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Google Product Search Syndication: Shops Added Daily

Sep 7, 2011

by sean11

Hi all,

Many shops have received access to Etsy’s Google Product Search Syndication feature over the last few months, and updates from syndicated shops are appearing on Google Product Search faster than ever. Google Product Search is one of Etsy’s fastest growing sources of traffic, and we expect this trend to continue into the holiday season.

Qualifying shops are syndicated automatically. To qualify, shops need to be in good standing (no open non-delivery cases, no outstanding balance), make a small number of sales, and receive positive feedback from customers.

If your shop meets this criteria and is not yet syndicated, you may find your shop syndicated after your next sale!

Our goal is to get the inventory of as many active Etsy shops as possible available for discovery by shoppers using Google Product Search. Space for Etsy shops is limited.

Answers to frequently asked questions are available below, and further questions are always welcome in Site Help.

What is Google Product Search Syndication?

How can I ensure my Etsy items appear on Google Product Search?

Which Google Product Search attributes does Etsy support?

Here’s to a great holiday season!

Sean (sean11) & Dannel (DeMarko)