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Forum Enhancements

Feb 1, 2011

by ndisanto

Hi all,

This has been a big month of change for the Etsy Forums as we know them, and I'm happy to announce a few more. We've made enhancements to the forums to improve navigation, integrate forum discussions with team discussions, and help expose the answers to your questions more effectively.

What have we changed?

1) Updated Design.

We started by widening the forum pages to match the format found throughout This enabled us to improve the reading experience while adding some useful tools in the sidebars. When looking at a list of threads, the author's avatar, and the most recent contributor's avatar are displayed. Also, clicking the date of the latest post brings you to the last page of the thread. When looking at posts, the date is now a link which navigates you directly to the post, which you may find useful for sharing.

2) Thread Summary.

Often forum threads can grow very large. Moderators can now highlight the most interesting posts in a thread (Admin in the general forums and also team leaders in Team discussions). The original post, and all highlighted posts appear in a summary section at the top of each page. This is the first thing you will see on page one, and it can be exposed on subsequent pages by clicking "show thread summary" at the top of the page. This new feature allows readers to quickly understand the most relevant points within a thread, without having to read though pages of material.

3) Thread Marking.

When viewing threads you will now see a 'Mark' button in the right column. Clicking this adds the thread to your custom list of "Marked Threads". You'll find all your marked threads in a tab on the 'My Threads' page. You can also view the threads you've posted in here just as before.

4) Integration with teams.

It is now easy to keep up with all of your team discussion at We've enhanced this page to display the five most recent threads for each of your teams. We've also introduced shared navigation on the forums and teams landing pages.

5) Keep track of what you've read.

Unread thread titles now appear bold. After viewing the bold vanishes. Now at a glance you can identify which threads you have yet to view. In addition, clicking the title of a thread now brings you to the last page you were viewing (instead of always page 1).

6) Edit typos.

After posting you will be redirected to your new post, giving you the opportunity to review your contribution. For a few minutes, you will have the ability to edit your post and correct any mistakes. You will also notice a button above your new post, this returns you to the page you were previously viewing (if you are still on the same page we omit this button).

These are smaller changes in the larger migration of forum discussions to teams. Look for more changes over the next couple days as we complete the migration.

Thanks to everyone for your patience through this turbulent time for the Etsy forums. We hope these tools will be welcomed changes to how you communicate and navigate the Etsy community.



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Hi Everyone,

We just switched the behavior of thread tracking.Previously, unread threads were bold; now the threads which you have recently read will appear bold. We think this makes more sense because these are the threads you are most interested in, and therefore we'd like to bring them to your attention with the bold font. Remember that these bold items also have special behavior. When clicked they direct you to the most recent page that you have read.

We appreciate all your existing feedback and are working to continue improving your experience. Keep us informed at the link above.

Thank you,