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Etsy Statistics: June 2011 Weather Report

Jul 12, 2011

by sinoheterrero handmade and vintage goods

June marks the official start of summer, a time when we can finally indulge in our favorite outdoor activities: long bike rides, impromptu picnics, and weekend trips to the beach. In Brooklyn, it also means the weather is completely unpredictable — don’t leave home without your umbrella, folks — but here at Etsy things are only looking bright. As you check out the numbers, bear in mind that June was one day shorter than May, 2011.

  • $38.4 million of goods were sold by our community in June, 4.0% lower than May’s $40.0 million.
  • That represents 1,913,151 items sold for the month, 4.7% lower than May’s 2,006,810.
  • 1,791,604 new items were listed in the month, 0.2% higher than May’s 1,788,017.
  • 390,547 new members joined the Etsy community in the month, down 2,348, or 0.6%, from May.
  • 988,956,704 page views were recorded on the site in June.

The $38.4 million of goods sold by the community represents a 74% increase from June 2010’s total. At the same time, items sold were up 58%.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Etsy community in June!

Curious about how other months compare? Check out our past Weather Reports for more statistics.


  • GlassRiverJewelry

    GlassRiverJewelry said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the info!

  • FollowMeToEzmereldas

    FollowMeToEzmereldas said 7 years ago

    Amazing statistics for a newby like me!

  • LaMiaCasaNelVento

    LaMiaCasaNelVento said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the info! :D

  • igotbeads

    igotbeads said 7 years ago

    Glad I found "the weather report"! Will be sure to read it every month now.

  • OceansideCastle

    OceansideCastle said 7 years ago

    Keeping it positive, I like that. Amazing stats...Etsy truly is a global community. I for one am proud to be a part of this tribe.

  • xZOUix

    xZOUix said 7 years ago

    wow, that's brutal :D

  • PietjePuk44

    PietjePuk44 said 7 years ago

    So... thats 40 million / 2 million products = average of 20 USD per sold item. Right? That makes 2 million x 0.20 = USD 400.000 insertion fee + 20 USD x 3.5% = 0.7 USD fee per sold item = 2 million x 0.7 + 400.000 = $1.8 million turnover for Etsy. Roughly per month. THATS impressive :-)

  • Stephaniemakesall

    Stephaniemakesall said 7 years ago

    I knew June would have to be down a bit, but the numbers are still pretty impressive

  • stitchntyme

    stitchntyme said 7 years ago

    Well, sorry to let Etsy down, but I didn't contribute much. HA!

  • OrientalExposition

    OrientalExposition said 7 years ago

    This is an amazing story of success ,figures really matters !!

  • EscargotArtsyBits

    EscargotArtsyBits said 7 years ago

    are members what they call the shoppers or the sellers? hmmmm, I need shoppers! SAra

  • DansGardenAccents

    DansGardenAccents said 7 years ago

    Now that is what I call a great reed. Things seem to be looking up!!

  • EllyStudio

    EllyStudio said 7 years ago

    Thanks for the info!

  • BrookeChanelDesigns

    BrookeChanelDesigns said 7 years ago

    Neat to know! Glad Etsy shares this info with the etsy sellers/buyers :)

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