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Etsy Statistics: September 2011 Weather Report

Oct 17, 2011

by sinoheterrero handmade and vintage goods

September has one less day than August, but that didn’t stop Etsy from having another record month. Here is the full set of numbers.

The stats:

    • $46.4 million of goods were sold by our community in September, 1.3% higher than August’s $45.8 million.
    • That represents 2,310,987 items sold for the month, 1.9% higher than August’s 2,268,820.
    • 2,008,433 new items were listed in the month, 1.4% higher than August’s 1,981,093.
    • 480,027 new members joined the Etsy community in the month, down 396, or 0.1%, from August.
    • 1.14 billion page views were recorded on the site in September.

The $46.4 million of goods sold by the community represents a 75% increase from September 2010’s total. At the same time, items sold were up 45%.

Curious about how other months compare? Check out our past Weather Reports for more statistics.


  • PoochyCouture

    PoochyCouture said 5 years ago

    Should be interesting to see what October brings!!! Sales have been WAYYYY down for me this month, as well as shop views...Statistics are nice, but sales are what count, and I'd love to know why the sudden downturn.

  • TheSewingGin

    TheSewingGin said 5 years ago

    WOW! 1.14 billion page views. Unbelieveable.

  • bythewayside

    bythewayside said 5 years ago

    Great stats for etsy! I wish the 75% increase had applied to my shop, LOL!

  • MiShelli

    MiShelli said 5 years ago

    I often wonder how much of the stats are other artists looking at what their competition is doing.

  • ingermaaike

    ingermaaike said 5 years ago

    These stats look nice with them big numbers and all but still I hear mostly of sales going down, not up...

  • PaperAffection

    PaperAffection said 5 years ago

    Those are some crazy big numbers. Would it be possible to give us averages? I.e. $ sold divided by the number of shops that listed in that month?

  • allisonmooney

    allisonmooney said 5 years ago

    That is pretty incredible. I can't believe the amount of new members each month!

  • persnicketypelican

    persnicketypelican said 5 years ago

    Hard to believe these stats after reading so many comments in the forums. Not many happy campers out there. We are lucky in that we have had some great repeat customers, and for some odd reason have been featured in a few of Etsy's emails. Don't get the regular views and sales we used to . The whole feel of Etsy has changed. All that bad karma out there doesn't give one the warm feeling you used to get from being on Etsy.

  • Lisolabella

    Lisolabella said 5 years ago

    Hopefully it will be a good holiday season.

  • BabbidgePatch

    BabbidgePatch said 5 years ago

    These are great September stats! Lot's of great items to be purchased and coming into the holiday rush - good luck, Etsians!

  • jacarandadesigns

    jacarandadesigns said 5 years ago

    Wow, those are some great numbers - sounds promising for the holiday season. keeping my fingers crossed

  • EvesLittleEarthlings

    EvesLittleEarthlings said 5 years ago

    Amazing stats. My own shop has been slower the last couple of months, but I am hoping things pick up for the holidays.

  • GwenDelicious

    GwenDelicious said 5 years ago

    Thanks so much!! Lets keep the trend going!

  • Anteeka

    Anteeka said 5 years ago

    Great news for every one in Etsy! September was great for me too. I am worried about October though. Things are really sloooooow.. maybe it's the economy?

  • mayapar

    mayapar said 5 years ago

    Congrats!! It's great for all of us!! :)

  • HairbowSuppliesEtc

    HairbowSuppliesEtc said 5 years ago

    Love it! Let's keep breaking those records!!!

  • bittyclippies

    bittyclippies said 5 years ago

    Seems slow in my shop.....

  • MaggiePainting

    MaggiePainting said 5 years ago

    Slow here, numbers for etsy amazing.

  • natskreations

    natskreations said 5 years ago

    Very slow here also :( sales and views way down from last year. I'm hanging in there hoping that November is better!

  • anneshirleycreates

    anneshirleycreates said 5 years ago

    I am happy to hear Etsy is doing so well. Would it be possible to tell us which sections of which shops are thriving? My shop is selling smaller items mostly. I'm grateful to my customers and Etsy for helping me keep the faith. Anne

  • xZOUix

    xZOUix said 5 years ago


  • Steinvika

    Steinvika said 5 years ago

    My sales are up year over year but a screeching slow down since August 5th. I was having 1000 views per day. Now i am lucky to get 250. I really hope this turns around.

  • JewelryElements

    JewelryElements said 5 years ago

    My sales decreased about the time Etsy decided to "improve" their search relevancy. Before that I had tons of views and was selling like crazy. Could just be a coincidence, but I don't think so. I can barely find my new listings now on the search pages!

  • lightinawormhole

    lightinawormhole said 5 years ago

    My views and sales are down too. Sales the past month waaay down. The ads I'm paying for have not helped. Have changed key words to comply. When I type in certain key words, the same broad "diversity" and "variety" of stuff keeps coming up. So much for giving customers the 'variety' they wanted? A lot of quality and creativity seems to have been lost with the new SEO equations? Apologies for the grumble....hope it sorts out and all of us feel we're on track to real improvement. It would be interesting to know WHAT people are buying. The improved stats may be reflect higher or new demand in selected areas. Anyone know?

  • JewellerybykateAus

    JewellerybykateAus said 5 years ago

    Having joined in September and not yet made a sale I can't say the above is filling me with confidence.... Paying for ads doesn't seem to have made much difference. It's a great pity to read that the good feelings people used to have from being a member of the Etsy community are dimming. Still, I'm learning more and more each day so fingers crossed things will pick up for everyone.

  • lindapaloma

    lindapaloma said 5 years ago

    My sales and views are so far down I put my shop on vacation until after the holidays. Don't know whether or not I'll be back. I just don't understand how the site can be doing so well when the sellers are not doing well at all. It's a mystery to me. Another mystery that's beyond me, much like relevancy and keyword ads. I'm back to selling on the one site that works for it's sellers, rather than against them.

  • AnneMooreJewelry

    AnneMooreJewelry said 5 years ago

    After a record August and September for me, October has been unbelievably slow. I'm really trying to understand what has changed.

  • LoveFromCapeCod

    LoveFromCapeCod said 5 years ago

    I am encouraged by this news, especially since I am a new etsy shop owner, opening my shop in September (and then traveling out of the country with my shop on 'vacation' for almost three weeks....which certainly has not given me a fair 'reading' on views or sales... :) Using the power of positive thinking I am going to hold GOOD thoughts that this is a good indication of things about to unfold for the etsy community.~

  • shinysheepdesigns

    shinysheepdesigns said 5 years ago

    My shop has only been active for about 9 months (joined last October, but didn't add inventory until this February, but the last couple months have been my most active. I realize a lot of that is the daily attention I've been giving it, but Etsy has been very supportive in providing a solid system on which my shop can build. Views improve daily, circles and favorites continue to grow, and sales follow right along! Here's to a grand holiday season!! Thank you, Etsy!!

  • Gustys

    Gustys said 5 years ago

    I too have seen a downturn in my sales since search was changed. It's great that Etsy is doing so well, but that apparently isn't true of all shops. Good luck to all, Gustys

  • StoneznStix

    StoneznStix said 5 years ago

    Surprised to hear as my sales were way down from July and August. I won't even mention October :(

  • NaturalGorgeous

    NaturalGorgeous said 5 years ago

    I was on an upward trajectory from when I opened shop in March through mid-August... then I flatlined. September and October have been horrible for me. I've tried Facebook, a blog, external advertising on blogs, showcases, search ads, making treasuries, circles.... my listings are search engine optimized and targeted for relevancy, and my shop is syndicated... but my sales are dead.

  • sosaecaetano

    sosaecaetano said 5 years ago

    I'm sure a lot of those 1.14 billion views were from web-bots.

  • ShoedawgzK9Apparel

    ShoedawgzK9Apparel said 5 years ago

    My sales (altho' still small) went up in the past 6 weeks. I hope they continue!

  • TanjaDesign

    TanjaDesign said 5 years ago

    Stats are like a bikini. Shows everything except for what you want to see.

  • pixiebell

    pixiebell said 5 years ago

    Etay stopped counting web bots earlier this year ..hence no fake views when you post something on twitter anymore.

  • Lilpunky

    Lilpunky said 5 years ago

    I agree with all the others. I was to the point of pulling my hair out(in a good way), trying to fill orders in a timely fashion. Then once the search engine changed my sales dropped by at least 75%!! It has still continue to be slow ever since? I'm glad some shops are deffinately doing well. I feel like I'm wasting money renewing listings to be seen, when the overall traffic seems to be down....thank godness for return customers! From the people I have talked to, the site seems to be very confusing to new users. I have also talked to many people who ave never even heard of Etsy. This site is terrific and has everything you could ever hope to find on it....why is it not as well known as EBay? Maybe there needs to be more advertising? I just hope the holidays pick up since I have invested in tons much stock to make my items before sales dropped:(. I have my face book page, run sales, and bought search word adds(no help there either). If the numbers are so great, then why is the traffic down for so many?? Sorry to complain so much....just frustrated.

  • Lilpunky

    Lilpunky said 5 years ago

    Sorry for all the spelling issues and such...I'm on my iPad, and it takes control when you type fast:))

  • apaperaffaire

    apaperaffaire said 5 years ago

    Wow! That is amazing! I had no idea there was that much traffic on here! And what a huge increase since last September.

  • onlybiju

    onlybiju said 5 years ago

    Well, October is still running. I hope it would be better than September for me. Thank you Etsy!

  • somethingxtraspecial

    somethingxtraspecial said 5 years ago

    I suppose with all the changes people will look around trying to check out what is happening, that doesn't necessarily mean 'good views', but sites like clicks so I expect the trend for change will continue as it transpires to increase clicks, which is in turn is money for the site (though the general consensus I see doesn't seem to be translating into money in peoples pockets.My stats on my shop are about 40% down on same period as last year, which taking into account the fact I have treble (or quadruple) the amount of items in my shops doesn't seem right.

  • StefenyStanyer

    StefenyStanyer said 5 years ago

    HELLO ETSY.... Sales are down down down..... =( Can't wait to see your October stats, numbers won't lie.

  • theobservant

    theobservant said 5 years ago

    Have to agree with a lot of the comments here that the hits have decreased SIGNIFICANTLY. And it happened after Etsy changed it search method. Would be great if Etsy could look into what's going on b/c clearly alot of people are having trouble with this.

  • StefenyStanyer

    StefenyStanyer said 5 years ago

    Yes, absolutely, the search change really affected a lot of sellers negatively! And that's a really really REALLY unfortunate thing right before the holiday season, our bread and butter time of year =(

  • TheSavvyShopper1

    TheSavvyShopper1 said 5 years ago

    The last time they did some "tweaking", my sales and views went up nicely. This time I noticed everything practically dropped off a cliff, few views and sales have just STOPPED. I didn't know about the new ad thing at the time but I tried it last week with no difference. Whatever they did had some bad effects and I hope they keeping making adjustments to get rid of this kink...I had to break down and put some stuff on Ebay just for more exposure. I HATE Ebay! It seems strange views changed so much right when they are trying to get you to pay for these new ads they've come out with...timing seems suspicious.... ! :/

  • oceansbounty

    oceansbounty said 5 years ago

    My sales have also gone down considerably since the changes at Etsy. I understand that relevance is important, but when there are 14,000+ other members selling items with the same primary key words ("sea glass"), the chances of being featured on the first page of search results using these key words are very slim, no matter how carefully I adhere to the guidelines for tagging items for best exposure. At least, when "recently added" was the default, my shop was guaranteed exposure on the first page of search results at least for a few minutes, and if my newly added item sparked interest, it would lead to shoppers checking out my shop and my other items. I added two new items in the past two days that in the past, before the changes, would have led to many views. The total views for these two items is now 1. This is very discouraging and very disheartening, as my motivation for creating new items wanes when some of my best items are not even being seen, let alone sold.

  • AquaTinyDancer

    AquaTinyDancer said 5 years ago

    Yes, this aquatinydancer is feeling really blue after reading etsy's numbers and comparing them to sad.....

  • BaubleBinBeads

    BaubleBinBeads said 5 years ago

    I am one of the new August shops and delighted with sale results compared to how I was doing on other venues. I'm so pleased to have made the move and find the site easy to navigate and admin has been very helpful and responsive. I'm very grateful to be here.

  • HeyHarriet

    HeyHarriet said 5 years ago

    This is interesting when comparing to the August weather report because it appears that the overall percentages are lower than last month. I would have thought the percentages would have increased significantly due to moving closer to the holiday season but they've actually decreased. So this report looks great initially, but not so positive compared to last month taking into account the percentage drops. Or am I reading it wrong? I'm not very mathematically minded ;) Still, they certainly are very impressive numbers!

  • caramia

    caramia said 5 years ago

    I opened my shop in May 2011 and started to get fairly decent sales. But I haven't had 1 order since the end of Sept! And this is supposed to be the holiday "rush". What has happened? I seemed to have flatlined and I keep adding more inexpensive stuff. It seems to be since the big "change". I even paid $40 to learn more about exposure and it was like reading Latin for me. A waste of $40 in my book. I am heartened to hear so many others are experiencing the same frustration, as I thought I was doing something wrong. I have been changing tags, re listing, re titeling re describing and all to no avail. I am hoping for family and friends to but something during this "rush" to keep me afloat. Can something be done? With so many sellers disappointed in sales.

  • accessyourcouture

    accessyourcouture said 5 years ago

    My shop is new and I have only gotten 7 views and no sales to date. I thought it was just me. After reading these comments I realize that Etsy may be making money but what about the shop owners? I would also like to here the actual stats dollars of products sold divided by number of shops listed and average sale amounts. I worry that some of the artist on Etsy and Artfire low ball pricing taking material cost only into consideration failing to take into consideration the value of their time and talent. Producing work and setting up the online shops. which is very time consuming in itself, has monetary value. Any suggestions for stream lining the process and increasing my traffic?

  • LoopsAndLines

    LoopsAndLines said 5 years ago

    Impressive stats. Wonder how much is impacted by Esty sellers checking out the competition, newbies (me) learning from others. I understand frustration with "relevancy" default, but as someone who doesn't spend time listing new items, I prefer it to "recently listed" which is still an option. As a shopper, I like having items appear that meet my specifications. I agree, it is a challenge to find the appropriate tags.

  • oceansbounty

    oceansbounty said 5 years ago

    As I read these comments, it seems to me that what is happening is that people who have recently joined the site, or people who have had low sales in the past have noticed an increase, while those of us who are veterans of etsy and who were enjoying decent sales before the changes have noticed a significant decrease. I have always attended to my shop by ensuring that I add at least one new item a day, and this strategy seemed to be paying off. Now that new items are no less likely to be seen than old items when shoppers use the default search, adding new items provides no advantage. Sellers who do not add items regularly are now just as likely to have their items seen as those who add or renew items often. Perhaps what is happening is that average sales have increased at the expense of those who had previously been more attentive to their shops. Perhaps Etsy has made these changes in an attempt to force sellers to purchase search ads as a means to ensure exposure. I had considered trying a search ad, but from one of the comments I read here, I'm now doubtful this will pay off! I agree with caramia....I hope that something can be done to resolve these problems. While I understand that Etsy must be most concerned with its bottom line, revenue can't increase if discouraged sellers abandon the site.

  • GiftGardenbyCarla

    GiftGardenbyCarla said 5 years ago

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to Etsy and am excited to see how it works for me. As you all are, I'm hoping for a great holiday season. Good luck to all. There's a lot of great stuff here.

  • Lilpunky

    Lilpunky said 5 years ago

    I agree with you Oceansbounty! Not only my sales are down, but so are the views. I too don't understand the Revalancy aspect. There are some sellers that show up multiple times on the pages. My keywords and tittles are the same, and I have more items in my shop even...yet I rarely appear. I would love to find a area where Etsy is talking about the sales/views issues that people are having since the change.

  • aroluna

    aroluna said 5 years ago


  • atomicblue

    atomicblue said 5 years ago

    Crabby comments/ Misery loves company. I love wearing my rosy shades and announcing that yes....sales were intermittent. But I had sales!! I didn't sell out, compared to about a year ago. I bought a quality Canon, and my shop looks better than ever! Life is good, I love Etsy.

  • atomicblue

    atomicblue said 5 years ago

    P.S. This is what Etsy has taught me: List, list some more. Spread it a giveaway. Blog about it. Have someone blog about it on Facebook. Be excited about what you sell!! If you're not loving it, who else will? Re-evaluate your shop. Is it cohesive? Does it look like a series of collections? Or are you selling jewelry with fine art? Pare it down, define & refine. Look around, what are the trends? Do something different, buck the a series in one color. Try something new. What's the worst that could happen? It could be a success. Go for it.....make those thoughts into a list. And get out there, wear what you make. Carry business cards, always!

  • SalvagedStrawberry

    SalvagedStrawberry said 5 years ago

    Thanks atomic blue. Reading these comments can be really disheartening, but we must chug along, and hope that others will love our shops as much as we do. Thanks for the positivity and the words of inspiration.

  • KidKoozie

    KidKoozie said 5 years ago

    Yes. Our page views and sales dramatically dropped off the weekend they changed to from recency to relevancy. And we are still spending $1 a day to renew 4 or 5 listings; $7-$14 a week in showcases and $15 in the new ads. So something is not right. We have changed all the titles in our shop - including a mix of things in hopes one or more would help with views, etc. But nothing has changed. I can't express how disappointed we are with the new changes. Our product is part play mat, part nap mat. It's not a simple red dress. Or turquoise earrings. It takes a few words to describe it. And it's a wonderful gift. Terrific for showers - tummy time; slumber parties - sleeping bag; snuggling up in front of movies at the cabin. But we can't get any views. This new system really doesn't work for anything that isn't SIMPLE to describe. People don't know to search for us because they don't know an original product like ours even exists. We are terribly frustrated. And likely to stop spending on showcases and the new ads if we can't see a turn. I would think Etsy made a lot more money from us before than they ever will in the future. I know it's hard to please everyone all the time. But this new change pulled the rug out from under us. Many of us! Who had worked LONG AND HARD to find a system / process to push people to our shop. It seems our needle is now in a MUCH, MUCH bigger haystack. And the odds of people finding us are slim to none. Ugh. We will remain optimistic that something will change in the future that improves views overall. Not just for us. But for all who are posting here with similar frustrations. I'm sure the "red dress" folks are having a ball. : ) Sigh.

  • PoochyCouture

    PoochyCouture said 5 years ago

    Well said KidKoozie. I went from getting about 15 sales a day to an average of 4. Used to have about 200 views a I'm lucky to have 30. This is so frustrating...IS ANYONE AT ETSY LISTENING? We need help out here, and I feel like my hands are tied (tightly!!!) I guess quitting my day job is out of the question now:(

  • oceansbounty

    oceansbounty said 5 years ago

    Excellent points, Kidkoozy! People doing a key word search are unlikely to find items they'd love to purchase if they were only aware that they existed! When everyone was guaranteed at least a few minutes on the front page of search results for a generalized seach (such as "baby" or "blanket"), there was a good chance that an unusual item would be seen by people who would otherwise be unaware that the item existed.

  • dolcedreams

    dolcedreams said 5 years ago

    I am very grateful to Etsy for all that they do/have done, and change is always necessary yet hard...I am so thankful to have repeat customers right now, because the search/relevancy changes have not been good at all for me either. I tried spending $40 a week on the ads, for a few weeks, with zero response...I have ended them completely after whittling down the amount each week. I am at a loss? Perhaps as someone stated these changes are good for EVERYONE, small shops, new shops, people that have 5 items in their shops and never add new items, but for those that have been around a while and contribute monetary fees every day to Etsy by listing, re-listing, making is not helping, but hindering. I am very concerned, and upping my advertising and Social Media elsewhere. But nervous for the future...

  • brandonheyer

    brandonheyer said 5 years ago

    The big thing that people are taking note of, and need to be paying attention to, is there was a paradigm shift with the switch to relevancy. I happen to think relevancy is still quite immature and needs time to grow (I am not sure if my most "relevant" items are such because of likes and treasury exposure solely, but it certainly seems so). Regardless, things like renewing on the regular is simply a waste of money. I sometimes see slight traffic increases with random renewals, but the truth is, that sort of mentality worked great when we relied on recency search and not relevancy. Essentially, those of you who are dropping big dollars on an outdated idea (recency) need to move on and explore other options. I rarely see much of a change, and certainly not a significant enough change, in relevancy searches when I renew listings. But I guess it is a gamble, hoping someone will catch your item in pounce or that a renew will tweak search results enough to get some more exposure. Personally, that is not a gamble I am interested in making.

  • greengrass2

    greengrass2 said 5 years ago

    I knew Etsy was big, but those figures are truly staggering! WOW!

  • myneedlehabit

    myneedlehabit said 5 years ago

    Like Brandon and Dolce above, I too have mixed feelings about the search switch from recent to relevant. In the 'relevant' system, I have no idea who or when people might see my listings. That said, the positive force that's been a fantastic change is the addition of Circles. This social feature has made it SO much fun to discover new work – and obviously, for others to find me, too. My artwork is relationship based, not transactional, so I'm always looking to meet quality new friends. Circles makes it happen.

  • briguysgirls

    briguysgirls said 5 years ago

    September was also the best month EVER for my shop as well, (and in my smaller scale, the stats were very similar to Etsy's!) and I'm three years selling here. Read the last post here by AtomicBlue, and take her advice!!

  • VintageLinensNmore

    VintageLinensNmore said 5 years ago

    Sales & views for me have been going steadily up each month since I joined almost a year ago now. So I have no complaints & am glad to see Etsy growing. I think most people that post in Forums are the shops having problems & if things are going well you just don't hear about it.

  • Spiderbot

    Spiderbot said 5 years ago

    Yup, October has been a bit sluggish for me, comparatively. Don't know whether it's people afraid about the economy or if the search results changes have really shot me to the back of the line. @KidKoozie, I think you put it really well. The new search is not the friend of things that are not simple, obvious tags that people are already searching for.

  • cottonhills

    cottonhills said 5 years ago

    My sales / views are in reverse from etsy overall stats. As 98% of my sales come from folks who create a new etsy account to purchase from me, I attribute the big decline to invisibility in google since etsy took over the google feed. As an IT SEO analyst I enjoyed front page on google when I was able to manage my own feed. Etsy has done a brilliant job of making Etsy a better place and a better app - but that does not help my product visibility outside of Etsy.


    RENECORP said 5 years ago

    It seems that those who worked hard at growing their shops and listing items on an ongoing basis are being penalized the most - to put sales into the hands of new arrivals. Slicing the pie into smaller bits so to speak, because the pool of buyers definitely is not increasing as exponentially as the pool of sellers new to Etsy. So, perseverance, hard work, sacrifice, and effort get penalized. Conscientious sellers who would form the back bone of a strong retail web presence will move on to either establishing their own websites, or, move on tho the NEXT Etsy. This is much the same as the wave of folks who deserted E-Bay when they went all corporate and self important a few years back. Some times, evolution sucks. At least if you crank up your own website, you control your own destiny, no matter what. A lot of the big revenue generators on Etsy will do that now, because they have brand recognition, and can pay the price for independence. The folks who suffer are the small to medium sellers who do not have the luxury of that choice, and the single moms, retired folks, and other folks who depended upon their revenue from Etsy being predictable based on hard work, and the site "not being broke, so why are you fixing it?" Sorry folks, you just got flattened by focus groups, ego's, opinionated corporate hierarchy, and "progress" Welcome to E-Bay, Part Two.


    RENECORP said 5 years ago

    After reading some of the recent posts, I offer the following observations on relevancy. You do not get to CHOOSE RELEVANT KEY WORDS THAT ARE ACTUALLY RELEVANT TO YOUR PRODUCTS! Now, that is an oxymoron if relevancy is the philosophical focus of the Brave New Etsy World. What kind of stupid pet trick is that, anyway? How can you create a relevancy search engine based on key words if you cannot select the most relevant key words to describe your products? Especially when you have to pay for the ad views using those words? I may be no rocket scientist, but I do know that that is like tying a runners shoe laces together, and expecting them to win a foot race anyway. Brandonheyer is off base - folks have commented indicating a ready, willing, and able attitude towards working within the new system, buying ads, changing key words, changing titles, listing new stuff, streamlining their inventory, treasuries, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google, just to name a few of the tweaks tried by sellers to no avail. No one is trying to stick to an old system, folks are working their butts off trying to optimize their shops for the new system, and the refrain most common is that nothing is working. Sales are down - A LOT. Several weeks from the switch over from old Etsy to new Etsy. And, great visibility on Google does not translate into great visibiloity on Etsy - what is up with that?

  • CronkandSchaefer

    CronkandSchaefer said 5 years ago

    Woot! I know I had a great month in September!

  • kittehluff

    kittehluff said 5 years ago

    Hopefully the Christmas season will bring in the cheer. My Mum loves etsy now! Mew mew mewww!

  • Sweetlandarts

    Sweetlandarts said 5 years ago

    If you have been here from before would seem, from looking at older shops and shops that joined during 2010 or was easier to get your shop up and running and, no offense, but IT"S THE ECONOMY. Those of you who have been on longer seem to have some established customers and a record of sales, but your sales probably dropped off. However, many more people have joined etsy, perhaps, in part, because of the horrid financial problems of the last few years....and we, although have it much harder IMHO gaining a foothold and that first sale can be a long time coming, ANY sale is welcome and our idea of a good month is probably at a lower level than those of you who experienced the economic downturn as an etsian shop owner. Does this make sense to someone?

  • briguysgirls

    briguysgirls said 5 years ago

    @renecorp, are you taking about ads? Because of course you can make your items highly relevant by choosing the proper key words that best describe your items...I'm not sure what you are taking about in that post?

  • hippywife

    hippywife said 5 years ago

    I agree that the biggest issue at play here is the economy. I have been having terrible results in local sale events, too. Not even breaking even. People are totally uncertain of what is coming next where the economy is concerned, not know what is going to happen next here, in Europe, any where! On the other topic du jour, I think the relevancy search makes for an even playing field for everyone. Not everyone has the time or even the items to list every single day. And I'm guessing the majority of us are not making our living at this and still have day jobs, so we do this as we are able. I for one don't even have the extra money to buy ads right now, so those are not even an option.

  • OverboardStudio

    OverboardStudio said 5 years ago

    Sweetlandarts, You are making sense. I have had a couple of sales since joining in late June. I don't have established customers and I have a product that is more expensive ( repurposed furniture)but reasonable for my time and effort. I think my tags are decent but even with that its frustrating to figure out what to do next. With all the sales and stats listed in this discussion how do we know if its the economy, our product, the new system as we try and figure out etsy.? Those of us that are fairly new are struggling as you can see from this discussion as well as more established shops. Sometimes I think it would be easier if someone would actually critique our shops and say, move on to something else your stuff is not going to cut it in this environment.

  • Salzanos

    Salzanos said 5 years ago

    Things are up for me, esp with the new search systems. But I have been a slow starter, hoping to really do well with some new themes and ideas for variety in art. I love Etsy, hear about it more on the news all the time. Hoping for good sales next couple months

  • betsybensen

    betsybensen said 5 years ago

    October stats will be interesting... like many others, I've seen shop visits tank this month and I know it's not because people aren't shopping. It's making me really nervous to think that we're going into the buying season with one hand tied behind our backs. I'm thankful for repeat customers, otherwise I'd be dead in the water. Admin, can you please address this problem?

  • betsybensen

    betsybensen said 5 years ago

    Haven't purchased ads, have relevant tags, was going along at a good clip and then October happened. What's going on?

  • moonlightdesigns2

    moonlightdesigns2 said 5 years ago

    I may not be a seasoned Etsy seller like a lot of you but I have been here all year working my butt off on my shop. I do outside advertising, make my items relevant the best I can, try for great photos and my shop is slowly but surely growing and so are my sales. October is not over yet and I have had more sales this month than ever before. Being relevant takes time but buyers will find your shop. The majority of my sales have been first time buyers to Etsy, 25% are men, so people are finding what they are looking for and buying! I am thankful to have this site to sell what I love creating and it is better than having my own independant web-site which I also worked very hard on before coming here, it is so much harder to make sales that way than on Etsy. So thank you Etsy for being here for small business people like myself!

  • Sweetlandarts

    Sweetlandarts said 5 years ago

    And me.....I have only had a few sales, but when I look at my stats over the whole time I have been here....beginning in July, 2011, my line is climbing...and I can SEE I am gaining in views, favorites and, yes, slowly but surely, sales. AND, I, like everyone else, am just trying to hold on until things get better....and nobody knows when that will be, but AT SOME WILL get enjoy what you do, and know you are supported by all those who are here on Etsy with you. My husband bought take out pizza for our little family last week. ANd, yes, it was a treat....and we enjoyed it together....then watched Dr. Who together....for the pizza, thank you Etsy! I DREW PICTURES to buy that pizza. It's like a dream. I DID something I have always loved and actually was able to make enough to buy PIZZA for the family. Things are tough, but harder for others than they are for me, and those are the ones I worry about. Etsy shop owners have savvy and talent and every time we sell something we help the economy a tiny bit. So, thanks for doing what you all do, whether you gripe about it or not.

  • oceansbounty

    oceansbounty said 5 years ago

    I am retired, living on social security and a small pension, and Etsy for me is more about providing an outlet for my sea glass passion than contributing to my income. I view my sea glass crafting as more a hobby that pays for itself than as a business. Searching for sea glass and then finding ways to use the sea glass creatively is, for me, a way to escape life's inevitable worries and cares and a way to fill my time doing something that I love. When my house became filled with my sea glass and my sea glass crafts, I needed a reason to continue pursuing my I decided to pursue selling my crafts. Etsy has proven superior to eBay for this purpose in every way. This is why I find it so disappointing that my sales have dropped off...If I cannot sell my items, I have little reason to continue pursuing what I most love. It took a month for me to sell my first item, and I was positively thrilled when that first sale finally happened. I understand the concerns of those who are new to Etsy and realize that the competition now is much greater, as the number of Etsy artists had increased greatly in the past three years, when I first joined. I have the luxury of being able to get by without the extra income provided by my Etsy sales, so my greatest sympathy lies with those who depend on Etsy as a significant portion of their income. I understand that the economy is not good, but I joined Etsy at the start of the last recession, and my sales were steadily climbing until recently. It seems most people here who have noticed a dropoff in views and sales have noticed that this coincided with the changes at Etsy. Thus, I don't think the economy can be completely at fault for a downturn that seems to be most affecting veteran Etsy members and the most active Etsy members.

  • TheGivingTree

    TheGivingTree said 5 years ago

    Those stats are awesome but don't reflect what's been said in the forums so that's a tad confusing, could it really be that those who have seen a huge increase in sales just don't frequent the forums ? Just seems odd.

  • sharonkeck1

    sharonkeck1 said 5 years ago

    Glad to hear Etsy is doing so well. Just joined in beginning of October and have already made my first sale after 1 week and have gained a lot of exposure. Two points of interest though. First, with numbers growing like that it means many more potential buyers and more exposure. On the downside, more shops and more listings mean smaller piece of the pie for each shop. Probably why many Etsy longtimers are seeing a downturn in sales and page views. One piece of info I have been searching for and cant find is how many Etsy buyers are registered? Are most of items sold from other shop owners or are there alot of buyers out there form outside the selling community? anyone with knowledge of these stats???

  • cmmoca

    cmmoca said 5 years ago

    I'm thinking to add new items, and that might be the reason my sales are way down, but i check other very big sellers too feel how things going on in etsy, also because im their big fan, it dosent look very promising even for them. Maybe something is not right for me with etsy. And I appreciate good intention behind all changes, but actually i hope uguys do TV or Radio Ads for all of us. Or at least Ads in Magazine, newspapers more than now. How is it going there, everybody can see Etsy promotion on those medias sometimes? I think that's one of the big reasons why sellers use etsy.

  • BuiltByBert

    BuiltByBert said 5 years ago

    Like so many others my views have really dropped off bigtime. Guess I'm just not relevant. Wish I was relevant. I've tried different things, just not working. Do really miss when the recently listed page was the front page. At least everyone got a chance for a few minutes or so of being viewed. I understand Etsy is a corporation and had to change that to sell ads. Just really miss it. Maybe they will turn around and go back to that, hopefully.

  • catcontrare

    catcontrare said 5 years ago

    Persnickety, over 70 sales in October?! Look at some other shops' stats and please be grateful!

  • catcontrare

    catcontrare said 5 years ago

    OverboardStudio... Keep going! You have a niche. Have you tried renewing your listings? You will be seen more if you do. Also, add shops to your's free advertising. Have you researched any teams? Look up specific teams that sell handpainted and refinished furniture, make sure your prices are in line with the market.

  • jennalou06

    jennalou06 said 5 years ago

    Just wanted to add another voice saying that sales and views dropped off a bit after the relevancy changes. I've updated my listings as best I could, but I just don't know if that is enough. If I had a vote it would be to do away with the new relevancy search.

  • JuneMoonBeads

    JuneMoonBeads said 5 years ago

    I am with a lot of the others here who have seen a dramatic, shattering loss of sales and views. I understand and agree that recency search is not the best-I just am drowning here trying to understand the new way. I'm not finding the information I need to revise my listings. And the info I have found and implemented has done nothing for my views or sales. Honestly, I do searches for my products and have looked at my competitors shops and their titles and tags go against all the rules and they are doing better. Perhaps their repeat customers are keeping them going? Or less is more. I'm also having trouble because I sell beads and they fall into two COMPLETELY different categories on etsy. If my customers do a search on etsy and aren't familiar with its intricacies, they are not seeing like half of the products they are searching for because of the categories(at least for my product). I'm not happy with my products being listed under "Commercial". If I was shopping, I would never click on Commercial. In my opinion, that is a terrible category title, one that is completely unappealing to shoppers.


    RENECORP said 5 years ago

    Using the economy is a smokescreen as an excuse for sales dropping. The last 4 years have been a recession, and the bottom was 2008-2009. What folks are describing here is a sudden immediate drop in sales that can only be attributed to one event - the change over to relevance search by Etsy. Yes, you can buy ads - but the key words get selected arbitrarily by Etsy. You, the shop keeper, the seller, do not get to select key words that most accurately describe your item, and none of the Etsy search terms meld seamlessly with Google search terms as a result. People here are talking because they have tried the whole gamut of changes to work with the new system with poor or non existent results. Re-listing items. Changing titles. Working over the key words provided. Buying the ads. Listing new items. Changing prices. Blogs, Favorites. Showcases. Outside websites. Advertising. You name it, folks are trying it. I have heard it all. The common refrain is that nothing is helping folks to recover the revenue stream they had before the changes. Their items regardless of when they were listed, regardless of ad purchases, regardless of any and all efforts, are not being viewed, much less bought. That is a problem, common refrain, major issue, for a LOT of people. Like an old song once said "Change for change's sake, money for God's sake!" No, I am not all warm and fluffy about the future, because this is exactly like E-bay changing over several years ago to a corporate model. Sellers, especially the ones that put Etsy on the map, suffer. Etsy is evolving into a corporate model, and that is not good for the members of a community that is getting rolled over in the process. Where is the next Etsy - the one that will behave more like the old Etsy community model?

  • lukecommasara

    lukecommasara said 5 years ago

    My sales are up from August, but a little less than 1/2 of what they were in September 2010. I feel helpless. As someone who has worked hard to make this their primary source of income, I feel a little bit like I've been laid off.

  • KaeArtworks

    KaeArtworks said 5 years ago

    I am a newbie on Etsy since September and no sales so far. I only have 8 items in my shop now so that might be the reason for no sales but I like to know more breakdowns on the stats, like sales$ from repeaters vs brand new shoppers to Etsy, and # of items sold by longtime sellers(2+yrs) vs new sellers, etc. Because I hear that majority of sales on Etsy are from returning shoppers (existing customers) to their favorite shops that they already know of for years, basically most new shops who do not have established customers or friends/family who are willing to help your business startup get no chance nowadays, especially in this economy downturn. Also, because Etsy doesn't feed everybody's items to Google Shopping unless they are qualified for Etsy's criteria (solely depending on Etsy's judgment), brand new shops are missing out the majority of public outside Etsy. Etsy ad is too expensive for a new shop with no sales record to afford.

  • studiolana

    studiolana said 5 years ago

    Good for etsy - bad for my shop. No sales lately, I don't know what is wrong....

  • persnicketypelican

    persnicketypelican said 5 years ago

    catcontrare...the only reason we had that many sales was repeat customers. Also the rare feat of being featured in an Etsy email 3 times in 3 weeks. We rely on our new seasonal items to be seen in a timely manner, and if we miss that small window we have wasted a lot of time and money designing and fabricating. We used to list a new item and get tons of that item can go days without a single view. We are/were one of the top sellers on Etsy for doxie products and know how to tag for relevancy. Not too many ways you can list for dachshund as the top keyword in search from our viewers is and always has been dachshund. The whole feel of Etsy is different. Too much time spent making changing, worrying about not being found or seen, and not enough time creating! Wasn't this Etsy's mission from the start? Oh well, guess not enough people have emailed Etsy to let them know how they feel. We have! Good luck to all:)

  • buffalogirls

    buffalogirls said 5 years ago

    I billion page views- a good number. But one needs to take into considerations how many shop owners there are and how many times a day they go on their respective shop pages, other pages to create treasuries, forums, account pages etc. How many pages as a seller do you think you hit a day? Then multiply that number by the how many sellers here are and see the astronomical number coming just from the sellers- not buyers.

  • designbcb

    designbcb said 5 years ago

    i may be in the minority - but my stats have improved since the change. it could also be that at that same time, i started paying attention to my shop and made changes for seo, improved pics, etc. I am certainly not among the high sellers but things have picked up well since the end of august. i am hoping the next 8 weeks (end of oct to mid dec.) find me VERY busy taking holiday orders.

  • 30one

    30one said 5 years ago

    My shop's sales from Jan 2011- Aug 2011 were steady, very satisfactory. September's sales were approx HALF the prior months totals, and Oct is promising to be much the same. I am doing nothing differently, so I can only think it has *something* to do with the relevancy search changes. I love Etsy, and am grateful to be a part of it, but am VERY frustrated! Just another voice to add to the list of so many above that have a similar story.

  • babylonsisters

    babylonsisters said 5 years ago

    I agree with buffalogirls. I think the circles and treasuries are just busy work for sellers and have very little to do with buyers or sales. I love Etsy and my Etsy shop and hope things get better for everyone!

  • PoochyCouture

    PoochyCouture said 5 years ago

    Still NO response from someone listening? Is there a plan? Signed...relevant and confused!!

  • persnicketypelican

    persnicketypelican said 5 years ago

    We hope things start looking up for the shops on Etsy that are seeing a marked decrease in views and sales. We are so glad to have our repeat customers and being featured in Etsy emails. Without that we wouldn't be where we are now. We are lucky to have found Etsy to showcase our handcrafts, and have enjoyed over 2 years of growth and increased sales monthly. Very hard to not be concerned when newly listed items are only being viewed by a few, or not at all. We purchased the ads 3 different times and they don't seem too promising, although today we did have a sale from them...hooray. It would be extremely interesting to see what the results would be if we went back to recency default listing for one week. Everyone in favor...raise your Etsy needs to spinoff the handcrafted and supplies from vintage to form 2 different shopping sites. It has gotten to big with all them integrated into one. Relevancy isn't the best way to list for the smaller categories.

  • hollowbookcompany

    hollowbookcompany said 5 years ago

    9 more days of October, can't wait to see what those statistics bring.

  • mpwallets

    mpwallets said 5 years ago

    BIGGGGG BAAAALLLLIIINNNN ETSY! Keep those numbers going up and hopefully i'll be included in there somewhere.

  • majoys

    majoys said 5 years ago

    Those numbers are just amazing too me.....that is great news!!!!

  • CheyAnneSexton

    CheyAnneSexton said 5 years ago

    love the stats but I need sales. Like everyone else, or most anyway....sales for me have flatbottomed and I'm still doing the sames things. I even did the new ads for two weeks but saw NO sale at all, just some likes and favs. where did all the buyers go???

  • RubyBeets

    RubyBeets said 5 years ago

    A rising tide lifts all boats!

  • emofoFashionDesing

    emofoFashionDesing said 5 years ago

    Not stop. Continue on. Thank you etsy.

  • jebeach1

    jebeach1 said 5 years ago

    WOW, that's insane! Hope October will beat September. I am rooting for October! ;)

  • LittleHouseofDaisies

    LittleHouseofDaisies said 5 years ago

    WOW! I am a September newby and loving it, no sales yet but it's very early days xxx

  • OhEdith

    OhEdith said 5 years ago

    Very interesting!! I am on the recently listed side of the fence! At least here everyone would have an EQUAL chance at being seen. Can't relevancy be a secondary aspect? There must be a way to have both. Right?

  • aWRISTocrats

    aWRISTocrats said 5 years ago

    My October has been fantastic. September was a bit slow. I've never advertised on Etsy, but I do advertise in other ways and through friends. I make deals with them and works. I've had much increased business. :)

  • justmakeme

    justmakeme said 5 years ago

    TanjaDesign says: Stats are like a bikini. Shows everything except for what you want to see. yup.

  • WoodieStuff

    WoodieStuff said 5 years ago

    Well, I'm new to Etsy. I have been reading the comments, and it seems like most people are having a slow down in views and sales. Why is that? Is it the economy? Guess I came in at the wrong time. I hope things pick up for everyone. It's nice to earn a little extra money for something you really like doing.

  • CasaKarmaDecor

    CasaKarmaDecor said 5 years ago

    Recently joined Etsy. Love it! Stats are very useful. Looking forward to checking progress every month.

  • sacredsparks

    sacredsparks said 5 years ago

    This is exciting news... just hoping that November will be good too. October just didn't happen for us.

  • SweetSpiritGallery

    SweetSpiritGallery said 5 years ago

    wow..lots of mixed reactions. My reaction is to the sales stats. I would love to see a breakdown of what the categories were for sales. i come from the painting world, and my friends not on Etsy are not doing well. So i would like to clear up if it is paintings on Etsy, or mine in particular, that are not selling. I kind of like the suggestion above..regarding someone doing a crit of our shops and gently telling us that this is not the best place to be. The cost to stay out there is adding up and I have only had 2 sales so far.

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