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How do people find your listings?

Mar 12, 2011

by Rokali

We've started working on seller analytics, and hope to release something by the end of this year. It's a big, important project.

Understanding where traffic comes from is vital to running a shop, and while we currently support Google Analytics for your shop, sometimes it can be tricky to understand.

We also want to let you compare your own shop's referrer distribution to what we're seeing across the entire site.

On this note, here's some data on how people arrive at listing pages on Etsy.

30% — from a shop's homepage30% — from another listing page22% — from search results9% — from outside of (external referrer)5% — other pages on Etsy (Treasury lists, activity feed, blog posts, etc.)4% — from a category page

Insights from this data:

Browsing by category is remarkably unpopular, and has been decreasing in popularity for a couple years now. The balance has been picked up by search, which is increasingly popular.

New features like the Treasury and activity feed are growing in popularity.

Shoppers like to browse from one item to another (via the "More items from this shop" carousel in the sidebar of every listing page).

There's a lot more data worth looking at:

– Keywords used to find your items, in Etsy's own search and from external search engines.- Referrals to other pages, especially the shop homepage.- What actions people perform on listing pages.- More, more more.

This is just a start. It's interesting data, so I figured I'd share it.

One more note: we're revamping the listing process, and a key part of this is getting better (more structured) data about items. For example: what size is it? who is it for? what colors? what style? We will then use this data to improve search.

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  • eisenb

    Bill Eisenhauer from CraftyBrand said 6 years ago

    Would you consider posting an update now that its been over two years. It'd be interesting to see an update of the trends.

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