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Every Friend Deserves the Perfect Gift

Nov 4, 2011

by natalieschwartz handmade and vintage goods

As the gift-giving season approaches, more shoppers head to Etsy in hopes of inspiration with a bow on top. And though handmade and one-of-a-kind gifts always get extra kudos, picking out something special for each person on your list can be an exhausting process. Luckily you can take advantage of the over-sharing tendencies of your friends on Facebook and find smart gift ideas right here on Etsy. We launched this feature last year, and so many of you found it helpful that we’ve continued to fine tune our suggestions and will be promoting it on the site as a helpful way to start (and hopefully complete!) your gift hunting.

How does it work? All you have to do is go to If you’ve already connected your Facebook account to Etsy, you will see suggestions for some of your friends right away. If not, simply click the Get Gift Recommendations button. Gift recommendations are based on your friends’ interests and info in their Facebook profiles they’ve shared with you.

Not to worry, we know that gift hunting is a stealth activity, so we will not publish anything to Facebook unless you tell us to. Your friends will have no idea that you are finding gifts for them.

Happy gift hunting!