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Learning From Our Features

Oct 14, 2011

by hirefrank handmade and vintage goods

Etsy’s culture is one of innovation. We’re constantly developing, testing, experimenting and launching new tools to improve the marketplace. Sometimes small changes to functionality can lead to big improvements in member experience, and that is why we continue to foster a culture that encourages launching and iterating. This process is not dissimilar to the creative process that many of you probably take on while making things — trial and error is part of the process, and a crucial one at that.

Our culture is also heavy on metrics and evaluation. Before making changes, we ask ourselves questions like, how will our members react? Will members adopt this feature? Will they find it helpful? Will it lead sellers to more sales? These are just some of the questions that we ask when evaluating the changes we make the to site. With that in mind, today we are announcing a list of features that we’ve decided to shut down.

These features have allowed us to learn more about how people use Etsy. We have decided that they don’t make sense to continue supporting right now, but they may very well be incorporated to new features coming out in the future, or folded into an existing one.

Beginning today, we’ll be turning off the features listed below:

  • Suggested Shops: Suggested Shops is a feature we launched in a member’s Favorites to discover other shops. Personalization and recommendations are important to the Etsy experience and they will continue on other parts of the site. (The getRecommendListings API method will also be deprecated.)
  • “You Might Like” Home Page Module: This personalized module suggested items based on your behavior on Etsy.
  • Explorer: We launched Explorer as an experimental search experience. As we improve search, we will take our findings from this experiment into consideration.

We are also continuing to scale back on the Flash features on Etsy by removing the Recently Listed Items page, as well as Pounce and the Time Machine in the coming days.

By focusing our efforts around our most successful features, we are able to simplify our overall user experience while having the biggest impact on our community. As always, we have the health and success of the entire marketplace in mind when making these decisions.