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Google Product Search Syndication: Updated

Jun 27, 2011

by sean11

Hi all,

Etsy has migrated to Google's new Content API for Shopping.

Shop owners with access to Google Product Search Syndication will continue to have their item listings submitted to Google Product Search. There will be no interruption in service and no action is required.

So what's changed?

We've added support for the Google Product Search shipping attribute. On Google Product Search today, this largely comes into play when you offer free shipping on an item by entering $0.00 for shipping costs — shoppers can filter Google Product Search results for items that offer free shipping.

Other than that, the only difference is a higher quality of service. Item listing updates from participating shops are appearing on Google Product Search faster than ever.

What is Google Product Search Syndication?

Etsy is a Google Product Search Marketplace Partner. Items from participating Etsy shops are automatically submitted to Google Product Search.

Why isn't my shop syndicated?

We are working with Google to synchronize the Etsy marketplace with Google Product Search. Google Product Search is not yet able to accommodate the entire Etsy marketplace. As Google's capacity for Marketplace Partners is increased, more Etsy shops are given access to this feature. We would happily syndicate every Etsy shop immediately if we could!

We expect to be able to support updates from more shops soon. When more shops are supported, no action will be required from the owners of those shops — all shop items will be automatically submitted to Google Product Search. We would ultimately like to support updates from every Etsy shop, and submit every item listing that appears on Etsy to Google Product Search.

Note that Google Product Search ( is separate from Google search ( Google Product Search Syndication does not directly impact your shop's performance on Google search.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Google Product Search Syndication are available here:

Questions are welcome in this discussion thread:

Thanks,Sean (sean11) & Dannel (DeMarko)

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Hi all,

Many more shops are being added to Google Product Search Syndication now.

And now when shops are syndicated, *all* shop listings are submitted to Google Product Search. In the past, only new listings were submitted, but this is no longer the case. No action is needed if you notice your shop has just been added (you'll see a link called Syndication under 'Promote' in Your Account).

Thanks,Sean (sean11) & Dannel (DeMarko)