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Oct 24, 2011

by hirefrank handmade and vintage goods

We’ve been posting a bunch about our launch and development process at Etsy. Inevitably, just like the creative process, it involves some trial and error and experimentation.  We’ve just made it easier for you to kick the tires on new features we are working on in Etsy Prototypes. You can now opt in to join prototypes, altering your Etsy experience and giving us valuable feedback in the process. Prototypes are different from experiments, as you have to opt in to join Prototypes, while experiments are temporary changes to your experience that are not pre-announced.

Prototypes are projects that explore different ways of using Etsy. Each prototype is released with the goal of gathering data and observing how people use them. Given their exploratory nature, these projects may come and go at any time, and they may not always work as expected.

Today we are happy to announce two inaugural prototypes:

HTML5 Color Browser: Use a non-Flash version of the Color Browser.

Seller Opportunity Tools: Find new opportunities in Etsy’s marketplace. This tool helps you make informed decisions about where to focus your creativity. You can look at the popular searches that currently are underserved in the marketplace, or compare potential ideas for your next project.

View now to join either of these prototypes:

We are excited to bring some Etsy members into our development process and to get your feedback, we hope you enjoy testing out these features as much as we enjoy building them!

To check out the full set of Q&As about Prototypes, and to add your feedback and questions, join this forum thread.