. I met a Canadian artist who lives on $13,000 a year, by bartering and not spending on things that don’t matter. I’ve taken notes on the best way to use Twitter  — not from social media “gurus” but from real people who are hilarious and smart. I’m thankful for the innovation of small business people and their willingness to share.

#6: Relaxed Lawyers
Sarah Feingold, Etsy counsel

I’m thankful that after more than four-and-a-half years at Etsy, I still look forward to coming to work each day. I get to examine fascinating legal issues, I have supportive and intelligent coworkers, and our creative office and adorable office dogs cannot be beat! I’m also thankful for Etsy’s amazing engineers who build tools to make my life easier. Oh, I’m thankful for my family and for candy. Yum, candy.

#7: Change Is in the Air
Matt Stinchcomb, vice president of marketing

We face the triple threat of climate chaos, the collapse of the global financial system and the end of cheap fossil fuels. If we are going to survive, we must, as E.F. Schumacher writes in Small Is Beautiful, “begin to evolve to a new lifestyle, with new methods of production and new patterns of consumption: a lifestyle designed for permanence.” While these are indeed tumultuous times, I am very thankful: that some people around the world are speaking out against systems they feel no longer represent them. That we are becoming more mindful of our impact on the planet and, hopefully taking steps to change. And finally, I am thankful that Etsy gets to play a part in building this new economy. It’s exciting to see lots of small businesses become more relevant than just a few big ones.

#8: Generosity of Spirit
Chad Dickerson, chief executive officer

Being CEO at Etsy allows me to be a very different kind of leader than at your typical company and I have our community to thank for that. When I was preparing to give a talk called “Finding Your Courage,” they encouraged me to speak from my heart. While I was up on stage in Berlin, I could feel the warmth supporting me. Even when there is disagreement within our community about something we are doing at Etsy, I know it comes from a place of passion and commitment to our mutual success. I can’t thank the Etsy community enough for that generosity.

#9: Embracing the Cheese
Ashish Naik, human resources manager

Cheese-factor alert! I’m thankful for the HR team we hired this year and all of the new faces at Etsy. Plus, dogs in the office, and don’t forget the old faces. I’m glad I get to work with such bright, creative people who all come together to make a positive impact for others. See also: win-win scenarios, challenging both sides of your brain, and pasta (to go with this cheese). Also my pregnant wife and the circle of life. And goodnight!

For what are you thankful?


  • ahashim Admin

    ahashim said 8 years ago

    sriracha sauce

  • Bananamoo

    Bananamoo said 8 years ago

    Thank you for posting this..I'm always thankful for my loving husband and little girl. Waking up each day and being able to create something for others to enjoy is always something to be thankful for.

  • samsnatural

    samsnatural said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, Sam, who is working around the clock side by side with me to build a wonderful business we can feel really good about.

  • BizzieLizzie

    BizzieLizzie said 8 years ago

    My family and friends! Being able to work from home and selling on Etsy!

  • papergirlstudios

    papergirlstudios said 8 years ago

    You will never know, but thanks Etsy for being here when I needed you.

  • OnceUponAGem

    OnceUponAGem said 8 years ago

    My never ending supporting family and friends through good times and bad. And for letting me hear the trickle of rain, the voices of loved ones, and the beautiful tones of music. Happy Thanksgiving everyone....

  • AnnaBelleArts

    AnnaBelleArts said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for my family! health and our wood stove when it's cold.... Oh and of course, all you sheep out there, I am so grateful for your wool ;) Thank you Etsy, I am also thankful for having a great place to sell my creations!!

  • peaseblossomstudio

    peaseblossomstudio said 8 years ago

    Turkey and stuffing and pie and... oh yeah, family, friends, and being able to sell my work here. Happy turkey day, everyone!

  • KikiBirdJewelry

    KikiBirdJewelry said 8 years ago

    Thank you for my husband Joe who accepts me for who I am.

  • riskybeads

    riskybeads said 8 years ago

    being able to sell and SHOP online. :)

  • BlackStar

    BlackStar said 8 years ago

    Spending Black Friday far away from the malls! Thanks Etsy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • papercrownLOdown

    papercrownLOdown said 8 years ago

    my tivo, my dog and

  • buffalogirls

    buffalogirls said 8 years ago

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am thankful to my family and to my wonderful friends, to our beautiful flocks, to our trees, pond, pastures ..... Namaste.

  • emilybidwell Admin

    emilybidwell said 8 years ago

    Oysters, music and freedom.

  • oahmed Admin

    oahmed said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for cats and pizza.

  • muka

    muka said 8 years ago

    All the wonderful members from around the globe that make the big world a lot smaller and let's oceans seem like puddles. Oh and oysters too - good one Emily!

  • blugrin

    blugrin said 8 years ago

    Thankful for life and it's surprises! :)

  • MuseSilkPaintings

    MuseSilkPaintings said 8 years ago

    silk, Musies, chocolate, pigs, clouds, creative inspiration, the CCCOE Team and basically for finding Etsy, a great place to sell my pretties and encourage my dream of taking over the world, one scarf at a time. muah ha ha

  • TCaponePhoto

    TCaponePhoto said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for being able to be a part of such talent from all over the world. I'm thankful for my beautiful and supportive friends and family. Most of all, I am thankful for my mother (aka Mama Caponie) who has been my number one fan, pro bono PR agent, & travel buddy who is always there for me. Last but not least, many thanks to Etsy for giving me a platform to start a whole new and fascinating life in my late thirties when I least expected it to happen :) (oh and thanks to Jack the kitten and Charlie the Curmudgeon cat who make every day in the studio entertaining :))

  • vsc83

    vsc83 said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for the opportunity to wake up and do something I love each day, and my loved ones for believing that I can.

  • newhopebeading

    newhopebeading said 8 years ago

    This is sweet. I am thankful for my home, my job (yay etsy shop), my kids and husband. I am especially thankful that my daughter is 2 years seizure free !!!!!!!!

  • brushcreekwoolworks

    brushcreekwoolworks said 8 years ago

    I am thankful that someone at Etsy actually knows correct English and is setting a good example! Thank you for not saying, " Things for Which We are Thankful for." Because ending a sentence in a preposition ( the word " for " ) is incorrect English. However the bad grammar is constantly used by many, especially those in public , thus fostering the continued bad usage. I had a Geology professor while in a university that taught me , that you will get a grade cut , if you use this type of grammar in a written composition. So thank you again for setting a good example.

  • TheWallaroo

    TheWallaroo said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for the smiles, frustrations, satisfaction, confidence, hope, enthusiasm, and inspiration that Etsy has brought to my life in 2010. I'm a much stronger woman and entrepreneur because of you and that's something I'll always keep in my heart. Thank You Etsy team! (Mary, Chappell, Michelle.. you guys rock)

  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie said 8 years ago

    My family. I don't know what I would do without them.

  • TheWallaroo

    TheWallaroo said 8 years ago

    err... meant to say 2011. oh well, and 2010 too I guess. :)

  • happyhound

    happyhound said 8 years ago

    Friends, my loving IG and Etsy- I am thankful for you all! ♥

  • PoconoPrincessJewels

    PoconoPrincessJewels said 8 years ago

    I am thankful to have been blessed with an amazing family . I also am thankful for my wonderful etsy family who are always right there to help with any problems that I need resolved. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • TheHickoryTree

    TheHickoryTree said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for my family, my Mother surviving cancer, finding Etsy at 2:00 am one cold winter morning six years ago and my dogs who make sure I get up at 4:30 am every day to see the deer that are out in their backyard. But most of all I am thankful that every morning I wake up and ask God to watch over all of us and miraculously, He does. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Oh and it is going to be 60 degrees in Michigan on Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful for that too. Whoo Hee!

  • SuzsCountryPrims

    SuzsCountryPrims said 8 years ago

    My daughter, my rescue dogs, my husband...... ~~sometimes in that order, sometimes not~~

  • momsbuttons

    momsbuttons said 8 years ago

    Dogs, working barefoot and cake-ummmm cake : ) All that and being able to make a living at something I love and look forward to every day.

  • tinahdee

    tinahdee said 8 years ago

    Autonomy and opportunity that transcends mere "fairness".

  • HelenesDreams

    HelenesDreams said 8 years ago

    I am so grateful for so many good things. I will say my family of course..and Yes, this sweet place called Etsy that allows me to share my goods with friends from all over the world. We truly live in a amazing times! Cheers...Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

  • VillaCollezione

    VillaCollezione said 8 years ago

    thankful for having freedom of choice...not beholden to anyone or anything! happy thanksgiving all!

  • patspottery

    patspottery said 8 years ago

    I am thankful that LIFE is GOOD!!!

  • onionbagel

    onionbagel said 8 years ago

    Tequila. I'm giving thanks right now :-)

  • thehopetree

    thehopetree said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for the ability to smile and to share it.

  • VeronicaRStudio

    VeronicaRStudio said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for all the good things I have in my life... My kids, my dogs, my family, my ability to do the things I love and try to make a living out of it, and that in spite of it we haven't gone without. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • WaterburyJewels

    WaterburyJewels said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for my family, my job and good health..and mind. I know there are so many that have lost their jobs, home and way of living. So every morning I thank GOD for a new day! and thank etsy for this site.

  • PolClary

    PolClary said 8 years ago

    Lovely! I'm greatful for my husband and kids, who support me and are pretty awesome. For my health, and the fact that I can craft again (I couldn't for a long while because of my hands). I'm thankful for whoever invented chocolate. And I'm thankful for Etsy, which means I have an excuse to sit in my chair all day and knit.

  • jolinne

    jolinne said 8 years ago

    I am so thankful for my family , my friends, my home, my health , my talent and for Etsy! Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  • minipotterybyanita

    minipotterybyanita said 8 years ago

    So grateful to live in a country where ANYthing is possible to allow you to succeed! Whatever ideas, talents, abilities you have, you can take them and use them with free will!... I'm SO thankful that I discovered I had a knack for making things out of clay in 1987! It's the longest I've ever done any one job and the most fun!...GOD BLESS AMERICA!!...

  • Hippiechicjewelz

    Hippiechicjewelz said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for my wonderful family, my amazing ETSY friends that have become like family to me and for waking up each morning! =D

  • DornickDesigns

    DornickDesigns said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for have truly changed my life. I never thought I would be able to make a living doing what I love. And thanks to you, I am doing just that. I quit my day job 5 years ago!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • LittleShopofElleSee

    LittleShopofElleSee said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for family. More so than any other year because this year I gave birth to our first child -- a boy.

  • AnnikaLane

    AnnikaLane said 8 years ago

    bacon. and my family. but mostly bacon.

  • gilstrapdesigns

    gilstrapdesigns said 8 years ago

    I am so greatful and thankful for everything.

  • DixSterling

    DixSterling said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for a lot AND for finding etsy -- and a way to defray at least some of the cost of pursuing my passion!

  • CinfulOldies

    CinfulOldies said 8 years ago

    Good friends, a supportive and wonderful family, that Etsy supports selling the Vintage I love and every bright and gorgeous day.

  • BrandiFitzgerald

    BrandiFitzgerald said 8 years ago

    every experience that I choose to participate in. every interaction I choose to embrace. every action that I choose to take to make my life exactly what I want it to be....and the friends and family who always let me be ME. and bacon!

  • jura24

    jura24 said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful that I have a family and friends who will be with you no matter what, food, books, salvation that Jesus did for me, and everything that happened to me that made me stronger. :)

  • MaidenJane

    MaidenJane said 8 years ago

    I'm so thankful for the creative opportunities I have had since starting an Etsy shop. I have met so many wonderful, inspiring folks here as well as the community on Twitter and Facebook. I feel truly alive when I am creating and I'm grateful to have a forum in which to express that creativity.

  • RiverSongsWhimsy

    RiverSongsWhimsy said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for detours - they let you see something you otherwise might have missed.

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for my family, good health, friends, my home, being free and being on Etsy!!

  • knitsNknickers

    knitsNknickers said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for being able to be apart of such a great group of talent. I am thankful for my family, my beautiful daughter, and supportive husband. I am thankful for my mental health as of late. I am thankful for life, and to be alive, here today.

  • xoxoCrystal Admin

    xoxoCrystal said 8 years ago

    my new husband, my new dog, and our new / old house.

  • Mclovebuddy

    Mclovebuddy said 8 years ago

    mostly everything especially my cat since he's so bossy and i never thought he'd make it when i found him looking like crumbled up little note at a busy intersection.

  • madeinvt802

    madeinvt802 said 8 years ago

    Thankful for lots of things mostly my family and friends. Have to include my crazy dogs too!

  • Art2ArtColorado

    Art2ArtColorado said 8 years ago

    i'm thankful for every day, no matter what the day may bring. life is precious. ;) thank you, Etsy.

  • StudioZola

    StudioZola said 8 years ago

    Thankful for the crescent moon and star overwatching while I created my first Treasury List: "Joy to the Max"... I totally loved creating it. Thanks, Etsy, for making that creative play possible.

  • bymacilynn

    bymacilynn said 8 years ago

    given the opportunity to volunteer and help others

  • cacolorado

    cacolorado said 8 years ago

    my husband, who encourages my weaving, sewing, kumihimo, and other pursuits and really enjoys seeing and promoting what I create!

  • SarahsHammer Admin

    SarahsHammer said 8 years ago

    My niece and nephew, and my mom's cornbread sausage stuffing, my dad's homegrown radishes, my brother's playful spirit. I'm also thankful for the love and support of my friends, I cherish, respect our connections, our past, and our future together.

  • EarthbutterStudio

    EarthbutterStudio said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for my studio space - its tiny but its MY space and it is part of a lively cultural centre. Lots of creativity going on there and the garden is beautiful.

  • RescuedRemnants

    RescuedRemnants said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for wonderful friends!

  • WisnerDesigns

    WisnerDesigns said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for my family and my fabulous fiance. He is the most supportive person I know- He is the one who encouraged me to start up an etsy shop. Thought I am a beginner, every time I work on my shop he always has an encouraging word to share!

  • leslieholz

    leslieholz said 8 years ago

    I am so thankful for my 4 beautiful daughters who are sweet, productive, moral and compassionate members of society. Somewhere along the way I did something right!

  • jennyleefowler

    jennyleefowler said 8 years ago

    Etsy: it's not just stuff. Thanks for this peek into the some of the minds that make this the beautiful place that it is. Grateful for that, too.

  • lesanche

    lesanche said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for all the good things in my life, my wonderful fiance and my job

  • TastefulThings

    TastefulThings said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for the people who believe and support me, even if the rest of the world is against me.

  • shannongentile

    shannongentile said 8 years ago

    a gracious father for the roof over me, my husband and baby Rowen's head. For the people who support all my crazy transitions. That my medication finally is regulated after having my baby in 2009, I even had to take my meds during pregnancy. 10 fingers 10 toes all perfect at the age of 39! yeah me! And last but not least my grandmother who always understands me when she is about to turn 101 December 18. Yee haw! let's all think positive people, out there people will shop again just waiting on their next payday November 30 or December 1.

  • OceanSpiritJewelry

    OceanSpiritJewelry said 8 years ago

    The peace and satisfaction that creativity brings to me. The nature for being so astounding: I just came back from Death Valley National Park: how inspiring!

  • WaterburyJewels

    WaterburyJewels said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for my family and friends

  • plumbing101

    plumbing101 said 8 years ago

    Awesome post.Thanks for sharing.Please be in touch with us.

  • overDAcrib

    overDAcrib said 8 years ago

    Thankful for having freedom from abuse, thankful for courage I never thought I had, thankful for two beautiful children, thankful for the kindness of strangers, thankful for a husband that supports everything I am and need, thankful for god's blessings, thankful for the light of day , thankful for finding forgiveness, thankful for good health, thankful for inspiration and my art, thankful for the music of Trevor Hall, thankful for my mother who always listens and never judges... thankful for Etsy and the friends I've made here :)

  • FineFollyGlassworks

    FineFollyGlassworks said 8 years ago

    .•:*¨*:•.Etsy is something I am thankful for.•:*¨*:•.

  • DarklyngStudios

    DarklyngStudios said 8 years ago

    The great people hat I meet on etsy, as well as for my husband who is a terrific cook and made me a fantastic Thanks giving dinner while I was ill.

  • SandstoneSoapworks

    SandstoneSoapworks said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for my wonderful family and supportive community! There is nothing more important than givng and receiving love!

  • Chocobunz

    Chocobunz said 8 years ago

    Thankful for living the life that I there are many in the world who suffer..

  • thebirdbags

    thebirdbags said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for my family, my friends, new opportunities, good health and love. XO, Sarah

  • Hieroglyphic

    Hieroglyphic said 8 years ago

    I am thankful for my family, my friends.

  • DansMagic

    DansMagic said 8 years ago

    Thankful to be alive and still be with my daughters.

  • diningout

    diningout said 8 years ago

    I am thankful my brother is healing really well from a mild stroke.

  • AbbyIris

    AbbyIris said 8 years ago

    thanks for sharing, I am thankful for having such a lovey daughter....

  • mrslydon

    mrslydon said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for all the time I get to spend with my son.

  • erikareboucas

    erikareboucas said 8 years ago

    family, friends, good books and hot much to be thankful for! Everyday, and every time I see her, I'm thankful for my little girl who took so long to get here. It's amazing how someone so small can make the world seem so much bigger and more wonderful. Thank you for posting this!

  • QueenofWands22

    QueenofWands22 said 8 years ago

    My loving and devoted husband and his support with my business, Ourania Inc.

  • GiordanoJewlryDesign

    GiordanoJewlryDesign said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for the everyday challenges, I'm thankful for every learning experience, I'm thankful for my friends, my family, my dog and my boyfriend, who taught me that a lot of the times you have to work hard to get what you want in life.


    LOVERDOXIE said 8 years ago

    .,I am thankful that I am finally recuperating from a deathly series of illnesses, I had no idea that once you get deathly ill, it's like a domino effect. I'm a young woman I arrived DOA at the hospital in total renal failure from taking an antibiotic. I am still housebound almost a year later, however I found Etsy. I have no local friends so Etsy has been wonderful. I fell so many times, my wonderful husband took family leave. I had fallen face down on the tile, my face looked like something alien. My Dachshunds are also my loves. THANKS BEST ALLISON

  • hobbyzooro

    hobbyzooro said 8 years ago

    I'm thankful for being able to be a part of such talent from all over the world. I'm thankful for my beautiful and supportive friends and family

  • debbiesharpe1

    Debbie from UpcycledSwag said 7 years ago

    thk u soooooooooooo much

  • jennib10

    Jenni B from BInYourBonnet said 7 years ago

    My health, friends and family. My creative spirit, the courage to start a career based from it and a supportive community in which to thrive.

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