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Recent changes and improvements in Relevancy

May 3, 2011

by hirefrank

Recently, we made a change to our relevancy algorithm to show buyers more of what they are looking for when searching. In doing so, more of a premium was placed on the fit of the item to the query and less on the time it was listed, thus certain search results for popular queries have become less volatile and may appear stale.

After reviewing this change and listening to the feedback in the forums, we are working on some changes to incorporate more freshness into the search results when sorted by relevancy. This change should launch later this week.

We believe relevancy gives buyers the best results based on their query and we're committed to continually improving our relevance algorithm for the betterment of the marketplace.

View our current progress, search for "desk":- Sorted by recency:– Sorted by relevancy:

As always, our community has the option of sorting the results the best way they see fit: by recency, relevancy or price. We respect their decision, which is why we remember their previous selection whenever they return to Etsy.

Thanks for your feedback and if you have any comments or questions, please post them in this thread: