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Listing Process Change

Jan 25, 2011

by morria

We've released a change to the listing process to a small number of sellers. With the change, you may see a new category selection tool while tagging your listings. Our purpose is to improve search and browsing accuracy by guiding sellers to choose a subcategory and a sub-subcategory.

If you need help with choosing good, targeted tags for your listings, please see these articles for ideas. You may use any words that accurately describe your item:

Please let us know if you have any comments.

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See for a discussion of the change.

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Q: Are the firm subcategories only going to apply to listings going forward? Or will existing listings be assigned to firm subcategories based on the existing first three tags?

A: It will look at the first 3 tags to fill the sub and sub-subcategory spots.

Q: How will I know if I have the new listing process test?

A: Please see a screenshot here for what it looks like:

You'll pick your category as per normal, then add a subcategory. If there are sub-subcategories for your item, you'll be prompted to pick that as well.

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Question: What if your category doesn't currently exist? Say for example "Gemstones." This category doesn't exist outside of the "Bead" category and I am not selling beads, but loose stones. Will there be a re-vamp of the categories planned as well? Thanks.

A: Great question! Please email us at community [!at] with any sub & subsubcategory suggestions.

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The change has been rolled out to all sellers. You can see updated help information at


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Whoop, you may encounter problems with the link immediately above.

While I'm generally fan of putting a period at the end of a sentence, this link should work better:

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In response to feedback we've received, we've made some changes to the interface for selecting a category and tags for a listing. This update should make it easier to see how many tags are available while creating or editing a listing. This change is now live for all sellers. Take a look.