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Farewell to (some) Flash

Feb 1, 2011

by AndrewMPeterson

Hi all,

We wanted to update you on a few site changes taking place today.

What's happening?

The following applications will be retired from the site: Time Machine v.1, Editors' Picks, Colors v.2, Connections, Birthdays, Voter, Tag Fractals, Poster Lookup, Poster Sketch, Workshop, and Recent Custom Creations.


These features will be coming down today.


We've been improving the technology platforms we use on Part of these improvements include moving away from supporting Flash code on the site. Flash applications prove difficult in many ways, including that they are slow to load and use a lot of computing resources. These specific applications get very little use, and often have alternative features that can be used in their place.

Does this mean we'll be taking all Flash apps off the site?

We have many Flash products; not all of them are coming off the site today. Other features on the site that are currently in Flash will be moved out of Flash in the future, but we don't have a timeline yet. We will create non-Flash alternatives for the popular Flash features.

I miss the Flash applications. What are the alternatives?

Here are a few of the alternatives to Flash features we're retiring today:

* Time Machine v.1 –> We still have the newer Time Machine v2:

* Colors v.2 –> We still have Colors v.1:

* Tag Fractals –> Check out the Explorer tool:

* Poster Sketch –> Use a private Treasury to build your newest creation: Then when you're ready to publish, copy all the items over to a new Treasury list just like you used to do with Poster Sketch.

Please leave questions or comments in this thread:

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Hi everyone!

If you were working on a Treasury in Poster Sketch and would like to find the items again, this *might* work, at least for a little while:

This is a cached version of the page from Google. You can gather these items and then use them to create your new Treasury!