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Improved communication about Local Search

Jul 1, 2011

by hirefrank

Moments ago, we updated the “Your Public Profile” page ( to better communicate to shop-owners if their shop is available in local search results.

If you visit your profile page and your shop is not available in local search results, a yellow warning message appears above the location field encouraging you to update your location. If you do not see a yellow warning above the location field, your shop is already available in local results.

You’ll also see a dismissible notification at the top of the “Currently for Sale” page ( in your account if your shop is not appearing in local search results.

As always, you will need to choose a location from the suggestions that appear below the location field when you type to be included in local search results.

Adding your location is optional, but keep in mind that shoppers like to know where an item will ship from. Choosing a suggested location also increases your shop’s visibility when shoppers restrict their search to a location.

Comments or questions? Please post them in this thread:

Thanks,Frank, Gio, Magera & The Search Team

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Thanks for all of your feedback on our recent launch. I’ve started reaching out to most of you directly to address your concerns but I also wanted to take the opportunity to respond in the thread.

1. Location suggestions not appearing – To help in selecting your location, we make suggestions as soon as you start typing.


Despite testing this feature across all major browsers, there appear to be some instances with Firefox and a combination of installed Firefox extensions that prevent the suggestions from appearing. If you are using Firefox and are unable to see suggestions as illustrated in the link above, try disabling all extensions or use another browser. If this works, feel free to convo me directly with the extensions you were using in Firefox so we can test for this in the future and attempt to resolve the conflict.

2. Instructions were not clear – We’ve made the instructions clearer below the location field: “Start typing and choose from a suggested city to help others find you.” Previously it was not clear if you had to type to see suggestions.

3. Inconsistencies with how states, regions, provinces and countries were displayed – We now display exactly what you type on your profile on all listing and shop pages. No longer are states in UPPERCASE nor are provinces and regions omitted. What you type is what you and others see.

4. I’ve updated my location but I am still not found in local search. – Changes may take up to an hour before they are reflected in search. Over the weekend, we found a bug that prevented a small number of sellers from being updated in a timely manner. This bug only affected items being included in local search — regular search was not affected. We are currently working on resolving this issue and all updates should be reflected in the local search by tomorrow, if not earlier.

5. How do I use local search? – Local search is accessible by shoppers in 3 different ways (a) from the “Shop Local” link in the left column of the front page below categories, (b) using the “Local Items” filter above the price filter in the left column of the search results page and (c) using the “Local Shops” filter in the left column on the shops search results page. In all of these instances, a shopper may type in a zip code or location to view results.

6. Why is Etsy working on local search? – Shoppers may choose to shop locally given a strict timeline, difficult/expensive shipping costs or other reasons. Having a local refinement in Etsy search allows potential shoppers to consider our sellers’ shops rather than purchase their item elsewhere outside of Etsy. That being said, local searches are still in the minority of all searches on Etsy.

7. My town isn’t listed. – We are looking into ways to include more areas and search the neighboring areas a shopper requests. Unfortunately, I do not have a timetable for when you could expect this — but it is on our radar.

8. Why is this better than Shop Local? – Local search originally launched in November 2010. It recently replaced Shop Local because it improved the overall shopping experience. Shop Local’s location search was not very accurate nor was it integrated into the existing search experience and was not very discoverable. Etsy search results pages are by far one of the most visited parts of the site. Thus, integrating local refinements within Etsy search increases visibility and usage.

Comments or questions? Please post them in this thread:

Thanks,Frank, Gio, Magera & The Search Team