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Introducing Search Ads on Etsy!

Sep 21, 2011

by natalieschwartz

Several weeks back we launched, and we let you know that we were working on a new way for sellers to promote their listings. This caused a lot of excitement and speculation from shop owners, and after many weeks of hard work and testing, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Search Ads on Etsy!

As our marketplace now has over 10 million items, promoting items is getting harder and harder. With the launch of search relevancy, we have seen a wider variety of shops and items getting shoppers’ attention. But we have also heard from many shop owners asking for new ways to promote themselves. Now with Search Ads, sellers will be able to pay to appear in a highlighted section of search results pages when shoppers perform relevant searches.

Search Ads on Etsy appear based on the search terms (or keywords) that a member types in the search box. When a seller signs up to promote their items with Search Ads, our algorithm suggests keywords based on their tags and titles. Sellers then have the chance to decide on a weekly budget for their ads. It’s that simple, and you can get started for as little as five dollars a week. And best of all, once your Ads start running you can check out up-to-the-hour stats on how they are doing in a new Search Ads module of the Shop Stats page.

Starting today, any seller can sign up to be among the first Search Ads displayed. Search Ads will appear in a highlighted section of search results pages starting next Wednesday, September 28th. There is no preferential treatment for people who sign up first: everyone who signs up before next Tuesday’s launch will have ads displayed on that date. And unlike Showcase, keywords do not sell out.

To help you understand Search Ads, we’ve created a nifty little tutorial, including some videos, that will show you just how to get set up. So without further ado, we invite you to check it out.

Have questions on how to use this feature? Hope on over to the dedicated forum discussion.

[Note: This post was updated to reflect a one day delay in the display of Search Ads on the Etsy search results pages. Ads will now start being displayed on Wednesday September 28th.]