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Tech Update: Find Your Friends on Etsy handmade and vintage goods

Did you know that your coworker and sister-in-law are shopping and favoriting just around the corner from your favorite Etsy shop? It’s time to rendezvous!

Find Your Friends is a powerful way to find people you know on Etsy, and invite people you know who aren’t yet on Etsy to join and connect with you.

If you have a Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail or AOL Mail account, you can use Find Your Friends to see who you know on Etsy right now. More services will be supported in the future.

Just choose a service and a pop-up window will open from that service. Sign in to your email account there to connect securely with your service provider and authorize Etsy to view your contacts. Etsy does not see or store your password.

We’ll then fetch your contacts, and show you the people in your email address book who are Etsy members. You can add them to your Etsy circle right from the results page and start following their favorites in your activity feed.

We’ll also help you reach out to people you know who are not yet Etsy members. Inviting friends to join you on Etsy is easy, and when you send friends invitations this way, you will automatically be connected when they join.

Friends you invite to join will see a page like this, with your username, avatar, recent favorite items and recent shop listings.

If your friends sign up, they’ll be connected to you and following your favorites right away. Show them around!

We hope this feature helps you connect with the people you know in a new way.

Answers to frequently asked questions are available here, and you can join the discussion on this feature here.