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New faces on the Etsy Forums

Aug 3, 2011


by RobWhite

Hello friends!

You've probably heard by now that we've expanded our Support Team, and you may have seen the job listings on our careers page. We're hiring another wave of folks for Support in fact, so if you're local to Brooklyn or Hudson, NY and the job description sounds like you, join us!

We also had previously posted openings for new Forums Moderators, and I'm proud to introduce Marie (marielizkelly), Lo (papercrownLOdown), Audrey (AudMod), Leslie (l0lin) and Matt Q (mattdaquirk)!

Over the next several weeks, you'll see more and more of them as they post in threads across the Etsy Forums as part of their training, much as you saw Nickey, Any, Meesh, Lisa, Michelle and myself do in years prior.

After everyone is situated, you'll see a little less of the moderators who have been here for a while as some of our roles shift within the team to work on some larger projects, but we'll still be here to work with you!

In the meantime, please join me in welcoming these new faces to the Forums Team!

* * * * *

A big warm welcome to the new folks, we're so happy to have you here!

* * * * *

Yay! Welcome!

* * * * *

<——– still here for you. Also, very stoked for some new compadres. 🙂

* * * * *

Welcome to Etsy, welcome to the team, and welcome to the Forums! We're thrilled to have you!